Flights from Cincinnati, US (CVG) to Houston, US (IAH)

List of all flights from Cincinnati, US (CVG) to Houston, US (IAH), list of airlines operating on the route from Cincinnati, US (CVG) to Houston, US (IAH), departures from CVG and arrivals to IAH. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 164 flights on this route. The distance from Cincinnati, US (CVG) to Houston, US (IAH) is 1,402 km (871 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport - is GMT-05:00. The current time is Tuesday 2018-01-23 01:03 AM. The time zone of the destination point - George Bush Intercontinental Houston Airport - is GMT-06:00, The current time is Tuesday 2018-01-23 12:03 AM.

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List of 164 flights operating on the route from Cincinnati, US (CVG) to Houston, US (IAH).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
5Y 16Atlas Air10:00 PM2016-12-22
5Y 2007Atlas Air7:01 PM2017-04-30
5Y 2008Atlas Air9:26 PM2017-04-21
5Y 2010Atlas Air8:00 AM2017-09-01
5Y 2040Atlas Air5:50 AM2017-10-14
5Y 2041Atlas Air9:56 PM2017-06-15
5Y 2042Atlas Air9:14 PM2017-06-20
5Y 2195Atlas Air7:30 PM2017-12-09
5Y 3006Atlas Air2:05 PM2018-01-07
5Y 3012Atlas Air12:55 PM2018-01-07
5Y 3058Atlas Air1:45 PM2018-01-22
5Y 3115Atlas Air1:55 PM2017-11-07
5Y 503Atlas Air9:45 PM2016-12-31
5Y 512Atlas Air10:20 AM2017-05-12
5Y 518Atlas Air12:30 PM2016-12-30
9E 4198Endeavor Air3:13 PM2017-07-18
9E 6026Endeavor Air8:20 AM8:48 AM2017-02-14
9E 9202Endeavor Air2:25 PM2017-11-19
AM 4920Aeromexico3:12 PM5:00 PM2018-01-21
DL 3285Delta Air Lines9:27 PM10:18 PM2017-09-05
DL 3299Delta Air Lines9:39 AM10:08 AM2017-09-08
DL 3402Delta Air Lines3:35 PM5:47 PM2017-08-25
DL 3447Delta Air Lines6:55 PM10:13 PM2017-08-25
DL 3461Delta Air Lines8:46 PM2017-11-05
DL 3525Delta Air Lines1:23 PM3:03 PM2017-08-23
DL 3550Delta Air Lines7:47 PM9:27 PM2017-12-20
DL 3561Delta Air Lines2:00 PM3:56 PM2017-11-27
DL 3581Delta Air Lines6:30 AM9:17 AM2017-09-09
DL 3689Delta Air Lines3:12 PM5:00 PM2018-01-21
DL 3747Delta Air Lines5:30 PM2016-11-02
DL 3758Delta Air Lines6:15 AM8:29 AM2016-11-21
DL 3840Delta Air Lines5:36 PM6:55 PM2017-10-29
DL 3860Delta Air Lines11:58 AM1:29 PM2016-12-31
DL 3971Delta Air Lines3:59 PM5:40 PM2017-07-07
DL 4198Delta Air Lines3:13 PM4:49 PM2017-08-14
DL 4496Delta Air Lines4:25 PM2017-06-30
DL 4553Delta Air Lines1:50 PM3:05 PM2017-08-14
DL 4656Delta Air Lines11:10 AM2017-06-30
DL 4724Delta Air Lines3:25 PM2017-06-09
DL 4807Delta Air Lines9:12 AM9:08 AM2017-06-11
DL 4898Delta Air Lines8:09 PM10:02 PM2017-08-09
DL 5430Delta Air Lines7:52 PM2017-06-09
DL 5432Delta Air Lines1:41 PM2016-10-03
DL 6200Delta Air Lines8:05 PM8:57 PM2017-03-08
