Flights from Cincinnati, US (CVG) to New York, US (JFK)

List of all flights from Cincinnati, US (CVG) to New York, US (JFK), list of airlines operating on the route from Cincinnati, US (CVG) to New York, US (JFK), departures from CVG and arrivals to JFK. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 158 flights on this route. The distance from Cincinnati, US (CVG) to New York, US (JFK) is 946 km (588 miles). Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport and John F Kennedy International Airport are in the same time zone (GMT-04:00). The current time on both airports is Saturday 2018-04-21 10:49 PM.

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List of 158 flights operating on the route from Cincinnati, US (CVG) to New York, US (JFK).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
1I 795NetJets Aviation8:00 PM9:18 PM2018-03-08
5Y 2000Atlas Air3:37 AM2017-10-02
5Y 2010Atlas Air7:00 AM2018-03-23
5Y 2011Atlas Air8:30 AM2017-10-25
5Y 2040Atlas Air3:40 AM2018-04-10
5Y 2042Atlas Air5:40 AM2016-11-24
5Y 2044Atlas Air5:50 AM2018-01-05
5Y 301Atlas Air10:00 PM2018-03-26
9E 3573Endeavor Air11:36 AM2017-05-22
9E 3574Endeavor Air12:16 PM1:16 PM2016-11-23
9E 3576Endeavor Air2:35 PM2017-03-15
9E 3578Endeavor Air8:00 AM9:30 AM2016-11-05
9E 3588Endeavor Air9:30 AM10:50 AM2017-03-15
9E 3720Endeavor Air3:16 PM5:29 PM2017-05-24
9E 4019Endeavor Air8:29 PM10:08 PM2016-11-06
9E 4045Endeavor Air6:15 AM9:55 AM2017-03-11
9E 9198Endeavor Air8:00 AM9:10 AM2017-11-18
9E 9199Endeavor Air9:10 PM10:20 PM2017-10-30
9E 9200Endeavor Air4:15 PM5:15 PM2018-03-17
9E 9201Endeavor Air6:50 AM8:15 AM2018-04-13
9E 9203Endeavor Air3:15 PM4:50 PM2018-02-12
9E 9204Endeavor Air7:45 AM2018-02-16
9E 9205Endeavor Air10:15 PM2017-11-04
9E 9208Endeavor Air8:30 PM11:45 PM2018-02-22
AA 3478American Airlines12:40 PM2:41 PM2018-04-21
AA 3620American Airlines12:35 PM2:38 PM2018-04-02
AA 4346American Airlines6:30 AM7:58 AM2016-12-10
AA 9745American Airlines12:15 PM2:30 PM2016-12-17
AF 2075Air France3:05 PM9:33 PM2017-10-01
AF 2257Air France3:35 PM2017-12-16
AF 2561Air France7:25 AM2:35 PM2018-01-01
AF 2721Air France4:44 PM7:24 PM2018-02-10
AF 2800Air France2:35 PM4:38 PM2018-04-21
AF 5755Air France5:13 PM7:04 PM2018-04-02
AF 9119Air France3:05 PM5:11 PM2017-09-30
AF 9600Air France3:20 PM5:23 PM2016-11-05
AM 4150Aeromexico8:16 PM2018-04-08
AM 4299Aeromexico2:35 PM4:38 PM2018-04-21
AM 4673Aeromexico4:25 PM6:41 PM2018-03-01
AM 4802Aeromexico7:20 PM9:02 PM2018-04-20
