Flights from Cincinnati, US (CVG) to Chicago, US (ORD)

List of all flights from Cincinnati, US (CVG) to Chicago, US (ORD), list of airlines operating on the route from Cincinnati, US (CVG) to Chicago, US (ORD), departures from CVG and arrivals to ORD. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 596 flights on this route. The distance from Cincinnati, US (CVG) to Chicago, US (ORD) is 425 km (264 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport - is GMT-04:00. The current time is Friday 2018-05-25 04:30 AM. The time zone of the destination point - Chicago O'Hare International Airport - is GMT-05:00, The current time is Friday 2018-05-25 03:30 AM.

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List of 596 flights operating on the route from Cincinnati, US (CVG) to Chicago, US (ORD).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
1I 537NetJets Aviation8:00 AM8:18 AM2017-08-10
1I 747NetJets Aviation2:30 PM3:06 PM2018-03-19
5Y 16Atlas Air1:45 AM2017-08-25
5Y 2007Atlas Air10:45 PM2017-12-01
5Y 2010Atlas Air7:30 AM2017-10-23
5Y 2040Atlas Air5:50 AM2018-05-17
5Y 2041Atlas Air9:56 PM2018-04-26
5Y 2042Atlas Air8:15 AM2018-04-11
5Y 2043Atlas Air10:50 PM2018-02-08
5Y 2044Atlas Air5:25 AM2018-05-08
5Y 2190Atlas Air9:30 PM2017-08-01
5Y 4514Atlas Air4:05 AM2016-09-16
5Y 518Atlas Air4:00 AM2017-07-22
5Y 797Atlas Air5:25 AM2017-09-01
5Y 798Atlas Air7:30 AM2016-12-17
5Y 9544Atlas Air3:35 PM2017-09-18
7L* 788Silk Way West4:00 AM2018-02-06
9E 3636Endeavor Air2:59 PM2017-05-25
9E 3696Endeavor Air11:47 AM1:59 PM2017-05-30
9E 4048Endeavor Air10:27 AM11:06 AM2018-01-07
9E 4184Endeavor Air8:25 AM10:37 AM2017-05-25
9E 9199Endeavor Air5:00 PM6:30 PM2018-03-08
9W 5420Jet Airways (India)11:04 AM11:28 AM2017-03-25
AA 1559American Airlines5:02 PM6:34 PM2017-04-16
AA 161American Airlines8:35 PM9:59 PM2018-05-15
AA 2601American Airlines5:56 PM7:24 PM2018-05-15
AA 2896American Airlines12:25 PM1:46 PM2017-09-05
AA 2962American Airlines3:20 PM2018-05-04
AA 3138American Airlines10:00 AM11:51 AM2017-11-24
AA 3146American Airlines6:35 PM2017-11-23
AA 3172American Airlines8:30 PM8:53 PM2017-12-15
AA 3173American Airlines9:50 PM11:23 PM2016-11-03
AA 3177American Airlines8:32 PM10:06 PM2017-08-22
AA 3181American Airlines12:14 PM2016-11-03
AA 3206American Airlines6:58 AM2016-11-04
AA 3256American Airlines7:45 AM2017-10-05
AA 3262American Airlines10:50 AM11:03 AM2017-05-04
AA 3268American Airlines7:03 PM8:21 PM2017-08-22
AA 3316American Airlines7:40 AM9:29 AM2018-04-02
AA 3321American Airlines6:01 PM6:33 PM2018-05-25
AA 3339American Airlines3:58 PM5:34 PM2018-05-04
AA 3400American Airlines6:55 AM7:22 AM2018-05-24
AA 3415American Airlines11:55 AM12:21 PM2018-05-24
AA 3469American Airlines12:33 PM2018-04-03
AA 3475American Airlines5:50 AM2018-05-09
AA 3505American Airlines10:30 PM2017-07-05
AA 3512American Airlines1:10 PM2017-11-04
AA 3604American Airlines7:40 AM8:58 AM2018-05-09
AA 3663American Airlines10:50 AM2017-12-14
AA 3700American Airlines10:53 AM12:25 PM2017-08-20
AA 3724American Airlines4:25 PM4:50 PM2018-05-24
AA 3756American Airlines12:40 PM2:49 PM2017-06-01
AA 3764American Airlines8:40 AM9:09 AM2018-05-24
AA 3784American Airlines10:40 AM11:03 AM2018-05-24
AA 3793American Airlines10:57 AM12:15 PM2016-12-14
AA 3801American Airlines12:05 PM12:44 PM2017-01-08
AA 3826American Airlines10:15 AM2017-01-08
AA 3834American Airlines8:30 PM8:53 PM2018-05-25