DL 6207Delta Air Lines8:10 PM2017-06-04
DL 6209Delta Air Lines7:17 AM2017-03-31
DL 6219Delta Air Lines9:10 AM12:57 PM2017-01-06
DL 6235Delta Air Lines11:10 AM1:13 PM2016-11-04
DL 6242Delta Air Lines8:31 AM2016-11-28
DL 6273Delta Air Lines7:45 AM10:53 AM2017-04-30
DL 6275Delta Air Lines10:21 AM11:28 AM2017-11-22
DL 6279Delta Air Lines2:44 PM5:00 PM2017-09-27
DL 6280Delta Air Lines9:31 AM11:29 AM2017-02-16
DL 6289Delta Air Lines4:40 PM6:57 PM2017-09-29
EV 3837ExpressJet1:45 PM4:34 PM2017-03-11
EV 5430ExpressJet6:45 PM2017-05-24
F9 1153Frontier Airlines1:18 PM2:45 PM2017-10-04
F9 1155Frontier Airlines6:35 AM8:02 AM2017-05-20
F9 1553Frontier Airlines2:20 PM3:03 PM2017-07-03
G7 6207GoJet Airlines5:00 PM2017-05-22
GB 16ABX Air5:15 PM2017-10-18
GB 20ABX Air2:00 PM2017-11-30
GB 2010ABX Air1:30 AM2017-05-30
GB 2011ABX Air5:40 AM2017-06-09
GB 2044ABX Air9:56 PM2017-06-28
GB 313ABX Air4:00 AM2017-12-31
GB 315ABX Air9:06 AM2018-01-20
GB 512ABX Air5:35 AM2017-05-12
GB 518ABX Air4:16 AM2018-01-19
K4 257Kalitta Air8:00 PM2017-02-15
K4 315Kalitta Air8:00 AM2017-06-17
K4 518Kalitta Air7:30 AM2017-08-24
KL 7671KLM12:30 PM2:06 PM2017-03-24
NZ 6384Air New Zealand8:20 AM10:48 AM2017-03-08
NZ 6460Air New Zealand3:32 PM5:25 PM2018-01-21
NZ 6461Air New Zealand6:20 AM8:10 AM2018-01-22
NZ 6462Air New Zealand6:40 PM8:32 PM2018-01-23
NZ 6463Air New Zealand8:55 AM10:45 AM2018-01-22
NZ 6464Air New Zealand11:50 AM1:43 PM2018-01-07
NZ 6575Air New Zealand11:40 AM1:26 PM2017-03-24
NZ 6595Air New Zealand7:37 AM10:42 AM2017-03-25
NZ 6609Air New Zealand11:10 AM1:01 PM2017-03-25
NZ 6651Air New Zealand8:10 PM2017-03-25
OO 4724SkyWest Airlines3:25 PM2017-05-25
OO 5970SkyWest Airlines3:10 PM4:55 PM2017-05-24
PO 238Polar Air Cargo10:35 PM2017-09-11
S5 3607Shuttle America4:05 PM5:12 PM2016-09-07
UA 1454United Airlines10:54 AM12:37 PM2017-07-02
UA 1745United Airlines8:35 AM11:44 AM2017-10-29
UA 2224United Airlines5:30 PM10:35 PM2016-09-16
UA 2247United Airlines7:00 AM8:30 AM2016-09-30
UA 2536United Airlines5:30 PM7:00 PM2017-09-15
UA 2555United Airlines5:10 PM7:05 PM2017-06-26
UA 2631United Airlines11:15 PM12:44 AM2017-11-28
UA 3242United Airlines2:00 PM3:45 PM2018-01-16
UA 3287United Airlines3:47 PM5:10 PM2018-01-06
UA 3289United Airlines7:15 PM8:45 PM2017-12-03
UA 3290United Airlines9:20 AM10:50 AM2018-01-04
UA 3418United Airlines11:37 AM1:18 PM2016-08-31
UA 3446United Airlines11:25 AM3:15 PM2016-12-16
UA 3466United Airlines3:35 PM6:21 PM2016-11-19
UA 3468United Airlines8:15 AM10:23 AM2017-12-17
UA 3479United Airlines6:20 PM2017-04-02
UA 3496United Airlines6:10 AM6:15 AM2017-02-18
UA 3550United Airlines6:05 AM7:25 AM2016-09-06
