Flights from Athens, GR (ATH) to Larnarca, CY (LCA)

List of all flights from Athens, GR (ATH) to Larnarca, CY (LCA), list of airlines operating on the route from Athens, GR (ATH) to Larnarca, CY (LCA), departures from ATH and arrivals to LCA. The flight on this route is an international flight (from Greece to Cyprus). There are 103 flights on this route. The distance from Athens, GR (ATH) to Larnarca, CY (LCA) is 930 km (578 miles). Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport and Larnaca International Airport are in the same time zone (GMT+03:00). The current time on both airports is Wednesday 2019-07-17 10:23 PM.

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List of 103 flights operating on the route from Athens, GR (ATH) to Larnarca, CY (LCA).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
0B 4311Blue Air8:45 PM2019-04-09
0B 4663Blue Air10:00 AM2019-04-09
0B 5162Blue Air10:00 AM2019-07-17
0B 5262Blue Air3:30 PM2018-10-26
0B 5362Blue Air9:15 PM2019-07-17
0B 5962Blue Air12:25 AM2:10 AM2018-04-06
0B 8957Blue Air3:30 PM2019-03-30
0B 8959Blue Air12:20 PM2019-07-15
0B 8961Blue Air7:00 PM8:40 PM2019-07-17
3V 365ASL Airlines Belgium9:35 AM2019-03-29
A3 7902Aegean Airlines8:10 AM2019-07-17
A3 7904Aegean Airlines1:15 PM2:55 PM2019-07-17
A3 7906Aegean Airlines4:55 PM6:40 PM2019-07-17
A3 7908Aegean Airlines6:30 PM8:10 PM2019-07-17
A3 7910Aegean Airlines10:55 PM2019-07-17
A3 7912Aegean Airlines10:35 AM12:15 PM2019-07-17
A3 7914Aegean Airlines3:40 PM2019-07-17
A3 902Aegean Airlines8:10 AM2019-04-09
A3 904Aegean Airlines1:15 PM2:55 PM2019-04-09
A3 906Aegean Airlines4:55 PM6:40 PM2019-04-09
A3 908Aegean Airlines6:30 PM8:10 PM2019-04-09
A3 910Aegean Airlines10:55 PM2019-04-08
A3 912Aegean Airlines10:35 AM12:15 PM2019-04-09
A3 914Aegean Airlines3:40 PM5:20 PM2019-04-08
AC 6030Air Canada10:15 PM2018-03-24
AC 6032Air Canada6:35 PM8:20 PM2018-03-24
AC 6077Air Canada8:15 AM2018-03-24
AC 6079Air Canada10:35 AM2018-03-24
AC 6083Air Canada8:15 AM10:05 AM2016-12-27
AC 6086Air Canada3:35 PM2018-03-21
BT 5401Air Baltic12:45 PM5:15 PM2016-10-29
BT 5410Air Baltic8:15 AM2018-03-18
BT 5411Air Baltic5:35 PM8:30 PM2017-09-16
BT 5413Air Baltic1:15 PM2017-10-28
CO* 241Cobaltair12:45 AM2018-10-21
CO* 305Cobaltair4:30 AM2018-04-18
CO* 537Cobaltair9:45 PM2017-12-31
CO* 713Cobaltair9:15 AM2018-10-22
CO* 719Cobaltair9:25 PM11:05 PM2018-10-21
CO* 721Cobaltair1:55 PM2017-10-28
CO* 723Cobaltair9:05 PM2018-10-22
CO* 733Cobaltair9:25 PM2016-10-29
CO* 737Cobaltair7:45 PM9:20 PM2017-03-25
CO* 755Cobaltair9:15 AM2018-03-20
CO* 757Cobaltair2:00 PM3:40 PM2018-10-16
CY* 311Cyprus Airways7:00 PM8:40 PM2019-07-17
CY* 313Cyprus Airways12:20 PM2019-07-15
CY* 4311Cyprus Airways9:15 PM2019-07-17
CY* 4663Cyprus Airways10:00 AM2019-07-17
CYF 140Tus Airways1:50 PM3:50 PM2018-07-02
CYF 141Tus Airways4:50 PM2018-09-03
CYF 143Tus Airways8:50 PM2018-08-19
CYF 145Tus Airways9:15 PM2018-03-23
EK 108Emirates7:30 PM1:25 AM2017-01-31
EY 3705Etihad Airways2:05 PM2018-03-24
EY 3706Etihad Airways3:30 PM5:55 PM2018-03-21
EY 3710Etihad Airways8:25 AM9:10 AM2017-03-25
EY 3715Etihad Airways10:20 AM1:35 PM2018-03-24
EY 3720Etihad Airways10:10 AM12:40 PM2018-03-23
EY 3723Etihad Airways9:40 AM12:35 PM2016-10-28
EY 3778Etihad Airways5:15 PM6:40 PM2016-10-29
EY 3792Etihad Airways9:30 AM2016-10-29
FB 1510Bulgaria Air10:15 PM2018-03-23
FB 1512Bulgaria Air1:30 PM2018-03-22
FB 1516Bulgaria Air6:35 PM8:20 PM2018-03-24
GF 5906Gulf Air8:30 PM10:15 PM2018-03-22
GF 5908Gulf Air6:35 PM8:20 PM2018-03-23
GF 5910Gulf Air10:15 PM2018-01-01
GF 5914Gulf Air3:35 PM2018-03-21
GQ 5162Sky Express10:00 AM2018-03-31
GQ 5262Sky Express3:30 PM5:15 PM2017-10-29
GQ 5362Sky Express8:45 PM10:30 PM2018-03-30
JU 8226Air Serbia6:35 PM8:20 PM2018-03-24
JU 8231Air Serbia1:05 PM2:50 PM2017-10-28
JU 8234Air Serbia4:10 PM2017-10-28
LH 5920Lufthansa6:35 PM8:20 PM2018-03-24
LH 5932Lufthansa8:15 AM2018-03-24
LH 5936Lufthansa10:35 AM2018-03-24
LH 5938Lufthansa10:15 PM2018-03-24
LH 5940Lufthansa8:30 PM2018-03-23
LH 5942Lufthansa3:35 PM2018-03-21
LH 5944Lufthansa1:30 PM3:15 PM2018-03-24
MS 3067EgyptAir7:55 AM9:30 AM2018-04-30
OA 902Olympic Air8:10 AM2019-07-17
OA 904Olympic Air1:15 PM2:55 PM2019-07-17
OA 906Olympic Air4:55 PM6:40 PM2019-07-17
OA 908Olympic Air6:30 PM8:10 PM2019-07-17
OA 910Olympic Air10:55 PM2019-07-17
OA 912Olympic Air10:35 AM12:15 PM2019-07-17
OA 914Olympic Air3:40 PM2019-07-17
S7 4114S7 Airlines7:00 PM8:40 PM2019-07-17
SK 8407SAS8:15 AM2017-03-05
SK 8408SAS1:30 PM3:15 PM2018-02-25
SK 8412SAS10:35 AM12:20 PM2017-03-05
SK 8452SAS2:00 PM2016-10-29
SK 8457SAS8:30 PM10:15 PM2017-12-23
SK 8458SAS8:55 AM11:15 AM2016-10-29
SK 8486SAS3:35 PM2018-03-21
SK 8488SAS6:35 PM8:20 PM2018-03-24
SK 8489SAS6:30 PM2017-03-25
SK 8494SAS10:15 PM2018-03-24
SWT 7276Swiftair10:15 AM11:50 AM2018-10-26
W2 2026FlexFlight8:00 PM2018-03-24
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