AA 3883American Airlines6:55 PM8:44 PM2018-05-15
AA 3976American Airlines3:20 PM5:31 PM2018-05-19
AA 9744American Airlines12:10 PM2:30 PM2016-12-31
AA 9803American Airlines11:00 AM2018-04-17
AA 9804American Airlines7:30 PM9:45 PM2018-05-09
AA 9806American Airlines6:30 AM8:30 AM2018-05-18
AA 9809American Airlines8:00 AM9:20 AM2018-05-13
AB 4658Air Berlin3:30 PM3:55 PM2017-03-24
AB 633Air Berlin3:30 PM3:47 PM2016-11-04
AC 2543Air Canada1:50 PM2:52 PM2017-02-11
AC 2849Air Canada4:27 PM4:50 PM2017-10-28
AC 2862Air Canada10:56 AM11:21 AM2017-10-28
AC 2983Air Canada4:30 PM4:53 PM2018-03-23
AC 3108Air Canada11:40 AM12:02 PM2018-05-24
AC 3362Air Canada7:57 PM8:23 PM2018-05-25
AC 3587Air Canada4:15 PM4:40 PM2018-05-24
AC 3594Air Canada6:25 PM6:50 PM2018-05-25
AC 3624Air Canada6:35 AM6:52 AM2018-05-24
AC 3689Air Canada8:45 AM9:14 AM2018-05-24
AC 4036Air Canada2:45 PM3:10 PM2017-06-07
AC 4407Air Canada5:52 PM8:30 PM2017-10-28
AC 4464Air Canada5:50 PM6:15 PM2017-09-07
AC 4580Air Canada8:31 PM9:03 PM2017-09-06
AC 4640Air Canada10:25 AM11:52 AM2017-01-25
AC 4671Air Canada5:05 PM6:50 PM2016-09-07
AC 4674Air Canada4:35 PM4:58 PM2016-11-29
AC 4777Air Canada5:45 PM8:27 PM2017-01-18
AC 4778Air Canada11:05 AM2016-10-05
AC 4885Air Canada11:40 AM12:02 PM2018-05-20
AC 4896Air Canada2:20 PM2:45 PM2018-05-24
AC 5816Air Canada6:45 PM8:40 AM2017-10-28
AC 5823Air Canada12:25 PM2:50 PM2017-06-07
AC 5893Air Canada9:20 AM2016-12-15
AF 2072Air France5:45 PM2017-12-18
AF 2081Air France11:00 AM1:46 PM2017-10-26
AF 2265Air France4:28 PM5:11 PM2017-11-19
AF 2783Air France2:30 PM4:01 PM2018-04-30
AF 2874Air France11:14 AM1:24 PM2018-03-26
AF 3500Air France7:57 PM2018-04-03
AF 7920Air France5:00 PM5:23 PM2018-05-24
AS 4015Alaska Airlines2:19 PM3:59 PM2017-12-15
AS 4026Alaska Airlines3:20 PM5:31 PM2018-05-19
AS 4309Alaska Airlines6:01 PM6:33 PM2018-05-25
AS 4343Alaska Airlines6:55 AM1:06 PM2018-05-04
AS 4396Alaska Airlines10:40 AM11:03 AM2018-05-04
AS 4400Alaska Airlines7:15 PM2018-04-02
AS 4448Alaska Airlines8:45 AM2017-03-10
AS 4520Alaska Airlines10:20 PM11:01 PM2016-12-15
AS 4544Alaska Airlines12:33 PM2018-04-03
AS 4599Alaska Airlines8:40 AM9:09 AM2018-05-24
AS 4625Alaska Airlines8:30 PM8:53 PM2018-05-25
AS 4674Alaska Airlines11:55 AM12:21 PM2018-05-24
AS 4711Alaska Airlines6:19 PM6:54 PM2017-11-24
AS 4714Alaska Airlines1:45 PM4:48 PM2016-10-06
AS 4717Alaska Airlines9:40 PM11:47 PM2017-11-24
AS 4726Alaska Airlines8:30 PM8:49 PM2018-05-04
AS 4728Alaska Airlines6:55 AM7:22 AM2018-05-24
AS 4738Alaska Airlines4:25 PM4:50 PM2018-05-24
AS 4739Alaska Airlines10:40 AM11:03 AM2018-05-24
AS 4741Alaska Airlines4:00 PM5:17 PM2017-11-23
AS 8376Alaska Airlines6:30 PM7:00 PM2018-04-09
AS 8428Alaska Airlines7:00 PM8:19 PM2017-11-24
AV 2281AVIANCA11:40 AM12:02 PM2018-05-24
AY 4170Finnair11:55 AM12:21 PM2018-05-24
AZ 3246Alitalia11:30 AM11:47 AM2017-10-01
BA 1762British Airways4:25 PM4:50 PM2018-05-24
BA 4841British Airways4:04 PM5:39 PM2017-12-14
BA 5273British Airways6:01 PM6:33 PM2018-05-25
BA 5300British Airways8:30 PM8:53 PM2018-05-25
BA 5330British Airways8:30 AM4:17 PM2016-11-04
BA 5591British Airways11:55 AM12:21 PM2018-05-24
BA 8655British Airways10:34 AM10:49 AM2016-11-03
CM 1390Copa Airlines3:40 PM2017-03-25
CM 1478Copa Airlines10:30 PM2017-03-26
CM 1563Copa Airlines7:25 AM2017-03-25
CM 1706Copa Airlines10:20 AM12:31 PM2016-11-27
CM 1744Copa Airlines4:25 PM4:49 PM2017-03-25
CM 1770Copa Airlines6:35 AM6:52 AM2018-05-24
