Flights from Anchorage, US (ANC) to Los Angeles, US (LAX)

List of all flights from Anchorage, US (ANC) to Los Angeles, US (LAX), list of airlines operating on the route from Anchorage, US (ANC) to Los Angeles, US (LAX), departures from ANC and arrivals to LAX. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 162 flights on this route. The distance from Anchorage, US (ANC) to Los Angeles, US (LAX) is 3,771 km (2,343 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport - is GMT-08:00. The current time is Saturday 2018-10-20 06:38 PM. The time zone of the destination point - Los Angeles International Airport - is GMT-07:00, The current time is Saturday 2018-10-20 07:38 PM.

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List of 162 flights operating on the route from Anchorage, US (ANC) to Los Angeles, US (LAX).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
2D* 790Dynamic Airways1:30 PM2016-11-25
5Y 2828Atlas Air3:35 PM2018-09-20
5Y 2848Atlas Air11:40 PM2017-08-29
5Y 512Atlas Air7:43 AM2018-05-10
5Y 516Atlas Air8:00 AM2016-10-02
5Y 536Atlas Air12:50 AM2016-10-29
5Y 628Atlas Air3:55 AM2017-03-29
5Y 648Atlas Air9:50 PM2017-03-19
5Y 8021Atlas Air4:35 PM2018-10-07
5Y 8140Atlas Air6:00 PM2016-09-30
5Y 8142Atlas Air5:30 PM2016-09-18
5Y 8281Atlas Air8:10 AM2018-06-18
5Y 8352Atlas Air4:15 AM2018-10-18
5Y 8354Atlas Air12:30 AM2016-11-06
5Y 8378Atlas Air1:45 PM2016-10-30
5Y 8380Atlas Air5:15 AM2016-11-01
5Y 8673Atlas Air8:20 AM2018-10-14
5Y 8675Atlas Air2:00 AM2018-09-24
5Y 8677Atlas Air2:00 PM2016-10-19
5Y 8679Atlas Air1:02 PM2017-05-18
5Y 8736Atlas Air4:30 AM2017-11-29
5Y 8739Atlas Air7:05 AM2018-10-16
5Y 8814Atlas Air5:00 AM2017-01-02
5Y 8986Atlas Air4:01 PM2018-09-29
5Y 916Atlas Air2:50 PM2017-06-01
7L* 7188Silk Way West3:30 AM2018-01-28
AA 1617American Airlines3:28 PM5:25 PM2018-08-21
AA 384American Airlines6:25 AM8:28 AM2017-08-22
AA 6786American Airlines1:25 PM5:50 PM2016-12-31
AA 6842American Airlines7:35 PM9:26 PM2017-06-02
AA 6963American Airlines12:50 PM2:55 PM2017-01-08
AA 9675American Airlines5:00 PM2018-07-13
AM 8341Aeromexico5:09 PM7:51 PM2017-08-27
AM 8343Aeromexico3:40 PM6:34 PM2017-08-20
AM 8344Aeromexico1:10 PM3:17 PM2017-09-02
AM 8348Aeromexico5:00 PM7:55 PM2017-01-09
AM 8355Aeromexico3:52 PM5:45 PM2016-12-31
AM 8357Aeromexico8:55 PM11:24 PM2016-09-25
AM 8358Aeromexico11:35 PM2:33 AM2017-09-16
AM 8372Aeromexico3:45 PM5:42 PM2016-12-15
AM 8439Aeromexico11:45 PM2016-10-31
AS 142Alaska Airlines5:50 PM12:05 AM2018-09-04
AS 144Alaska Airlines7:35 PM4:42 AM2017-01-08
