Flights from Cancún, MX (CUN) to Houston, US (IAH)

List of all flights from Cancún, MX (CUN) to Houston, US (IAH), list of airlines operating on the route from Cancún, MX (CUN) to Houston, US (IAH), departures from CUN and arrivals to IAH. The flight on this route is an international flight (from Mexico to United States). There are 49 flights on this route. The distance from Cancún, MX (CUN) to Houston, US (IAH) is 1,307 km (812 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - Cancún International Airport - is GMT-05:00. The current time is Sunday 2018-11-18 01:54 AM. The time zone of the destination point - George Bush Intercontinental Houston Airport - is GMT-06:00, The current time is Sunday 2018-11-18 12:54 AM.


List of 49 flights operating on the route from Cancún, MX (CUN) to Houston, US (IAH).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
CA 7386Air China4:24 PM5:54 PM2018-11-15
F9 9203Frontier Airlines9:30 AM12:34 PM2016-12-01
LH 7911Lufthansa1:26 PM2:54 PM2018-11-16
NH 7099ANA6:30 AM7:53 AM2018-11-13
NK 489Spirit Airlines3:35 PM5:05 PM2018-11-17
NZ 9924Air New Zealand1:26 PM2:54 PM2018-11-16
NZ 9925Air New Zealand11:33 AM12:56 PM2018-11-17
NZ 9926Air New Zealand2:37 PM4:05 PM2018-11-16
NZ 9927Air New Zealand6:35 PM8:05 PM2018-11-11
NZ 9928Air New Zealand4:24 PM5:54 PM2018-11-17
NZ 9929Air New Zealand10:33 AM12:56 PM2018-11-03
NZ 9930Air New Zealand12:13 PM1:43 PM2018-11-16
NZ 9931Air New Zealand6:30 AM7:53 AM2018-11-13
NZ 9932Air New Zealand9:25 AM11:46 AM2018-08-11
NZ 9933Air New Zealand8:30 AM9:53 AM2018-11-11
NZ 9934Air New Zealand2:20 PM4:40 PM2017-03-19
NZ 9936Air New Zealand7:35 PM9:55 PM2017-03-24
NZ 9937Air New Zealand10:10 AM12:35 PM2017-03-25
NZ 9938Air New Zealand11:55 AM1:15 PM2017-03-11
NZ 9939Air New Zealand4:25 PM6:45 PM2017-03-25
NZ 9940Air New Zealand7:45 AM10:05 AM2017-03-11
NZ 9941Air New Zealand10:29 AM12:45 PM2017-03-25
NZ 9942Air New Zealand5:20 PM7:50 PM2017-03-25
NZ 9943Air New Zealand6:20 PM7:50 PM2017-03-12
UA 1001United Airlines7:20 PM10:22 PM2018-08-11
UA 1011United Airlines6:30 AM7:53 AM2018-11-13
UA 1015United Airlines1:26 PM2:54 PM2018-11-16
UA 1017United Airlines2:37 PM4:05 PM2018-11-16
UA 1019United Airlines4:24 PM5:54 PM2018-11-17
UA 1056United Airlines8:00 PM11:29 PM2018-10-28
UA 1057United Airlines9:12 PM10:49 PM2018-11-11
UA 1058United Airlines6:35 PM8:05 PM2018-11-11
UA 1059United Airlines12:13 PM1:43 PM2018-11-16
UA 1106United Airlines10:17 AM3:23 PM2017-07-01
UA 1488United Airlines1:25 PM4:17 PM2017-04-02
UA 1672United Airlines2:45 PM4:13 PM2016-10-25
UA 1832United Airlines11:33 AM12:56 PM2018-11-17
UA 2014United Airlines7:45 AM9:21 AM2017-08-12
UA 2095United Airlines4:20 PM5:16 PM2016-12-20
UA 2115United Airlines10:01 AM12:21 PM2016-12-01
UA 2121United Airlines6:10 AM10:28 AM2016-12-20
UA 2138United Airlines10:31 AM1:10 PM2016-09-17
UA 2703United Airlines10:00 AM4:55 PM2018-03-20
UA 2735United Airlines4:30 PM12:30 AM2017-06-05
UA 2749United Airlines5:00 PM6:23 PM2018-11-09
UA 2751United Airlines9:15 PM10:39 PM2018-11-09
UA 2772United Airlines4:00 AM9:45 AM2018-02-28
UA 2785United Airlines11:45 PM1:19 AM2018-03-20
UA 818United Airlines10:20 PM2017-11-13

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