CM 1771Copa Airlines6:35 AM6:52 AM2018-04-23
CM 1772Copa Airlines8:35 PM9:03 PM2017-09-09
CM 1773Copa Airlines11:40 AM12:02 PM2018-05-24
CM 1774Copa Airlines11:40 AM12:02 PM2018-05-20
CM 1775Copa Airlines8:45 AM9:14 AM2018-05-24
CM 2286Copa Airlines12:50 PM1:54 PM2017-03-24
CM 8351Copa Airlines11:04 AM11:28 AM2017-03-25
CM 8463Copa Airlines11:00 AM11:25 AM2017-03-07
CM 8479Copa Airlines7:25 AM7:48 AM2017-03-25
CSJ 52Castle Aviation9:30 AM2016-11-18
CSJ 58Castle Aviation1:15 PM2017-02-16
CSJ 92Castle Aviation10:00 PM2017-08-05
DL 3280Delta Air Lines8:12 PM8:40 PM2018-01-02
DL 3295Delta Air Lines4:00 PM7:21 PM2018-04-28
DL 3301Delta Air Lines5:59 PM2017-06-30
DL 3325Delta Air Lines12:35 PM2017-09-08
DL 3327Delta Air Lines1:35 PM3:37 PM2018-04-14
DL 3365Delta Air Lines7:19 AM8:44 AM2018-04-30
DL 3391Delta Air Lines7:00 AM8:35 AM2018-02-15
DL 3410Delta Air Lines1:20 PM3:31 PM2018-05-19
DL 3412Delta Air Lines11:19 AM2017-12-20
DL 3437Delta Air Lines10:10 PM11:29 PM2018-04-02
DL 3447Delta Air Lines5:00 PM6:45 PM2017-08-14
DL 3448Delta Air Lines5:35 PM2017-06-30
DL 3454Delta Air Lines10:47 AM2:08 PM2017-11-03
DL 3457Delta Air Lines10:20 AM11:30 AM2016-12-17
DL 3481Delta Air Lines7:05 AM8:45 AM2018-04-02
DL 3484Delta Air Lines7:00 AM2016-12-16
DL 3486Delta Air Lines8:45 PM2016-12-15
DL 3506Delta Air Lines6:31 AM9:20 AM2016-12-17
DL 3514Delta Air Lines5:59 PM8:13 PM2017-06-30
DL 3517Delta Air Lines10:41 AM12:54 PM2017-03-03
DL 3531Delta Air Lines5:31 PM7:45 PM2017-12-17
DL 3543Delta Air Lines9:17 PM9:14 PM2017-11-01
DL 3552Delta Air Lines10:01 PM10:14 PM2017-11-21
DL 3553Delta Air Lines6:15 PM2018-03-01
DL 3627Delta Air Lines11:52 AM2:15 PM2017-08-25
DL 3636Delta Air Lines12:45 PM2:46 PM2017-06-11
DL 3653Delta Air Lines10:20 AM12:16 PM2017-03-07
DL 3684Delta Air Lines9:55 PM10:59 PM2017-01-06
DL 3694Delta Air Lines5:09 PM6:45 PM2017-11-27
DL 3696Delta Air Lines12:40 PM2:11 PM2017-06-09
DL 3715Delta Air Lines5:30 AM7:35 AM2017-04-30
DL 3728Delta Air Lines3:30 PM2017-03-31
DL 3740Delta Air Lines6:00 AM6:50 AM2016-11-04
DL 3745Delta Air Lines2:16 PM4:15 PM2016-11-06
DL 3750Delta Air Lines2:05 PM5:29 PM2017-08-25
DL 3761Delta Air Lines1:45 PM2017-03-31
DL 3772Delta Air Lines4:30 PM6:01 PM2017-10-29
DL 3782Delta Air Lines5:15 PM6:40 PM2017-08-14
DL 3800Delta Air Lines10:55 AM1:00 PM2018-04-03
DL 3813Delta Air Lines7:20 PM10:14 PM2017-11-03
DL 3820Delta Air Lines3:40 PM6:30 PM2016-10-30
DL 3844Delta Air Lines7:15 PM8:47 PM2017-02-10
DL 3847Delta Air Lines4:00 PM2017-09-29
DL 3872Delta Air Lines5:45 PM6:33 PM2016-09-30
DL 3875Delta Air Lines10:04 AM11:28 AM2017-08-14
DL 3917Delta Air Lines11:45 AM1:55 PM2016-11-04
DL 3975Delta Air Lines12:50 PM2:30 PM2017-06-30
DL 3991Delta Air Lines1:20 PM5:21 PM2018-04-30
DL 3994Delta Air Lines7:15 PM8:48 PM2016-11-21
DL 4027Delta Air Lines7:45 PM9:57 PM2016-11-26
DL 4032Delta Air Lines9:05 PM10:33 PM2017-01-06
DL 4042Delta Air Lines2:50 PM4:24 PM2017-03-31
DL 4071Delta Air Lines7:15 AM7:42 AM2018-05-24
DL 4077Delta Air Lines2:49 PM4:25 PM2017-02-16
DL 4091Delta Air Lines8:15 PM8:34 PM2018-05-25
DL 4113Delta Air Lines9:10 PM10:33 PM2016-12-16
DL 4114Delta Air Lines8:35 PM9:41 PM2017-04-28
DL 4125Delta Air Lines11:20 AM12:19 PM2017-04-28
DL 4145Delta Air Lines5:40 PM2017-03-08
DL 4165Delta Air Lines4:13 PM4:45 PM2016-09-25
DL 4184Delta Air Lines10:11 AM11:25 AM2017-06-09
DL 4185Delta Air Lines6:10 AM8:00 AM2018-04-30
DL 4300Delta Air Lines6:30 AM9:11 AM2017-10-27
