Flights from Charlotte, US (CLT) to Denver, US (DEN)

List of all flights from Charlotte, US (CLT) to Denver, US (DEN), list of airlines operating on the route from Charlotte, US (CLT) to Denver, US (DEN), departures from CLT and arrivals to DEN. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 74 flights on this route. The distance from Charlotte, US (CLT) to Denver, US (DEN) is 2,148 km (1,335 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - Charlotte Douglas International Airport - is GMT-05:00. The current time is Sunday 2018-11-18 01:55 AM. The time zone of the destination point - Denver International Airport - is GMT-07:00, The current time is Saturday 2018-11-17 11:55 PM.

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List of 74 flights operating on the route from Charlotte, US (CLT) to Denver, US (DEN).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
1I 919NetJets Aviation11:00 AM5:06 PM2017-07-27
AA 1278American Airlines5:53 AM8:57 AM2018-11-03
AA 1636American Airlines4:44 PM6:28 PM2018-11-17
AA 1675American Airlines11:32 PM11:40 PM2018-08-20
AA 1805American Airlines10:25 PM2018-11-18
AA 1830American Airlines7:50 AM3:05 PM2018-04-02
AA 1831American Airlines7:50 PM9:43 PM2018-06-06
AA 1865American Airlines5:30 AM7:00 AM2018-06-07
AA 1957American Airlines11:50 AM5:00 PM2018-11-17
AA 2090American Airlines5:00 AM6:36 AM2018-06-06
AA 2132American Airlines7:00 AM8:26 AM2018-07-04
AA 326American Airlines5:44 AM6:50 AM2018-10-13
AA 409American Airlines7:55 AM9:42 AM2016-10-05
AA 420American Airlines3:55 PM5:41 PM2018-09-08
AA 428American Airlines2:35 PM5:09 PM2018-06-06
AA 445American Airlines10:00 AM12:25 PM2018-06-06
AA 462American Airlines7:30 AM8:41 AM2017-05-04
AA 473American Airlines6:15 PM8:02 PM2018-11-18
AA 585American Airlines10:00 AM3:10 PM2018-11-16
AA 616American Airlines1:33 PM6:05 PM2017-06-01
AA 618American Airlines11:50 AM1:36 PM2018-11-17
AA 631American Airlines7:10 PM2017-08-21
AA 651American Airlines10:36 AM6:59 PM2018-06-07
AA 731American Airlines1:30 PM5:45 PM2017-10-04
AA 750American Airlines12:55 PM2016-12-15
AA 9201American Airlines10:30 AM12:50 PM2018-04-29
AA 9438American Airlines5:30 PM7:11 PM2016-09-07
AS 1491Alaska Airlines6:35 PM7:52 PM2016-09-15
AS 1701Alaska Airlines11:51 AM1:31 PM2016-09-15
AS 1712Alaska Airlines9:45 AM2016-09-15
AS 6207Alaska Airlines5:53 PM8:19 PM2017-06-01
AS 6217Alaska Airlines5:49 AM8:43 AM2017-07-04
AS 6448Alaska Airlines2:10 PM4:59 PM2016-09-24
AS 6485Alaska Airlines5:55 PM7:27 PM2017-08-26
AS 6497Alaska Airlines7:30 AM8:56 AM2017-08-31
AS 8060Alaska Airlines4:20 PM5:51 PM2017-08-26
AS 8119Alaska Airlines11:50 AM1:27 PM2017-08-31
AS 8386Alaska Airlines9:25 AM10:56 AM2017-08-31
F9 199Frontier Airlines12:30 PM2:42 PM2018-11-17
F9 200Frontier Airlines6:30 AM11:40 AM2017-01-03
F9 201Frontier Airlines6:35 AM8:29 AM2018-02-04
F9 271Frontier Airlines9:10 AM10:34 AM2018-04-07
F9 555Frontier Airlines8:00 AM9:24 AM2017-07-04
F9 9202Frontier Airlines4:00 PM4:36 PM2016-10-09
F9 9211Frontier Airlines1:30 PM2:54 PM2018-05-16
OO 1367SkyWest Airlines8:50 PM10:20 PM2016-12-18
OO 5290SkyWest Airlines8:30 AM10:24 AM2017-05-30
RAX 131Royal Air Charter1:00 PM4:47 PM2018-09-26
TST 5Trast11:30 PM2018-07-11
UA 10United Airlines12:20 AM5:20 AM2016-12-06
UA 1199United Airlines6:58 PM8:11 PM2017-10-27
UA 1200United Airlines12:57 AM6:31 AM2017-10-29
UA 125United Airlines12:15 PM4:20 PM2016-12-17
UA 1665United Airlines11:20 AM2017-02-19
UA 1736United Airlines11:35 AM4:10 PM2017-02-26
UA 2074United Airlines6:35 PM8:16 PM2017-09-06
UA 2151United Airlines6:40 PM10:01 PM2016-12-11
UA 2263United Airlines7:00 PM8:31 PM2018-09-02
UA 315United Airlines1:35 PM3:57 PM2016-11-25
UA 357United Airlines12:45 PM3:37 PM2017-03-05
UA 3721United Airlines8:45 AM10:12 AM2018-08-20
UA 5178United Airlines12:45 PM5:55 PM2018-06-06
UA 5226United Airlines8:30 AM10:32 AM2018-11-17
UA 5267United Airlines7:41 PM8:54 PM2018-07-05
UA 5290United Airlines4:20 PM7:25 PM2017-06-07
UA 5293United Airlines10:44 AM2:07 PM2018-06-06
UA 5559United Airlines4:00 PM6:02 PM2018-11-16
UA 5688United Airlines3:25 PM5:29 PM2016-10-29
UA 572United Airlines1:35 PM3:52 PM2018-06-28
UA 5755United Airlines5:19 PM2017-02-11
UA 579United Airlines11:15 AM2018-06-03
UA 5979United Airlines7:45 AM11:41 AM2017-12-19
UA 732United Airlines9:37 AM10:21 AM2018-08-20
UA 773United Airlines7:03 PM8:35 PM2017-04-30
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