Flights from Jakarta, ID (CGK) to KNO

List of all flights from Jakarta, ID (CGK) to KNO, list of airlines operating on the route from Jakarta, ID (CGK) to KNO, departures from CGK and arrivals to KNO. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 82 flights on this route. The distance from Jakarta, ID (CGK) to KNO is 1,387 km (862 miles). Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and Kualanamu International Airport are in the same time zone (GMT+07:00). The current time on both airports is Saturday 2018-12-15 01:07 AM.

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List of 82 flights operating on the route from Jakarta, ID (CGK) to KNO.

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
CI 9769China Airlines5:10 PM7:35 PM2018-12-14
CTV 830Citilink5:50 AM2018-01-25
CTV 832Citilink6:45 AM2018-01-26
CTV 834Citilink5:40 PM2018-01-26
CTV 836Citilink12:25 PM2018-01-26
CTV 838Citilink8:45 AM2018-01-26
CTV 910Citilink5:50 AM2018-12-13
CTV 912Citilink6:35 AM2018-12-14
CTV 914Citilink8:45 AM2018-12-14
CTV 916Citilink12:25 PM2018-12-14
CTV 918Citilink2:00 PM4:20 PM2018-12-14
CTV 920Citilink5:40 PM7:55 PM2018-12-14
EY 8171Etihad Airways6:45 PM2018-11-30
GA 1118Garuda Indonesia2016-09-18
GA 118Garuda Indonesia12:40 PM3:05 PM2018-12-14
GA 1184Garuda Indonesia5:55 AM2018-08-01
GA 1186Garuda Indonesia2016-09-21
GA 119Garuda Indonesia7:15 PM8:25 PM2017-03-14
GA 12Garuda Indonesia2017-06-25
GA 121Garuda Indonesia4:05 PM6:30 PM2017-11-05
GA 122Garuda Indonesia6:45 PM2018-11-30
GA 1222Garuda Indonesia2017-09-05
GA 123Garuda Indonesia6:55 AM9:15 AM2017-01-31
GA 133Garuda Indonesia1:20 PM2:40 PM2017-01-17
GA 135Garuda Indonesia5:40 PM2017-10-28
GA 180Garuda Indonesia5:35 AM2018-12-13
GA 1814Garuda Indonesia9:50 AM2018-06-23
GA 182Garuda Indonesia7:50 AM2018-11-30
GA 183Garuda Indonesia8:45 AM11:25 AM2016-12-19
GA 184Garuda Indonesia8:55 AM11:20 AM2016-10-29
GA 186Garuda Indonesia10:40 AM2018-12-14
GA 1862Garuda Indonesia10:40 AM1:05 PM2018-01-08
GA 188Garuda Indonesia1:35 PM4:00 PM2018-12-14
GA 189Garuda Indonesia2:05 PM4:30 PM2017-08-20
GA 190Garuda Indonesia3:05 PM2018-12-14
GA 192Garuda Indonesia5:10 PM7:35 PM2018-12-14
GA 194Garuda Indonesia6:45 AM2018-12-14
GA 196Garuda Indonesia8:00 PM2018-12-14
GA 1961Garuda Indonesia2017-04-14
GA 2662Garuda Indonesia2017-09-21
GA 649Garuda Indonesia8:15 AM2018-02-06
GA 8202Garuda Indonesia7:40 AM10:30 AM2016-12-27
GA 8502Garuda Indonesia2016-12-23
GA 8702Garuda Indonesia2:10 PM8:10 PM2017-01-01
GA 8902Garuda Indonesia5:45 PM10:30 PM2017-12-29
GA 8922Garuda Indonesia1:00 PM4:15 PM2017-12-21
GA 8942Garuda Indonesia9:50 AM2:50 PM2017-12-29
ID* 6838Batik Air2:00 PM4:25 PM2018-12-14
ID* 6880Batik Air6:05 AM2018-12-14
ID* 6882Batik Air6:45 AM2018-12-14
ID* 6884Batik Air2:00 PM4:20 PM2018-12-14
ID* 6886Batik Air9:20 AM2018-12-14
ID* 6888Batik Air11:00 AM2018-12-14
ID* 6892Batik Air5:00 PM7:20 PM2018-12-14
ID* 8204Batik Air10:50 AM2018-08-30
JT* 196Lion Air4:45 AM2018-12-13
JT* 200Lion Air9:50 AM2018-12-14
JT* 204Lion Air10:50 AM2018-12-14
JT* 206Lion Air4:10 PM6:30 PM2018-12-14
JT* 210Lion Air4:45 AM2018-12-13
JT* 212Lion Air7:30 PM2018-12-14
JT* 300Lion Air7:00 AM2018-12-14
JT* 302Lion Air5:20 AM2018-01-11
JT* 306Lion Air11:50 AM2018-12-14
JT* 308Lion Air5:20 AM2018-12-13
JT* 382Lion Air12:50 PM3:10 PM2018-12-14
JT* 396Lion Air8:25 PM2018-12-14
JT* 398Lion Air12:20 PM2018-12-14
NH 5503ANA8:00 PM2018-12-14
QZ 190Indonesia AirAsia4:30 PM2018-07-10
QZ 8061Indonesia AirAsia4:15 PM6:35 PM2017-11-02
SJ 10Sriwijaya Air6:05 AM8:05 AM2018-11-02
SJ 1002Sriwijaya Air8:00 PM2018-06-30
SJ 1200Sriwijaya Air9:25 AM2017-07-09
SJ 14Sriwijaya Air7:15 PM2018-12-14
SJ 1400Sriwijaya Air9:10 PM2018-01-14
SJ 1402Sriwijaya Air8:45 PM2018-01-15
SJ 16Sriwijaya Air3:55 PM2018-12-14
SJ 1600Sriwijaya Air9:35 AM11:40 AM2018-01-15
SV 6190Saudia12:35 PM2018-10-27
SV 6192Saudia3:05 PM2018-10-26
SV 6194Saudia8:00 PM10:15 PM2018-10-26
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