DL 4439Delta Air Lines6:40 PM2017-08-25
DL 4454Delta Air Lines2:31 PM2017-09-29
DL 4455Delta Air Lines6:16 PM7:39 PM2017-08-25
DL 4462Delta Air Lines9:30 PM2017-12-20
DL 4467Delta Air Lines12:23 PM2017-07-01
DL 4482Delta Air Lines5:55 PM2016-12-16
DL 4494Delta Air Lines8:25 PM2017-12-20
DL 4502Delta Air Lines6:00 AM2017-12-20
DL 4525Delta Air Lines12:30 PM2:09 PM2017-05-01
DL 4541Delta Air Lines2:38 PM2018-04-02
DL 4569Delta Air Lines8:33 AM2017-09-29
DL 4582Delta Air Lines12:45 PM2:28 PM2017-03-09
DL 4591Delta Air Lines6:30 AM10:38 AM2018-03-01
DL 4670Delta Air Lines8:58 AM2018-04-02
DL 4695Delta Air Lines12:30 PM2017-02-17
DL 4740Delta Air Lines7:59 PM9:41 PM2017-03-05
DL 4759Delta Air Lines12:10 PM2017-06-07
DL 4761Delta Air Lines12:50 PM1:47 PM2016-11-06
DL 4785Delta Air Lines11:20 AM2017-06-12
DL 4798Delta Air Lines2:00 PM4:12 PM2018-05-24
DL 4813Delta Air Lines6:35 AM9:21 AM2017-12-20
DL 4950Delta Air Lines10:30 AM10:34 AM2017-11-27
DL 4996Delta Air Lines7:00 AM9:10 AM2017-04-01
DL 5041Delta Air Lines6:15 AM7:25 AM2018-03-01
DL 5045Delta Air Lines9:58 PM2016-09-30
DL 5140Delta Air Lines1:29 PM3:01 PM2018-05-01
DL 5257Delta Air Lines10:16 AM2016-11-04
DL 5284Delta Air Lines5:00 PM5:23 PM2018-05-24
DL 6028Delta Air Lines9:30 PM11:00 PM2017-08-16
DL 6193Delta Air Lines1:05 PM2:13 PM2017-02-15
DL 6237Delta Air Lines9:41 AM10:45 AM2016-12-16
DL 6247Delta Air Lines1:47 PM2:58 PM2016-12-18
DL 6250Delta Air Lines4:30 PM5:46 PM2016-11-13
DL 6262Delta Air Lines3:30 PM4:58 PM2016-09-30
DL 6292Delta Air Lines7:55 PM9:45 PM2017-06-11
DL 6296Delta Air Lines3:35 PM5:12 PM2016-09-06
DL 6307Delta Air Lines8:25 PM10:28 PM2016-11-28
DL 754Delta Air Lines9:45 AM11:19 AM2017-05-31
DL 8841Delta Air Lines5:00 PM6:19 PM2017-10-02
DL 8886Delta Air Lines3:40 AM6:20 AM2018-05-07
DL 9180Delta Air Lines8:00 PM10:00 PM2018-02-26
EI 6021Aer Lingus8:45 AM9:14 AM2018-05-24
EI 6022Aer Lingus11:40 AM12:02 PM2018-05-20
EI 6023Aer Lingus11:04 AM11:28 AM2017-04-01
EI 6024Aer Lingus11:40 AM12:02 PM2018-05-24
EI 6025Aer Lingus2:20 PM2:45 PM2018-05-24
EI 6026Aer Lingus4:15 PM4:40 PM2018-05-24
EI 6027Aer Lingus5:50 PM6:15 PM2018-04-08
EI 6028Aer Lingus6:13 PM6:38 PM2017-04-04
EJM 697Executive Jet Management7:00 PM7:54 PM2017-11-09
EV 4453ExpressJet11:04 AM11:28 AM2017-03-11
EY 3094Etihad Airways11:04 AM11:22 AM2017-08-19
EY 3171Etihad Airways10:25 AM10:48 AM2018-03-23
EY 3523Etihad Airways8:39 AM9:10 AM2018-03-24
F9 1263Frontier Airlines9:29 PM11:40 PM2018-05-15
F9 81Frontier Airlines12:40 PM4:45 PM2017-06-15
FX 469FedEx7:35 AM7:52 AM2018-01-26
G7 4508GoJet Airlines9:45 AM10:39 AM2017-03-11
G7 4583GoJet Airlines6:05 AM6:29 AM2017-05-25
G7 4585GoJet Airlines10:45 AM11:10 AM2017-05-30
G7 4595GoJet Airlines11:30 AM2017-03-25
G7 6292GoJet Airlines12:39 AM2017-05-24
GB 2003ABX Air6:15 PM2017-12-05
GB 2040ABX Air4:50 AM2017-12-13
GB 2041ABX Air7:00 AM2017-12-08
GB 2043ABX Air1:10 AM2017-08-22
GF 6576Gulf Air6:01 PM6:33 PM2018-05-25
GF 6578Gulf Air5:33 PM6:03 PM2018-04-02
GF 6627Gulf Air8:30 PM9:21 PM2017-07-03
GF 6756Gulf Air5:05 PM7:17 PM2018-01-11
GF 6804Gulf Air11:55 AM12:21 PM2018-05-24
IB 4128Iberia3:20 PM2016-08-31
IB 4148Iberia11:55 AM12:21 PM2018-05-24
IB 4405Iberia12:40 PM1:56 PM2017-01-08
IB 4485Iberia3:29 PM3:54 PM2018-05-19
JIA 9928PSA Airlines2:00 PM3:15 PM2017-08-04
JL 7333JAL11:55 AM12:21 PM2018-05-24
JL 7499JAL10:40 AM11:03 AM2018-05-24
K4 252Kalitta Air12:05 AM2017-11-17