AM 5329Aeromexico9:05 AM10:30 AM2018-01-02
AM 5423Aeromexico6:35 PM8:25 PM2017-12-30
AZ 3156Alitalia2:35 PM4:38 PM2018-04-21
AZ 3389Alitalia3:53 PM5:59 PM2018-04-02
B6 9802JetBlue Airways7:45 PM9:30 PM2016-10-09
B6 9902JetBlue Airways9:30 AM2016-11-13
BA 2473British Airways12:40 PM2:41 PM2018-04-21
BA 4403British Airways1:50 PM3:26 PM2016-12-10
DL 1123Delta Air Lines8:15 PM2017-08-02
DL 1310Delta Air Lines4:38 PM6:38 PM2017-08-03
DL 1583Delta Air Lines2:00 PM6:20 PM2017-07-21
DL 1972Delta Air Lines12:18 PM7:14 PM2016-12-17
DL 1994Delta Air Lines6:10 AM1:55 PM2018-01-04
DL 2Delta Air Lines5:30 PM8:35 PM2018-03-02
DL 2374Delta Air Lines8:33 AM11:50 AM2018-03-03
DL 3416Delta Air Lines7:50 PM11:50 PM2017-10-01
DL 3503Delta Air Lines6:36 PM8:13 PM2017-03-04
DL 3505Delta Air Lines11:00 AM12:23 PM2016-09-08
DL 3570Delta Air Lines2:10 PM2017-10-21
DL 3571Delta Air Lines3:30 PM4:35 PM2017-07-05
DL 3573Delta Air Lines5:35 PM7:12 PM2017-08-05
DL 3574Delta Air Lines2:31 PM4:49 PM2017-08-10
DL 3627Delta Air Lines11:52 AM2:15 PM2016-11-04
DL 3683Delta Air Lines2:53 PM4:59 PM2018-02-10
DL 3720Delta Air Lines9:50 AM12:59 PM2017-06-11
DL 3873Delta Air Lines8:05 AM2017-02-11
DL 3922Delta Air Lines7:05 PM10:05 PM2016-09-30
DL 3953Delta Air Lines3:45 PM4:57 PM2016-09-09
DL 3988Delta Air Lines5:15 PM6:50 PM2017-02-05
DL 4019Delta Air Lines4:40 PM6:19 PM2016-12-16
DL 4045Delta Air Lines2:50 PM2017-03-31
DL 4047Delta Air Lines11:30 AM12:56 PM2017-03-03
DL 408Delta Air Lines7:25 PM2018-01-04
DL 4088Delta Air Lines6:20 PM8:08 PM2018-04-02
DL 4096Delta Air Lines8:05 PM2016-11-05
DL 4125Delta Air Lines4:20 PM5:08 PM2018-01-02
DL 4190Delta Air Lines6:05 PM7:35 PM2017-06-30
DL 4192Delta Air Lines12:46 PM4:53 PM2017-01-06
DL 45Delta Air Lines11:25 AM1:50 PM2017-02-09
DL 49Delta Air Lines10:55 AM1:16 PM2017-02-09
DL 5050Delta Air Lines6:29 PM8:28 PM2018-03-01
DL 510Delta Air Lines10:45 AM11:26 AM2017-08-02
DL 5130Delta Air Lines2:35 PM4:38 PM2018-04-21
DL 6192Delta Air Lines6:14 AM7:34 AM2017-05-13
DL 6242Delta Air Lines8:01 PM2017-02-18
DL 6265Delta Air Lines3:48 PM6:54 PM2017-12-16
DL 6287Delta Air Lines7:40 PM9:17 PM2016-09-30
DL 786Delta Air Lines4:11 PM7:12 PM2017-07-07
DL 8867Delta Air Lines11:50 PM12:45 AM2017-08-28
DL 8889Delta Air Lines5:55 PM7:26 PM2017-05-10
DL 9198Delta Air Lines9:45 AM11:30 AM2018-03-22
DL 9199Delta Air Lines8:45 AM12:15 PM2018-03-17
DL 9202Delta Air Lines4:00 PM5:30 PM2018-03-24
DL 9203Delta Air Lines12:15 PM1:50 PM2018-03-13
DL 9206Delta Air Lines3:45 PM4:57 PM2018-03-14