AS 150Alaska Airlines11:30 PM5:51 AM2018-10-20
AS 9340Alaska Airlines1:30 PM2017-02-22
AS 9341Alaska Airlines6:45 PM9:45 PM2018-09-17
BR 610EVA Air7:25 PM2018-09-11
BR 620EVA Air1:55 AM8:00 AM2018-10-17
BR 660EVA Air12:55 PM9:40 PM2017-02-13
BR 662EVA Air8:00 AM2017-10-27
BR 668EVA Air1:55 AM12:30 PM2016-09-12
BR 692EVA Air2:45 PM11:16 PM2018-01-31
CA 987Air China8:00 AM3:30 PM2017-11-08
CAO 1059Air China Cargo12:35 AM2018-07-16
CI 5168China Airlines9:30 AM2:00 AM2018-10-15
CI 5174China Airlines5:00 AM2018-08-30
CI 5188China Airlines6:30 PM2016-10-01
CV 431Cargolux6:10 PM2018-10-21
CV 432Cargolux9:45 PM2018-03-25
CV 454Cargolux1:50 PM2018-03-18
CX 2076Cathay Pacific4:20 AM10:25 AM2018-10-20
CX 2080Cathay Pacific2:00 AM10:40 AM2016-11-08
CX 2082Cathay Pacific8:05 PM2:10 AM2018-10-19
CX 2084Cathay Pacific10:05 PM4:10 AM2018-10-17
CX 2086Cathay Pacific3:45 AM9:50 AM2018-03-23
CX 2092Cathay Pacific11:15 AM7:55 PM2016-11-02
CX 2094Cathay Pacific7:40 PM6:05 AM2017-10-23
CX 2096Cathay Pacific4:10 AM10:15 AM2018-03-30
CX 3280Cathay Pacific12:45 AM7:10 AM2018-10-20
CX 3290Cathay Pacific7:35 PM1:35 PM2016-12-05
CX 3292Cathay Pacific12:35 AM6:40 AM2018-10-16
CX 80Cathay Pacific11:20 AM8:00 PM2016-10-24
CX 86Cathay Pacific7:40 PM6:05 AM2018-10-15
CX 90Cathay Pacific3:55 PM12:50 AM2018-05-19
CX 96Cathay Pacific4:30 PM2018-10-21
CZ 469China Southern Airlines11:55 PM6:45 AM2017-04-02
CZ 471China Southern Airlines12:50 AM6:40 AM2018-10-19
CZ 473China Southern Airlines5:55 AM2018-10-18
CZ 477China Southern Airlines1:50 AM7:40 AM2018-10-20
CZ 8703China Southern Airlines10:30 PM2018-03-20
CZ 8707China Southern Airlines6:40 PM2018-10-16
CZ 8709China Southern Airlines12:30 AM2016-11-22
FX 9796FedEx12:30 PM5:00 PM2017-08-01
GG* 4855Sky Lease Cargo7:30 AM2018-10-03
JL 7567JAL11:24 PM5:50 AM2018-08-21
K4 161Kalitta Air3:00 PM2016-12-02
K4 258Kalitta Air11:30 AM2018-01-14
K4 2827Kalitta Air11:00 PM6:30 PM2018-07-31
K4 2847Kalitta Air9:45 AM2017-08-27
K4 315Kalitta Air8:00 AM2016-12-22
K4 513Kalitta Air4:25 PM2016-11-15
K4 517Kalitta Air5:00 AM2016-12-08
K4 519Kalitta Air4:55 PM2017-05-31
K4 523Kalitta Air2:15 PM2017-05-01
K4 823Kalitta Air6:25 AM2018-02-11
K4 825Kalitta Air7:15 AM2017-04-24
K4 847Kalitta Air1:00 AM2018-09-08
K4 888Kalitta Air11:00 AM4:45 AM2016-09-26
K4 913Kalitta Air1:45 PM2017-07-11
K4 917Kalitta Air10:15 AM2017-07-24
K4 944Kalitta Air1:15 PM2017-10-24
KE 207Korean Air2:35 PM10:00 AM2018-03-30
KE 213Korean Air11:20 PM7:00 PM2018-08-28
KE 6062Korean Air11:30 PM5:51 AM2018-10-20
KE 6257Korean Air11:30 PM5:47 AM2018-10-01