K4 50Kalitta Air7:45 AM2018-04-11
K4 797Kalitta Air5:25 AM2018-05-24
K4 9306Kalitta Air12:30 AM2017-10-25
K4 9376Kalitta Air4:00 PM2017-09-20
K4 9552Kalitta Air8:30 PM2018-05-14
K4 9567Kalitta Air9:30 PM2018-02-17
K4 9797Kalitta Air8:35 PM2018-01-06
K4 9848Kalitta Air10:00 PM2018-04-25
KFS 50Kalitta Charters9:30 AM2016-12-09
KL 7273KLM1:10 PM1:30 PM2018-05-24
LH 8619Lufthansa7:57 PM8:23 PM2018-05-25
LH 8625Lufthansa11:09 AM11:34 AM2017-11-23
LH 8779Lufthansa2:20 PM2:45 PM2018-05-24
LH 8927Lufthansa6:25 PM6:50 PM2018-04-22
LX 3325SWISS2:25 PM2:49 PM2018-04-08
MQ 3262Envoy Air8:30 AM9:03 AM2017-03-11
MQ 3268Envoy Air5:15 PM2017-05-25
MQ 3356Envoy Air4:15 PM3:47 PM2017-07-24
MQ 3400Envoy Air7:20 AM7:41 AM2017-05-25
MQ 3415Envoy Air11:49 AM12:09 PM2017-05-30
MQ 3505Envoy Air4:45 PM2017-05-25
MQ 3724Envoy Air3:55 PM4:20 PM2017-05-24
MQ 3756Envoy Air8:33 AM8:55 AM2017-05-25
MQ 3784Envoy Air10:30 AM10:48 AM2017-05-30
MQ 3789Envoy Air9:15 PM9:05 PM2018-01-22
MQ 9300Envoy Air7:00 AM8:20 AM2017-10-12
MQ 9301Envoy Air10:30 PM11:30 PM2018-02-05
MQ 9800Envoy Air3:00 PM5:30 PM2018-02-22
MQ 9801Envoy Air7:00 AM2017-08-06
MQ 9802Envoy Air7:15 AM8:55 AM2018-03-15
MQ 9803Envoy Air10:30 AM2017-03-01
MQ 9804Envoy Air3:20 PM4:40 PM2018-04-17
MQ 9805Envoy Air1:30 PM2017-10-12
MQ 9806Envoy Air6:30 PM9:15 PM2017-04-14
MQ 9811Envoy Air1:15 PM2017-12-23
MU 4387China Eastern Airlines7:15 AM7:42 AM2018-05-23
N8 502National Airlines4:45 AM2017-12-10
NH 7419ANA4:15 PM4:40 PM2018-05-24
NH 7491ANA8:45 AM9:14 AM2018-05-24
OO 4462SkyWest Airlines8:30 PM2017-07-23
OO 4759SkyWest Airlines2:59 PM2017-05-30
OO 4785SkyWest Airlines8:30 PM8:51 PM2017-05-25
OO 5211SkyWest Airlines8:35 PM9:02 PM2017-05-25
OO 5295SkyWest Airlines12:35 PM3:18 PM2017-03-11
OO 5529SkyWest Airlines6:04 PM6:29 PM2017-03-12
OO 5567SkyWest Airlines2:45 PM3:10 PM2017-05-30
OZ 6463Asiana Airlines6:25 PM6:50 PM2018-05-25
OZ 6539Asiana Airlines7:57 PM8:23 PM2018-05-25
PO 219Polar Air Cargo6:40 AM2018-04-19
PO 238Polar Air Cargo10:35 PM4:21 AM2017-09-24
PO 243Polar Air Cargo4:55 PM2:56 AM2017-12-21
PO 5202Polar Air Cargo4:40 PM2017-07-02
PO 618Polar Air Cargo8:05 AM1:31 AM2016-12-10
PO 654Polar Air Cargo9:35 PM5:48 AM2016-11-18
PO 717Polar Air Cargo2:20 PM5:08 PM2016-11-11
PO 751Polar Air Cargo5:05 PM4:55 PM2018-05-23
PO 752Polar Air Cargo1:40 AM2016-10-28
PO 797Polar Air Cargo5:25 AM2016-09-30
PO 961Polar Air Cargo7:20 AM8:34 AM2018-05-21
QF 3200Qantas6:01 PM6:33 PM2018-05-25
QF 3263Qantas8:40 AM9:09 AM2018-05-24
QF 3272Qantas6:20 AM9:08 AM2017-01-08
QF 3296Qantas6:55 AM7:22 AM2018-05-24
QF 4865Qantas3:20 PM5:31 PM2018-05-19
QF 4870Qantas11:55 AM12:21 PM2018-05-24
QF 4872Qantas8:30 PM8:49 PM2018-05-04
QF 4876Qantas10:40 AM11:03 AM2018-05-24
QF 4880Qantas4:25 PM4:50 PM2018-05-24
QF 7521Qantas1:25 PM10:05 PM2018-05-03
QR 5149Qatar Airways2:20 PM2018-03-10
QR 5346Qatar Airways5:33 PM6:03 PM2018-03-24
QR 5422Qatar Airways3:30 PM5:55 PM2017-03-25
QR 5512Qatar Airways3:40 PM2016-11-06
RJ 7027Royal Jordanian3:30 PM3:47 PM2017-01-08
RJ 7045Royal Jordanian10:04 AM4:59 PM2017-01-08
RJ 7090Royal Jordanian6:37 PM6:59 PM2016-11-03
RJ 7208Royal Jordanian6:36 PM9:13 PM2017-12-13
RJ 7225Royal Jordanian10:15 PM1:28 AM2016-09-03
RJ 7339Royal Jordanian3:20 PM4:09 PM2017-04-29
RJ 7344Royal Jordanian3:35 PM3:58 PM2017-11-24
RJ 7382Royal Jordanian5:33 PM6:03 PM2018-04-02
RJ 7405Royal Jordanian11:55 AM12:21 PM2018-05-24
RJ 7461Royal Jordanian6:15 PM6:39 PM2017-08-22
