Flights from Dallas-Fort Worth, US (DFW) to Washington, US (IAD)

List of all flights from Dallas-Fort Worth, US (DFW) to Washington, US (IAD), list of airlines operating on the route from Dallas-Fort Worth, US (DFW) to Washington, US (IAD), departures from DFW and arrivals to IAD. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 97 flights on this route. The distance from Dallas-Fort Worth, US (DFW) to Washington, US (IAD) is 1,882 km (1,170 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - Dallas Fort Worth International Airport - is GMT-05:00. The current time is Sunday 2018-10-21 07:10 PM. The time zone of the destination point - Washington Dulles International Airport - is GMT-04:00, The current time is Sunday 2018-10-21 08:10 PM.

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List of 97 flights operating on the route from Dallas-Fort Worth, US (DFW) to Washington, US (IAD).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
1I 203NetJets Aviation12:30 PM2018-03-28
1I 231NetJets Aviation1:30 PM4:24 PM2018-01-27
1I 265NetJets Aviation4:15 PM2018-05-15
1I 316NetJets Aviation7:30 AM8:24 AM2017-12-11
1I 325NetJets Aviation2:00 PM2017-09-14
1I 346NetJets Aviation4:24 PM2018-03-21
1I 380NetJets Aviation2:00 PM2018-08-03
1I 672NetJets Aviation2:21 PM2018-09-25
1I 673NetJets Aviation12:00 PM2018-03-22
1I 754NetJets Aviation10:48 PM2018-05-19
1I 769NetJets Aviation12:00 PM7:30 PM2016-12-15
1I 774NetJets Aviation5:35 PM6:05 PM2018-01-14
1I 780NetJets Aviation12:00 PM2017-12-14
1I 795NetJets Aviation5:56 AM6:38 AM2018-04-29
1I 823NetJets Aviation8:00 PM9:42 PM2016-10-26
1I 997NetJets Aviation9:15 AM2017-05-24
AA 1008American Airlines6:05 AM9:51 AM2017-06-02
AA 1192American Airlines9:33 AM11:40 AM2018-01-07
AA 1203American Airlines4:40 PM2017-01-09
AA 1212American Airlines11:48 AM1:59 PM2018-10-20
AA 1217American Airlines1:35 PM2018-08-04
AA 1261American Airlines7:53 AM9:45 AM2018-06-07
AA 1291American Airlines8:25 PM2018-10-22
AA 1544American Airlines6:04 AM11:30 AM2018-04-02
AA 1556American Airlines12:24 PM3:19 PM2018-06-06
AA 195American Airlines5:06 PM7:26 PM2018-10-21
AA 2280American Airlines9:44 PM12:57 AM2016-12-15
AA 2354American Airlines11:25 AM4:33 PM2018-06-06
AA 2541American Airlines11:30 AM1:31 PM2018-04-02
AA 2687American Airlines7:11 PM2017-07-03
AA 2695American Airlines8:55 AM12:48 PM2018-06-06
AA 2784American Airlines7:06 PM2018-10-21
AA 9429American Airlines1:00 PM5:02 PM2016-09-17
AA 9458American Airlines1:30 PM5:15 PM2018-10-20
AS 1684Alaska Airlines2:27 PM6:19 PM2016-09-15
AS 1877Alaska Airlines10:30 AM2:26 PM2016-09-15
AS 1921Alaska Airlines6:30 AM7:58 AM2016-09-15
AS 4043Alaska Airlines8:04 AM9:24 AM2018-08-04
AS 4407Alaska Airlines8:25 PM12:15 AM2018-10-20
AS 6449Alaska Airlines12:30 PM4:18 PM2018-10-19
AS 6815Alaska Airlines7:07 AM10:58 AM2018-10-19
AS 6960Alaska Airlines2:30 PM6:17 PM2018-10-19
AS 8047Alaska Airlines8:20 PM12:10 AM2018-04-09
AS 8295Alaska Airlines2:20 PM6:12 PM2018-04-08
BA 6880British Airways12:24 PM3:19 PM2018-06-06
EJM 826Executive Jet Management6:54 AM2018-06-21
EY 3312Etihad Airways2:25 PM6:10 PM2018-03-24
EY 3313Etihad Airways10:25 AM2:11 PM2018-03-24
LXJ 575Flexjet3:30 PM2018-08-11
OAE 225Omni Air International8:00 AM2018-05-01
QF 4564Qantas12:30 PM4:18 PM2018-10-19
QF 4606Qantas8:25 PM12:15 AM2018-10-20
QF 4660Qantas2:30 PM6:17 PM2018-10-19
QF 4813Qantas7:00 PM10:58 PM2018-08-04
QR 5183Qatar Airways4:35 AM8:15 AM2018-02-10
QR 5333Qatar Airways6:55 PM9:23 PM2018-03-24
RAX 777Royal Air Charter7:49 AM8:06 AM2018-06-28
SA 7475South African Airways11:30 AM3:24 PM2018-10-19
SK 8789SAS11:30 AM3:24 PM2018-10-19
SN 8907Brussels Airlines11:30 AM3:24 PM2018-10-19
SN 9469Brussels Airlines11:45 AM3:53 PM2016-10-07
UA 10United Airlines12:20 AM5:20 AM2016-11-16
UA 1026United Airlines4:11 PM5:52 PM2018-07-31
UA 1139United Airlines6:05 AM7:37 AM2017-12-24
UA 1279United Airlines2:00 PM4:38 PM2017-09-05
UA 131United Airlines2:20 AM5:20 AM2017-05-14
UA 1455United Airlines6:05 PM10:00 PM2018-04-20
UA 1484United Airlines6:15 AM8:07 AM2017-09-05
UA 1566United Airlines5:28 PM2018-02-14
UA 1797United Airlines6:12 AM8:54 AM2016-10-28
UA 1907United Airlines2:25 PM2:47 PM2017-06-07
UA 1986United Airlines5:05 PM6:46 PM2018-06-07
UA 2068United Airlines7:00 AM8:25 AM2017-08-14
UA 217United Airlines1:06 PM4:53 PM2017-07-03
UA 2171United Airlines8:59 AM2018-01-08
UA 2233United Airlines9:36 PM11:11 PM2016-11-25
UA 2533United Airlines11:45 PM3:20 AM2017-12-01
UA 279United Airlines8:18 PM2018-10-02
UA 484United Airlines12:40 PM2:50 PM2017-06-30
UA 516United Airlines9:35 AM5:39 PM2016-09-05
UA 592United Airlines4:00 PM2017-02-16
UA 6018United Airlines8:30 AM2018-06-07
UA 6029United Airlines10:20 AM11:40 AM2018-03-08
UA 6040United Airlines10:00 AM11:27 AM2018-06-06
UA 6052United Airlines6:10 AM7:26 AM2016-11-29
UA 6076United Airlines7:40 AM11:33 AM2018-10-21
UA 6124United Airlines12:40 PM2:08 PM2016-09-05
UA 6160United Airlines7:40 PM2017-01-04
UA 6263United Airlines11:30 AM3:24 PM2018-10-21
UA 6270United Airlines5:05 PM2017-01-08
UA 729United Airlines7:51 AM10:20 AM2017-01-16
UA 859United Airlines5:30 PM2018-10-21
UA 993United Airlines6:11 AM8:27 AM2017-10-27
YV 3231Mesa Airlines12:30 PM2017-01-15
YV 3237Mesa Airlines11:05 PM12:05 AM2017-01-14
YV 6018Mesa Airlines5:15 PM2017-05-30
YV 6263Mesa Airlines11:55 AM3:55 PM2017-05-30
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