Flights from Anchorage, US (ANC) to Tokyo, JP (NRT)

List of all flights from Anchorage, US (ANC) to Tokyo, JP (NRT), list of airlines operating on the route from Anchorage, US (ANC) to Tokyo, JP (NRT), departures from ANC and arrivals to NRT. The flight on this route is an international flight (from United States to Japan). There are 80 flights on this route. The distance from Anchorage, US (ANC) to Tokyo, JP (NRT) is 5,514 km (3,426 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport - is GMT-08:00. The current time is Sunday 2018-10-21 04:12 PM. The time zone of the destination point - Narita International Airport - is GMT+09:00, The current time is Monday 2018-10-22 09:12 AM.

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List of 80 flights operating on the route from Anchorage, US (ANC) to Tokyo, JP (NRT).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
5X 108UPS9:08 AM9:21 AM2018-10-20
5X 110UPS7:13 AM7:26 AM2018-10-21
5X 6110UPS5:20 AM6:52 AM2017-01-16
5Y 2183Atlas Air12:02 AM2017-08-01
5Y 2187Atlas Air10:30 AM2018-10-17
5Y 2947Atlas Air10:25 AM2017-12-15
5Y 5489Atlas Air9:35 PM2016-09-28
5Y 7133Atlas Air12:55 AM2018-09-08
5Y 7159Atlas Air12:35 AM2018-07-07
5Y 7161Atlas Air12:15 PM2018-09-23
5Y 7167Atlas Air3:30 AM2017-10-23
5Y 7187Atlas Air12:55 AM2017-06-07
5Y 7683Atlas Air6:05 AM2017-05-26
5Y 8073Atlas Air5:30 AM2017-09-21
5Y 8075Atlas Air10:06 AM2017-09-22
5Y 8079Atlas Air10:50 AM2017-09-22
5Y 8093Atlas Air6:55 AM
5Y 8095Atlas Air6:30 AM2016-09-24
5Y 8099Atlas Air2:35 PM2016-09-25
5Y 8359Atlas Air12:10 AM2017-04-28
AA 153American Airlines12:50 PM2016-09-04
AA 175American Airlines10:55 AM2018-10-14
AA 61American Airlines1:20 PM2017-04-08
AM 58Aeromexico1:30 AM6:20 AM2017-11-12
BR 621EVA Air1:05 PM2018-10-21
DL 275Delta Air Lines12:05 PM2018-02-11
DL 9763Delta Air Lines5:45 AM8:30 AM2016-09-06
DL 9923Delta Air Lines2:00 PM2:00 PM2018-08-27
DL 9951Delta Air Lines1:00 PM5:30 PM2017-01-04
EJM 151Executive Jet Management7:00 AM2017-03-18
EJM 551Executive Jet Management2:36 PM3:24 PM2017-04-03
EJM 91Executive Jet Management10:00 PM2017-10-15
FX 15FedEx10:20 AM10:44 AM2018-10-21
FX 157FedEx12:30 PM12:57 PM2018-10-21
FX 169FedEx11:10 AM1:05 PM2018-10-18
FX 19FedEx10:10 AM11:20 AM2018-07-16
FX 193FedEx12:25 PM2018-10-07
FX 31FedEx3:45 AM6:26 AM2017-08-25
FX 85FedEx10:55 AM11:22 AM2018-10-19
FX 9067FedEx12:00 PM12:32 PM2017-04-04
FX 9083FedEx11:30 AM9:45 AM2017-06-30
FX 9085FedEx11:35 AM12:15 PM2018-10-14
FX 9089FedEx11:32 AM12:20 PM2018-09-26
FX 9133FedEx5:00 AM8:48 AM2016-11-23
FX 9163FedEx4:00 AM7:55 AM2017-12-12
FX 9737FedEx6:28 PM8:40 PM2018-10-07
FX 9815FedEx3:30 PM6:07 PM2018-09-20
FX 9817FedEx10:45 AM11:14 AM2018-08-01
FX 9825FedEx4:00 PM2016-10-08
FX 9873FedEx11:27 AM1:00 PM2017-01-06
GG* 9601Sky Lease Cargo12:30 PM2018-09-24
K4 365Kalitta Air6:50 PM2018-06-26
K4 584Kalitta Air5:00 AM2018-02-10
KE 9088Korean Air11:50 AM12:20 PM2017-08-30
KZ 129NCA - Nippon Cargo Airlines1:05 AM5:50 AM2018-07-26
KZ 131NCA - Nippon Cargo Airlines4:20 PM2018-01-05
KZ 133NCA - Nippon Cargo Airlines5:40 PM6:10 PM2018-10-20
KZ 159NCA - Nippon Cargo Airlines5:05 AM7:36 AM2018-07-22
KZ 165NCA - Nippon Cargo Airlines5:45 AM2017-01-06
KZ 167NCA - Nippon Cargo Airlines9:05 AM8:40 AM2018-07-23
KZ 187NCA - Nippon Cargo Airlines10:10 AM9:34 AM2018-07-25
KZ 5133NCA - Nippon Cargo Airlines8:30 AM2017-12-08
KZ 5165NCA - Nippon Cargo Airlines6:40 AM2018-01-07
KZ 7133NCA - Nippon Cargo Airlines4:35 AM6:30 AM2018-06-29
KZ 7167NCA - Nippon Cargo Airlines7:15 PM8:28 PM2017-11-12
KZ 7187NCA - Nippon Cargo Airlines7:05 AM8:22 AM2017-11-08
KZ 8131NCA - Nippon Cargo Airlines1:05 AM2018-06-07
N8 670National Airlines6:45 PM2018-04-27
NH 1ANA12:20 PM2017-05-10
PO 213Polar Air Cargo4:10 PM2018-10-08
PO 642Polar Air Cargo7:00 PM2016-12-30
PO 958Polar Air Cargo7:15 PM2018-10-21
RKS 2Phenix Jet11:00 AM4:21 PM2018-05-14
RKS 69Phenix Jet12:30 PM2:32 PM2018-06-08
RKS 82Phenix Jet2:30 PM9:09 PM2018-07-20
SQ 7969Singapore Airlines6:50 AM2:55 PM2018-10-11
SQ 7971Singapore Airlines10:25 PM2018-08-23
UA 143United Airlines12:10 PM2018-02-28
UA 79United Airlines11:00 AM2017-07-23
VI 2080Volga-Dnepr10:30 PM2017-03-07
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