RJ 7462Royal Jordanian6:15 PM6:41 PM2017-08-20
RJ 7471Royal Jordanian12:26 PM2:24 PM2017-07-05
RJ 7476Royal Jordanian4:25 PM4:50 PM2018-05-24
RJ 7488Royal Jordanian6:30 PM7:57 PM2017-11-24
RJ 7527Royal Jordanian11:44 AM12:44 PM2016-11-02
RJ 7571Royal Jordanian10:30 AM10:51 AM2018-04-28
RJ 7637Royal Jordanian8:35 AM9:02 AM2018-04-28
RJ 7677Royal Jordanian10:40 AM11:03 AM2018-05-19
S5 2801Shuttle America2:26 PM4:07 PM2016-10-22
S5 2816Shuttle America8:40 PM9:55 PM2017-01-14
S5 3589Shuttle America10:55 AM2016-09-08
SK 3960SAS4:15 PM4:40 PM2018-05-24
SK 8896SAS6:25 PM6:50 PM2018-05-25
SRY 8252ViaAir11:00 AM2017-01-01
SWQ 7176Swift Air2:00 PM2017-03-03
TK 9576Turkish Airlines6:05 PM6:30 PM2017-11-26
UA 1084United Airlines5:00 AM2017-02-10
UA 1195United Airlines12:47 AM2017-12-19
UA 1270United Airlines5:10 PM6:42 PM2016-12-15
UA 142United Airlines5:15 PM2017-03-01
UA 1560United Airlines5:10 PM6:54 PM2017-06-07
UA 1659United Airlines10:45 AM2:25 PM2016-10-28
UA 1686United Airlines9:10 AM1:40 PM2017-02-10
UA 1709United Airlines6:05 PM7:44 PM2018-05-03
UA 1735United Airlines6:35 AM6:52 AM2018-05-24
UA 1786United Airlines11:00 PM2018-04-07
UA 2037United Airlines6:10 AM8:55 AM2016-10-09
UA 205United Airlines6:50 AM8:34 AM2017-11-19
UA 2088United Airlines5:25 PM6:16 PM2016-12-11
UA 2138United Airlines8:48 AM11:25 AM2016-09-24
UA 217United Airlines5:27 PM6:50 PM2018-02-14
UA 2209United Airlines11:52 AM1:15 PM2016-10-03
UA 2246United Airlines1:20 PM8:57 PM2016-09-01
UA 2255United Airlines10:45 PM5:00 AM2016-09-12
UA 2256United Airlines4:32 PM7:53 PM2016-11-19
UA 2258United Airlines4:28 PM6:01 PM2016-10-22
UA 2262United Airlines8:25 AM10:29 AM2016-09-12
UA 2504United Airlines5:40 PM5:50 PM2018-05-20
UA 2508United Airlines5:40 PM2017-09-06
UA 2512United Airlines5:05 PM6:10 PM2017-08-27
UA 2539United Airlines4:30 PM5:50 PM2017-12-10
UA 2545United Airlines2:40 AM3:05 AM2017-04-02
UA 2547United Airlines1:35 PM3:10 PM2017-04-13
UA 2549United Airlines2:50 PM3:40 PM2017-05-22
UA 2550United Airlines10:15 PM12:20 AM2017-08-22
UA 2551United Airlines3:35 PM4:15 PM2018-04-30
UA 2552United Airlines9:10 PM9:25 PM2018-05-22
UA 2554United Airlines2:55 PM3:35 PM2017-09-04
UA 2556United Airlines9:10 PM9:30 PM2018-04-02
UA 2729United Airlines8:10 AM4:25 PM2018-05-03
UA 2809United Airlines6:50 AM7:15 AM2017-10-12
UA 287United Airlines10:16 AM12:46 PM2017-12-25
UA 299United Airlines7:45 PM9:51 PM2017-06-04
UA 302United Airlines9:34 AM11:47 AM2017-11-26
UA 3286United Airlines7:00 AM8:10 AM2018-05-16
UA 3300United Airlines5:00 PM6:20 PM2017-01-18
UA 333United Airlines10:40 AM12:10 PM2017-10-22
UA 3400United Airlines3:50 PM5:07 PM2016-11-14
UA 3403United Airlines5:50 AM2018-02-15
UA 3405United Airlines12:20 PM2017-11-01
UA 3406United Airlines4:52 PM6:58 PM2018-02-15
UA 3411United Airlines5:40 PM2016-11-23
UA 3413United Airlines6:15 AM7:55 AM2016-09-06
UA 3414United Airlines6:55 AM8:10 AM2016-09-06
UA 3416United Airlines6:15 PM8:35 PM2016-12-13
UA 3418United Airlines3:25 PM5:24 PM2018-01-07
UA 3419United Airlines8:30 AM10:31 AM2017-12-25
UA 3421United Airlines9:55 PM12:14 AM2016-08-29
UA 3423United Airlines8:45 AM10:59 AM2017-10-22
UA 3426United Airlines12:05 PM1:34 PM2017-04-01
UA 3427United Airlines3:10 PM4:44 PM2017-02-27
UA 3429United Airlines9:40 PM11:11 PM2017-09-03
UA 3433United Airlines5:06 PM7:25 PM2017-04-16
UA 3440United Airlines12:05 PM3:33 PM2017-02-13
UA 3441United Airlines8:45 AM9:16 AM2018-05-23