KE 8207Korean Air2:00 AM2018-10-17
KE 8213Korean Air8:10 AM2018-08-31
KE 9207Korean Air2:05 PM7:13 AM2017-12-20
KE 9213Korean Air3:05 PM2017-10-13
KE 9263Korean Air3:10 PM8:49 PM2018-10-16
KL 8699KLM11:35 PM5:55 AM2017-10-28
KL 8703KLM11:20 PM5:48 AM2018-04-01
KL 8725KLM6:05 PM9:30 PM2017-01-08
N8 630National Airlines3:15 PM2018-08-27
N8 802National Airlines9:50 AM2018-09-05
N8 811National Airlines7:00 PM2018-01-16
N8 812National Airlines11:45 AM2017-09-02
N8 815National Airlines10:40 PM2017-09-16
N8 818National Airlines1:45 PM2018-09-19
N8 821National Airlines4:30 PM2017-03-04
N8 822National Airlines7:05 PM2018-01-26
N8 828National Airlines3:45 PM2016-12-30
N8 831National Airlines11:13 AM2018-08-30
N8 833National Airlines6:15 PM2018-02-05
N8 841National Airlines9:35 AM2018-08-03
N8 881National Airlines2016-08-30
OZ 282Asiana Airlines11:30 PM7:10 PM2018-09-03
OZ 2821Asiana Airlines10:35 AM2018-10-16
OZ 2823Asiana Airlines11:30 PM7:10 PM2018-09-05
OZ 284Asiana Airlines11:30 PM12:50 AM2018-09-11
OZ 2841Asiana Airlines10:30 PM2018-05-21
OZ 286Asiana Airlines11:30 PM7:10 PM2018-09-09
PO 218Polar Air Cargo7:10 AM1:02 PM2018-07-23
PO 238Polar Air Cargo4:50 AM2018-07-26
PO 243Polar Air Cargo9:50 AM2018-06-24
PO 648Polar Air Cargo4:45 PM2017-02-18
PO 716Polar Air Cargo11:10 PM2018-10-13
PO 718Polar Air Cargo10:30 PM2018-10-14
PO 7680Polar Air Cargo9:30 AM7:18 PM2017-12-03
PO 8352Polar Air Cargo11:50 AM2016-10-08
PO 8670Polar Air Cargo6:40 PM2016-09-10
PO 916Polar Air Cargo2:50 PM2018-10-19
PO 9528Polar Air Cargo12:30 PM3:58 AM2016-11-11
PO 968Polar Air Cargo3:55 AM2018-09-30
QF 3710Qantas11:30 PM5:51 AM2018-10-20
QF 7557Qantas3:35 AM12:25 PM2018-08-06
RU 367AirBridgeCargo8:10 AM2:50 PM2018-10-18
RU 597AirBridgeCargo9:05 AM3:45 PM2018-10-20
RU 797AirBridgeCargo7:55 AM2:35 PM2018-10-15
SQ 1240Singapore Airlines11:30 PM5:51 AM2018-10-20
SQ 7952Singapore Airlines8:45 PM2018-06-15
SQ 7956Singapore Airlines5:45 AM11:55 AM2018-10-15
SQ 7958Singapore Airlines3:20 PM2018-10-15
SQ 7966Singapore Airlines5:40 AM11:45 AM2016-11-28
SQ 7972Singapore Airlines11:00 AM5:05 PM2018-10-17
SQ 7974Singapore Airlines12:05 PM6:10 PM2018-10-20
SQC 7956Singapore Airlines Cargo5:45 AM11:13 AM2018-03-20
SQC 7958Singapore Airlines Cargo2:40 AM12:41 PM2018-04-20
SQC 7966Singapore Airlines Cargo3:30 PM2017-09-25
SQC 7972Singapore Airlines Cargo3:35 PM9:05 AM2018-07-18
SQC 7974Singapore Airlines Cargo7:40 PM1:04 PM2018-03-19
SQC 7980Singapore Airlines Cargo2:30 PM11:01 PM2017-10-29
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