DL 9210Delta Air Lines5:00 PM2018-03-24
DL 9765Delta Air Lines5:40 PM7:41 PM2016-10-12
DL 9766Delta Air Lines3:23 PM5:28 PM2018-04-13
DL 9908Delta Air Lines12:20 PM1:15 PM2018-03-03
DL 9909Delta Air Lines11:45 AM2018-03-03
DL 9946Delta Air Lines10:35 PM12:19 AM2016-10-21
EY 3420Etihad Airways12:35 PM2:38 PM2018-03-24
GB 1552ABX Air9:15 PM2016-11-24
GB 16ABX Air4:00 PM2016-12-02
GB 17ABX Air5:00 PM2017-06-16
GB 2010ABX Air1:30 AM2017-05-22
GB 2011ABX Air5:40 AM2017-12-24
GB 2012ABX Air7:15 AM2017-12-16
GB 2040ABX Air4:50 AM2017-12-14
GB 552ABX Air5:45 AM2018-04-21
GB 841ABX Air4:40 AM2017-11-23
IB 4565Iberia12:40 PM2:41 PM2018-04-21
K4 9402Kalitta Air1:30 AM2017-09-17
K4 9503Kalitta Air9:15 AM2017-02-23
K4 9505Kalitta Air5:00 AM2017-10-29
K4 9541Kalitta Air10:10 AM2017-01-22
K4 9817Kalitta Air1:20 AM2017-11-05
K4 9977Kalitta Air8:30 PM2017-10-05
KE 7322Korean Air2:35 PM4:38 PM2018-04-21
KFS 371Kalitta Charters5:00 AM2017-12-29
KFS 48Kalitta Charters6:45 PM2017-02-01
KFS 522Kalitta Charters5:00 AM2017-04-16
KFS 942Kalitta Charters3:10 AM2017-12-05
KL 5599KLM2:35 PM4:38 PM2018-04-21
KL 6733KLM8:25 PM4:58 AM2016-11-05
MQ 3620Envoy Air1:10 PM3:17 PM2017-05-30
MQ 9300Envoy Air11:40 AM2:00 PM2017-05-26
MQ 9800Envoy Air1:30 PM2:05 PM2017-08-05
MQ 9804Envoy Air4:30 PM5:11 PM2017-08-06
MQ 9805Envoy Air5:30 PM8:00 PM2017-08-06
OK 3061CSA3:25 PM5:29 PM2017-03-31
PO 238Polar Air Cargo8:30 AM2018-03-18
PO 243Polar Air Cargo8:50 PM6:28 AM2017-01-12
PO 654Polar Air Cargo9:35 PM5:57 AM2016-10-28
QR 5371Qatar Airways12:35 PM2:38 PM2018-03-24
SOO 522Southern Air8:17 AM2016-12-19
VS 4319Virgin Atlantic2:35 PM4:38 PM2018-04-21
VS 4602Virgin Atlantic3:53 PM5:59 PM2018-04-02
VS 951Virgin Atlantic5:45 PM2016-10-31
WS 6329WestJet9:59 AM11:15 AM2017-02-18
WS 6367WestJet9:15 PM11:55 PM2017-02-25
WS 6394WestJet6:45 PM7:46 PM2017-01-15
WS 6439WestJet8:10 PM9:46 PM2017-02-05
WS 6515WestJet6:30 PM8:52 PM2017-01-06
WS 6527WestJet6:50 AM10:18 AM2016-11-04
WS 6653WestJet6:57 PM2016-09-01
WS 6680WestJet7:25 PM9:33 PM2016-11-04
WS 6830WestJet12:35 PM2:03 PM2017-02-27
WS 6843WestJet2:35 PM4:38 PM2018-04-21
WS 6845WestJet3:53 PM5:59 PM2018-04-02
WS 6918WestJet5:55 PM2016-08-29
WS 6934WestJet5:35 PM10:50 PM2016-08-29
WS 7053WestJet11:05 AM1:04 PM2016-09-25
WS 7067WestJet5:40 PM7:15 PM2016-11-05
WS 7142WestJet3:25 PM5:22 PM2016-09-30
WS 7155WestJet7:15 AM9:01 AM2017-02-11
WS 7246WestJet5:50 PM9:15 PM2016-10-31
WS 7302WestJet1:05 PM2016-09-30
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