UA 3444United Airlines6:40 AM9:13 AM2018-04-23
UA 3449United Airlines2:25 PM4:26 PM2017-02-05
UA 3455United Airlines2:35 PM4:15 PM2016-11-28
UA 3469United Airlines5:30 AM6:46 AM2017-10-29
UA 3474United Airlines7:20 PM2016-10-22
UA 3488United Airlines6:05 AM8:13 AM2016-08-28
UA 3491United Airlines8:40 PM2016-11-30
UA 3497United Airlines11:35 AM1:49 PM2018-03-04
UA 3500United Airlines5:48 PM7:18 PM2017-10-01
UA 3502United Airlines6:30 AM8:57 AM2016-11-23
UA 3509United Airlines4:50 PM8:52 PM2017-02-25
UA 3517United Airlines4:14 PM5:22 PM2016-11-26
UA 3519United Airlines9:40 AM12:01 PM2016-09-28
UA 3520United Airlines11:30 AM1:38 PM2016-12-15
UA 3528United Airlines10:15 AM1:14 PM2017-06-07
UA 3534United Airlines10:05 AM11:43 AM2017-04-30
UA 3561United Airlines9:11 AM10:06 AM2017-10-31
UA 3569United Airlines10:10 AM3:08 PM2017-06-24
UA 3573United Airlines7:57 PM8:23 PM2018-05-25
UA 3583United Airlines7:45 AM11:17 AM2016-08-29
UA 3589United Airlines5:00 PM9:47 PM2017-05-04
UA 3601United Airlines12:35 PM2:18 PM2016-08-30
UA 3612United Airlines4:40 PM8:48 PM2017-02-06
UA 3619United Airlines6:25 PM6:50 PM2018-05-25
UA 3623United Airlines2:45 PM5:13 PM2017-04-02
UA 3637United Airlines6:20 AM8:18 AM2018-04-08
UA 3641United Airlines2:10 PM2:50 PM2017-11-01
UA 3649United Airlines5:55 PM7:32 PM2016-08-30
UA 3661United Airlines4:35 PM6:13 PM2016-10-31
UA 3677United Airlines8:51 PM11:03 PM2016-11-29
UA 3679United Airlines2:50 PM5:11 PM2017-01-18
UA 3680United Airlines11:16 AM12:39 PM2016-10-01
UA 3685United Airlines9:40 AM2017-09-05
UA 3689United Airlines9:50 AM2016-12-13
UA 3690United Airlines6:40 AM8:39 AM2016-10-06
UA 3692United Airlines3:55 PM5:25 PM2017-07-14
UA 3693United Airlines5:05 PM8:04 PM2017-09-03
UA 3706United Airlines4:50 PM6:05 PM2016-11-27
UA 3709United Airlines9:05 PM11:27 PM2017-01-25
UA 3725United Airlines9:50 AM12:11 PM2016-10-05
UA 3767United Airlines5:50 AM2017-04-29
UA 3846United Airlines7:45 PM2017-04-02
UA 3896United Airlines6:20 AM7:09 AM2016-10-02
UA 3942United Airlines9:30 AM2016-11-20
UA 3962United Airlines7:06 AM8:06 AM2016-10-01
UA 4010United Airlines8:45 AM11:22 AM2017-02-11
UA 4022United Airlines5:10 PM6:24 PM2017-08-12
UA 4024United Airlines3:35 PM5:40 PM2017-11-25
UA 4080United Airlines6:30 AM8:08 AM2017-03-04
UA 4209United Airlines7:34 AM2017-08-26
UA 441United Airlines6:20 AM8:33 AM2018-03-08
UA 4437United Airlines4:40 PM8:35 PM2016-10-30
UA 4453United Airlines10:50 AM12:16 PM2017-04-01
UA 4466United Airlines5:49 AM2016-12-03
UA 4468United Airlines8:14 AM9:49 AM2016-12-08
UA 4486United Airlines7:35 AM8:41 AM2017-03-04
UA 4490United Airlines10:05 AM11:43 AM2017-10-22
UA 4506United Airlines3:40 PM2017-12-19
UA 4507United Airlines5:50 PM6:49 PM2017-10-01
UA 4508United Airlines10:03 AM1:35 PM2017-04-01
UA 4513United Airlines8:00 AM11:03 AM2017-09-05
UA 4545United Airlines10:50 AM2016-10-05
UA 4551United Airlines6:05 AM6:50 AM2018-04-09
UA 4553United Airlines4:27 PM7:01 PM2016-12-13
UA 4563United Airlines6:22 AM6:47 AM2018-05-14
UA 4568United Airlines2:10 PM4:34 PM2016-10-29
UA 4575United Airlines3:15 PM4:38 PM2017-05-04
UA 4579United Airlines3:30 PM2018-04-08
UA 4582United Airlines3:06 PM4:52 PM2018-01-07
UA 4583United Airlines12:53 PM2:29 PM2018-04-08
UA 4585United Airlines1:24 PM4:00 PM2017-06-07
UA 4586United Airlines12:57 PM2:38 PM2017-11-27
UA 4589United Airlines11:05 AM12:02 PM2016-10-02
UA 4595United Airlines1:24 PM4:00 PM2017-12-20
