Flights from Mumbai, IN (BOM) to Singapore, SG (SIN)

List of all flights from Mumbai, IN (BOM) to Singapore, SG (SIN), list of airlines operating on the route from Mumbai, IN (BOM) to Singapore, SG (SIN), departures from BOM and arrivals to SIN. The flight on this route is an international flight (from India to Singapore). There are 39 flights on this route. The distance from Mumbai, IN (BOM) to Singapore, SG (SIN) is 3,922 km (2,437 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport - is GMT+05:30. The current time is Monday 2018-08-20 06:38 PM. The time zone of the destination point - Singapore Changi Airport - is GMT+08:00, The current time is Monday 2018-08-20 09:08 PM.


List of 39 flights operating on the route from Mumbai, IN (BOM) to Singapore, SG (SIN).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
9W 10Jet Airways (India)9:40 AM2018-08-20
9W 12Jet Airways (India)1:15 AM9:25 AM2018-08-19
AI 1342Air India5:00 AM12:55 PM2017-01-02
AI 342Air India11:50 PM7:50 AM2018-08-19
BR 3706EVA Air11:50 PM7:50 AM2018-08-19
EY 7596Etihad Airways1:15 AM9:25 AM2018-08-19
EY 7597Etihad Airways9:40 AM2018-08-20
FJ 5310Fiji Airways9:40 AM2018-08-20
FJ 5312Fiji Airways1:15 AM9:25 AM2018-08-19
GA 9020Garuda Indonesia1:15 AM9:25 AM2018-08-19
HM 5640Air Seychelles9:40 AM2018-08-20
HM 5642Air Seychelles1:15 AM9:25 AM2018-08-19
KE 6722Korean Air1:45 AM9:40 AM2017-03-24
KE 6724Korean Air10:00 AM2017-03-25
LH 8480Lufthansa1:25 PM10:05 PM2018-07-30
NH 6277ANA11:40 PM7:40 AM2018-08-19
NH 6285ANA11:45 AM7:50 PM2018-08-20
NH 6410ANA9:40 AM2018-08-20
NH 6418ANA1:15 AM9:25 AM2018-08-19
NZ 3201Air New Zealand11:45 AM7:50 PM2018-08-20
NZ 3203Air New Zealand11:40 PM7:40 AM2018-08-19
NZ 3205Air New Zealand10:45 PM6:50 AM2018-08-19
NZ 3217Air New Zealand10:50 PM6:50 AM2018-03-24
QF 3950Qantas1:15 AM9:25 AM2018-08-19
QF 3956Qantas9:40 AM2018-08-20
SQ 421Singapore Airlines11:45 AM7:50 PM2018-08-20
SQ 423Singapore Airlines11:40 PM7:40 AM2018-08-19
SQ 425Singapore Airlines10:45 PM6:50 AM2018-08-19
SQ 427Singapore Airlines10:50 PM6:50 AM2018-03-24
SQ 7347Singapore Airlines5:50 PM2016-11-04
SQ 7951Singapore Airlines11:10 AM7:15 PM2018-08-18
SQ 7969Singapore Airlines6:50 AM2:55 PM2018-08-15
VA 5525Virgin Australia10:50 PM6:50 AM2018-03-24
VA 5527Virgin Australia11:40 PM7:40 AM2018-08-19
VA 5529Virgin Australia11:45 AM7:50 PM2018-08-20
VA 5563Virgin Australia10:45 PM6:50 AM2018-08-19
VN 3261Vietnam Airlines1:15 AM9:25 AM2018-08-19
VN 3263Vietnam Airlines9:40 AM2018-08-20
VS 8194Virgin Atlantic1:15 AM9:25 AM2018-08-19

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