Flights from Anchorage, US (ANC) to Seoul, KR (ICN)

List of all flights from Anchorage, US (ANC) to Seoul, KR (ICN), list of airlines operating on the route from Anchorage, US (ANC) to Seoul, KR (ICN), departures from ANC and arrivals to ICN. The flight on this route is an international flight (from United States to South Korea). There are 125 flights on this route. The distance from Anchorage, US (ANC) to Seoul, KR (ICN) is 6,097 km (3,789 miles). The time zone of the point of departure - Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport - is GMT-08:00. The current time is Monday 2018-07-23 03:53 AM. The time zone of the destination point - Incheon International Airport - is GMT+09:00, The current time is Monday 2018-07-23 08:53 PM.

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List of 125 flights operating on the route from Anchorage, US (ANC) to Seoul, KR (ICN).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
5X 1938UPS7:16 PM8:50 PM2018-04-01
5X 26UPS9:10 AM10:55 AM2018-07-20
5X 46UPS10:00 AM11:34 AM2017-07-22
5X 48UPS7:50 PM9:35 PM2018-07-22
5X 5900UPS4:53 AM7:39 AM2016-10-11
5X 6048UPS1:30 PM3:05 PM2017-09-25
5X 6064UPS9:30 AM1:40 PM2017-01-22
5X 64UPS7:27 AM2018-07-21
5X 78UPS4:41 PM7:31 PM2018-02-16
5X 92UPS4:05 AM8:47 AM2016-10-08
5X 94UPS8:40 AM11:51 AM2016-11-02
5X 96UPS12:03 AM2:44 AM2017-11-16
5X 9600UPS6:10 PM7:13 PM2017-04-07
5X 98UPS2:00 AM5:52 AM2017-09-14
5X 9895UPS7:33 PM2017-12-09
5Y 237Atlas Air7:05 PM2017-05-28
5Y 2478Atlas Air5:30 PM2017-01-15
5Y 2658Atlas Air10:30 PM2017-09-28
5Y 2678Atlas Air3:44 PM4:05 PM2018-07-21
5Y 2679Atlas Air8:10 AM2017-10-28
5Y 2838Atlas Air3:15 AM2017-08-07
5Y 2918Atlas Air10:25 PM2016-12-27
5Y 2938Atlas Air11:18 PM2017-12-25
5Y 2978Atlas Air11:40 PM2017-04-24
5Y 5404Atlas Air10:00 AM2017-10-08
5Y 8547Atlas Air8:30 AM2017-06-05
5Y 9278Atlas Air12:55 PM2018-02-05
5Y 9538Atlas Air9:00 AM2016-12-01
5Y 9558Atlas Air11:05 AM2016-11-28
5Y 9568Atlas Air11:10 PM2017-01-23
5Y 9578Atlas Air12:30 AM2017-03-24
5Y 961Atlas Air10:15 PM11:50 PM2018-06-04
AA 281American Airlines11:10 AM3:15 PM2018-01-11
DL 159Delta Air Lines2:00 PM4:30 PM2017-09-16
FX 5132FedEx10:40 AM12:20 PM2018-07-21
FX 5230FedEx10:30 PM2:03 AM2018-07-20
FX 5235FedEx10:35 AM12:15 PM2018-07-22
FX 9133FedEx4:00 PM6:53 PM2018-03-26
FX 9879FedEx11:05 AM12:40 PM2018-05-13
K4 2477Kalitta Air3:40 AM4:55 AM2018-05-04
K4 2637Kalitta Air4:10 AM2017-05-23
K4 2657Kalitta Air11:30 AM1:30 PM2018-07-22
K4 2677Kalitta Air3:10 AM2017-09-30
K4 2797Kalitta Air9:25 AM2018-06-18
K4 2817Kalitta Air11:00 PM4:20 AM2018-04-19
K4 2837Kalitta Air9:05 AM2018-06-28