UA 4596United Airlines2:15 PM4:39 PM2017-12-19
UA 4621United Airlines5:50 PM8:14 PM2017-02-11
UA 4622United Airlines2:50 PM2016-12-10
UA 4710United Airlines5:50 PM9:01 PM2017-12-30
UA 4841United Airlines8:45 AM2016-09-03
UA 506United Airlines5:39 AM11:41 AM2017-04-02
UA 5177United Airlines8:40 PM10:54 PM2016-08-28
UA 5191United Airlines7:05 PM9:56 PM2016-10-29
UA 5194United Airlines3:30 PM6:20 PM2016-08-28
UA 5202United Airlines5:35 AM6:53 AM2017-12-16
UA 5207United Airlines10:15 AM11:52 AM2017-04-29
UA 5208United Airlines8:05 AM11:11 AM2018-02-10
UA 5211United Airlines3:04 PM3:34 PM2017-09-06
UA 5212United Airlines4:30 PM5:54 PM2017-09-03
UA 5217United Airlines5:50 PM2018-04-08
UA 5222United Airlines12:10 PM2:18 PM2017-04-09
UA 5231United Airlines3:20 PM5:06 PM2016-09-04
UA 5232United Airlines3:26 PM2016-12-18
UA 524United Airlines1:12 AM2016-12-11
UA 5244United Airlines7:55 AM11:34 AM2018-03-18
UA 5246United Airlines10:20 PM11:35 PM2016-08-29
UA 5249United Airlines8:35 AM2017-01-03
UA 5262United Airlines3:30 PM5:16 PM2016-10-25
UA 5266United Airlines11:40 AM12:02 PM2018-05-24
UA 5277United Airlines2:20 PM2:45 PM2018-05-24
UA 5282United Airlines2:55 PM4:51 PM2017-07-04
UA 5294United Airlines11:35 AM2017-10-28
UA 5295United Airlines5:50 PM9:01 PM2017-04-03
UA 5300United Airlines8:50 AM11:08 AM2016-12-01
UA 5310United Airlines7:35 AM2016-10-24
UA 5315United Airlines3:35 PM6:43 PM2017-02-11
UA 5375United Airlines7:54 AM2017-02-15
UA 5379United Airlines1:27 PM2:58 PM2017-05-28
UA 5385United Airlines3:20 PM6:15 PM2017-03-29
UA 5400United Airlines4:15 PM4:40 PM2018-05-24
UA 5402United Airlines4:10 PM6:11 PM2017-05-05
UA 5407United Airlines7:40 PM9:45 PM2016-12-01
UA 5417United Airlines4:20 PM2017-04-23
UA 5422United Airlines2:30 PM2016-12-11
UA 5430United Airlines9:20 AM10:15 AM2017-02-09
UA 547United Airlines8:18 AM9:07 AM2017-02-08
UA 5472United Airlines6:45 AM8:02 AM2016-12-15
UA 5473United Airlines4:07 PM2017-07-04
UA 5480United Airlines6:30 AM9:26 AM2016-10-23
UA 5485United Airlines7:25 PM9:05 PM2016-09-29
UA 5490United Airlines11:25 AM12:47 PM2016-09-05
UA 5495United Airlines9:30 AM10:37 AM2017-06-03
UA 5529United Airlines6:57 PM8:38 PM2017-03-26
UA 5542United Airlines8:45 AM9:14 AM2018-05-24
UA 5567United Airlines5:57 PM8:37 PM2017-06-07
UA 5574United Airlines5:35 PM6:48 PM2017-10-30
UA 5576United Airlines8:00 PM9:03 PM2016-11-28
UA 5640United Airlines10:40 AM12:36 PM2017-04-29
UA 5644United Airlines6:15 PM8:28 PM2017-12-02
UA 5662United Airlines7:45 AM10:09 AM2017-04-03
UA 5683United Airlines8:50 AM2016-11-25
UA 5714United Airlines10:30 PM11:38 PM2017-01-02
UA 5748United Airlines7:35 AM10:48 AM2017-02-14
UA 5838United Airlines8:35 AM9:07 AM2018-04-08
UA 5864United Airlines6:15 AM7:14 AM2016-11-13
UA 5934United Airlines3:15 PM5:02 PM2016-10-02
UA 5952United Airlines8:10 AM2016-08-29
UA 899United Airlines7:15 PM9:53 PM2017-07-12
UA 910United Airlines12:46 AM2018-05-14
UA 965United Airlines4:22 PM6:45 PM2018-05-15
VS 4550Virgin Atlantic1:45 PM2:00 PM2016-10-17
VS 5476Virgin Atlantic9:25 AM9:46 AM2016-10-17
Y8 7492Suparna Airlines2:00 AM2017-12-25
YX 3314Republic Airlines6:51 PM2017-01-07
YX 3405Republic Airlines4:25 PM4:50 PM2017-05-24
YX 3426Republic Airlines8:50 AM10:30 AM2017-03-11
YX 3520Republic Airlines10:55 AM12:09 PM2016-11-08
YX 3528Republic Airlines7:35 AM8:00 AM2017-05-25
YX 3693Republic Airlines10:45 AM2017-07-22
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