Flights from Brindisi, IT (BDS) to Rome, IT (FCO)

List of all flights from Brindisi, IT (BDS) to Rome, IT (FCO), list of airlines operating on the route from Brindisi, IT (BDS) to Rome, IT (FCO), departures from BDS and arrivals to FCO. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 81 flights on this route. The distance from Brindisi, IT (BDS) to Rome, IT (FCO) is 494 km (307 miles). Brindisi – Salento Airport and Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport are in the same time zone (GMT+02:00). The current time on both airports is Thursday 2019-08-22 11:57 AM.

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List of 81 flights operating on the route from Brindisi, IT (BDS) to Rome, IT (FCO).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
AB 1804Air Berlin11:55 AM1:00 PM2017-03-25
AB 1806Air Berlin6:55 PM8:05 PM2017-03-25
AB 1808Air Berlin4:15 PM5:25 PM2017-10-27
AF 9785Air France6:40 AM7:50 AM2019-08-22
AF 9786Air France11:15 AM2019-08-22
AF 9787Air France3:10 PM2019-08-22
AF 9806Air France11:15 AM12:25 PM2019-03-30
AF 9807Air France7:15 AM8:25 AM2019-03-30
AF 9808Air France11:15 AM2019-03-30
AF 9814Air France3:30 PM4:35 PM2018-10-27
AF 9838Air France7:30 AM8:40 AM2019-08-22
AF 9847Air France5:55 PM6:45 PM2018-09-30
AF 9859Air France3:15 PM4:25 PM2018-10-27
AF 9868Air France11:15 AM12:25 PM2018-10-27
AR 7253Aerolineas Argentinas3:10 PM2019-08-22
AT 9152Royal Air Maroc6:40 AM7:50 AM2018-10-27
AT 9154Royal Air Maroc3:15 PM4:25 PM2018-10-27
AT 9156Royal Air Maroc11:15 AM12:25 PM2018-10-27
AZ 1620Alitalia6:40 AM7:50 AM2019-08-22
AZ 1622Alitalia3:10 PM2019-08-22
AZ 1624Alitalia11:15 AM2019-08-22
AZ 1628Alitalia7:30 AM8:40 AM2019-08-22
AZ 1634Alitalia7:10 PM2019-08-22
AZ 1654Alitalia8:00 AM9:10 AM2018-03-09
AZ 9901Alitalia3:15 PM4:25 PM2016-09-15
BT 5512Air Baltic12:20 PM1:30 PM2016-10-28
BT 5520Air Baltic3:10 PM2019-08-22
BT 5535Air Baltic11:45 AM12:55 PM2018-03-23
BT 5536Air Baltic6:40 AM7:50 AM2017-03-24
CT 1622Alitalia CityLiner4:05 PM5:15 PM2017-05-24
DL 6681Delta Air Lines6:40 AM7:50 AM2019-08-22
EY 2816Etihad Airways5:55 AM7:00 AM2016-09-17
EY 2907Etihad Airways7:30 AM8:40 AM2019-08-22
EY 2909Etihad Airways6:40 AM7:50 AM2019-08-22
EY 2910Etihad Airways7:10 PM2019-08-22
EY 7001Etihad Airways8:00 AM9:10 AM2018-03-09
FB 1480Bulgaria Air6:40 AM7:50 AM2019-08-22
FB 1482Bulgaria Air11:20 AM12:30 PM2019-08-20
FR 7067Ryanair9:40 PM10:55 PM2019-03-31
FR 7104Ryanair6:20 AM7:35 AM2019-08-22
JU 7161Air Serbia1:15 PM2019-03-30
JU 7189Air Serbia11:15 AM2019-08-22
JU 7252Air Serbia7:10 PM2019-08-22
JU 7313Air Serbia6:40 AM7:50 AM2019-08-22
JU 7315Air Serbia3:10 PM2019-08-22
JU 8735Air Serbia6:35 AM7:45 AM2019-03-30
JU 8737Air Serbia3:10 PM4:20 PM2019-03-30
JU 9384Air Serbia9:40 PM10:50 PM2017-09-23
JU 9385Air Serbia7:15 PM8:25 PM2019-03-30
KL 3401KLM5:15 PM6:25 PM2018-10-27
KL 3403KLM7:10 PM2019-08-22
KL 3404KLM6:40 AM7:50 AM2019-08-22
KL 3405KLM11:15 AM2019-08-22
KL 3406KLM3:10 PM2019-08-22
KL 3422KLM1:20 PM2:35 PM2017-10-27
KL 3430KLM3:15 PM2017-10-23
KL 3434KLM9:30 AM2017-10-27
KL 3488KLM6:30 AM7:30 AM2017-10-28
KM 2507Air Malta6:40 AM7:50 AM2019-08-22
KM 2509Air Malta11:15 AM2019-08-22
KQ 3390Kenya Airways6:40 AM7:50 AM2019-08-22
LG 1270Luxair11:15 AM2019-08-22
OK 3511CSA3:10 PM2019-08-22
OK 3513CSA11:15 AM2019-08-22
RJ 3556Royal Jordanian11:15 AM12:25 PM2019-08-21
RO 9694TAROM6:35 AM7:45 AM2019-03-30
RO 9716TAROM3:10 PM4:20 PM2019-03-30
RO 9718TAROM11:10 AM12:20 PM2019-05-31
SU 4324Aeroflot6:35 AM7:45 AM2019-03-30
SU 4326Aeroflot3:10 PM2019-08-22
SU 4328Aeroflot11:15 AM2019-08-22
SU 4331Aeroflot7:30 AM8:40 AM2019-08-22
SU 4332Aeroflot7:10 PM2019-08-22
SU 4834Aeroflot6:40 AM7:50 AM2017-03-25
SU 4835Aeroflot11:55 AM1:00 PM2017-03-25
TP 7177TAP Portugal7:30 AM8:40 AM2019-08-22
TP 7253TAP Portugal11:15 AM2019-08-22
TP 7255TAP Portugal3:10 PM2019-08-22
TP 7256TAP Portugal6:40 AM7:50 AM2019-08-22
UX 3156Air Europa6:40 AM7:50 AM2019-08-22
UX 3158Air Europa3:10 PM2019-08-22
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