UA 3552United Airlines3:32 PM5:25 PM2018-01-21
UA 3555United Airlines10:45 AM1:07 PM2017-04-04
UA 3578United Airlines12:15 PM2016-09-10
UA 3584United Airlines7:25 AM9:12 AM2017-07-01
UA 3585United Airlines5:46 PM7:25 PM2016-12-07
UA 3591United Airlines6:11 AM7:48 AM2017-07-03
UA 3607United Airlines7:10 PM2016-10-22
UA 3642United Airlines6:40 PM8:32 PM2018-01-23
UA 3791United Airlines12:20 PM2:14 PM2017-04-16
UA 3795United Airlines9:55 AM11:30 AM2016-11-26
UA 3796United Airlines12:45 PM2016-10-01
UA 3837United Airlines1:45 PM4:56 PM2017-04-01
UA 3879United Airlines5:10 PM2016-12-17
UA 3949United Airlines12:30 PM2:03 PM2017-11-26
UA 3963United Airlines2:50 PM2017-12-31
UA 3980United Airlines7:55 PM2017-07-30
UA 3995United Airlines6:40 AM8:34 AM2018-01-07
UA 4006United Airlines8:30 PM9:50 PM2016-12-18
UA 5242United Airlines5:42 PM8:50 PM2017-10-27
UA 5396United Airlines6:50 AM2017-10-02
UA 5478United Airlines8:05 AM10:08 AM2016-12-10
UA 5628United Airlines5:50 PM2016-08-29
UA 5732United Airlines10:05 AM11:28 AM2017-11-21
UA 5792United Airlines5:30 PM2017-05-30
UA 5820United Airlines7:45 AM2017-04-09
UA 5943United Airlines9:50 AM2017-10-17
UA 5970United Airlines3:25 PM5:11 PM2017-11-23
UA 6007United Airlines2:20 PM3:29 PM2017-12-19
UA 6019United Airlines9:10 AM11:12 AM2017-07-05
UA 6021United Airlines5:15 PM2017-05-28
UA 6022United Airlines12:45 PM2017-03-18
UA 6023United Airlines8:55 AM10:45 AM2018-01-22
UA 6030United Airlines12:30 PM2017-09-03
UA 6038United Airlines7:00 AM8:43 AM2017-11-24
UA 6039United Airlines6:15 AM8:31 AM2017-07-04
UA 6056United Airlines6:20 AM8:10 AM2018-01-22
UA 6071United Airlines8:30 AM9:31 AM2017-11-25
UA 6077United Airlines4:30 PM8:19 PM2018-01-06
UA 6079United Airlines10:25 AM11:48 AM2017-03-29
UA 6086United Airlines2:40 PM4:55 PM2017-09-30
UA 6125United Airlines2:40 PM5:46 PM2017-09-04
UA 6126United Airlines8:15 AM2017-06-07
UA 6149United Airlines12:20 PM1:56 PM2018-01-05
UA 6158United Airlines8:45 AM11:28 AM2017-01-04
UA 6184United Airlines4:20 PM2017-01-15
UA 6185United Airlines2:40 PM5:10 PM2017-03-09
UA 6199United Airlines8:10 PM9:34 PM2017-06-07
UA 6244United Airlines12:30 PM3:27 PM2017-01-27
UA 6245United Airlines7:40 PM11:09 PM2016-10-28
UA 6299United Airlines11:00 AM1:43 PM2016-08-29
UA 6338United Airlines9:40 PM2016-11-28
YV 2570Mesa Airlines7:00 AM2016-08-29
YV 3231Mesa Airlines6:30 AM2017-02-05
YV 3232Mesa Airlines11:50 AM2017-01-14
YV 3249Mesa Airlines7:30 PM10:49 PM2017-02-24
YV 6079Mesa Airlines10:26 AM11:48 AM2017-03-11
YV 6126Mesa Airlines9:45 AM2017-05-25
YV 6199Mesa Airlines11:23 AM1:10 PM2017-05-30
YX 3584Republic Airlines7:00 AM2017-05-25
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