K4 2897Kalitta Air10:40 AM2018-02-21
K4 2917Kalitta Air2:15 AM2018-03-12
K4 2937Kalitta Air5:40 AM8:30 AM2018-04-27
K4 417Kalitta Air11:00 AM2017-03-12
K4 419Kalitta Air2017-03-14
K4 657Kalitta Air9:40 AM12:20 PM2018-02-23
K4 752Kalitta Air2:00 AM2018-04-14
K4 754Kalitta Air8:36 PM2018-02-24
K4 756Kalitta Air1:30 AM2018-02-19
K4 758Kalitta Air2:30 AM2018-04-15
K4 9157Kalitta Air6:10 AM2018-03-04
K4 916Kalitta Air3:30 AM2017-07-03
K4 918Kalitta Air11:45 PM2017-07-23
K4 9517Kalitta Air11:00 PM2017-06-01
K4 9637Kalitta Air11:00 PM1:15 AM2017-09-27
KE 220Korean Air5:00 AM10:20 AM2017-01-23
KE 228Korean Air11:45 AM2017-02-07
KE 232Korean Air6:35 AM8:20 AM2016-10-23
KE 240Korean Air2:55 PM4:45 PM2018-07-17
KE 244Korean Air11:20 AM1:10 PM2017-03-19
KE 250Korean Air12:25 PM3:45 PM2018-03-13
KE 252Korean Air1:45 PM3:35 PM2018-07-21
KE 256Korean Air12:30 PM4:00 PM2016-12-04
KE 258Korean Air8:05 AM9:55 AM2018-07-22
KE 266Korean Air12:35 PM2:25 PM2017-03-25
KE 272Korean Air11:40 AM1:30 PM2018-07-21
KE 284Korean Air11:20 AM1:10 PM2018-07-22
KE 286Korean Air10:40 AM12:25 PM2018-07-19
KE 288Korean Air10:25 PM12:15 AM2018-07-17
KE 290Korean Air7:30 AM2017-03-15
KE 8224Korean Air3:35 PM5:50 PM2017-02-04
KE 8228Korean Air4:15 PM2018-02-28
KE 8232Korean Air5:40 PM2017-02-19
KE 8244Korean Air12:15 PM1:55 PM2018-07-23
KE 8252Korean Air1:25 PM2016-10-03
KE 8258Korean Air3:35 AM7:00 AM2016-10-27
KE 8266Korean Air1:15 PM6:05 PM2017-01-08
KE 8268Korean Air5:20 PM7:05 PM2018-06-24
KE 8272Korean Air12:25 AM2018-01-06
KE 8282Korean Air3:10 AM4:55 AM2016-10-24
KE 8288Korean Air2:50 AM4:40 AM2018-07-19
KE 9062Korean Air3:35 AM5:45 AM2017-04-05
KE 9088Korean Air11:50 AM12:20 PM2017-08-03
KE 9244Korean Air12:10 PM4:10 PM2016-10-07
KE 9266Korean Air2:50 AM4:40 AM2018-07-22
KE 9268Korean Air5:20 PM7:05 PM2018-07-01
KE 9272Korean Air7:25 AM2017-03-17
KE 9288Korean Air2:20 AM2017-12-21
KE 9292Korean Air4:30 PM2017-05-02
N8 628National Airlines8:55 AM2018-07-15
OZ 221Asiana Airlines1:55 PM5:10 PM2017-07-26
OZ 237Asiana Airlines9:10 AM11:50 AM2017-01-12
OZ 247Asiana Airlines7:10 AM2018-07-21
OZ 261Asiana Airlines12:40 PM3:20 PM2017-01-11
OZ 2633Asiana Airlines10:35 AM2017-06-06
OZ 2651Asiana Airlines4:30 PM2017-12-08
OZ 2653Asiana Airlines10:25 AM2017-04-11
OZ 267Asiana Airlines12:45 PM1:44 PM2018-07-23
OZ 281Asiana Airlines5:01 PM8:31 PM2017-02-13
OZ 283Asiana Airlines7:00 AM10:55 AM2018-07-20
OZ 2831Asiana Airlines5:30 AM6:45 AM2018-06-11
OZ 285Asiana Airlines5:45 AM7:00 AM2018-07-22
OZ 2911Asiana Airlines3:30 PM2018-01-03
OZ 293Asiana Airlines12:20 PM2017-08-02
PO 237Polar Air Cargo7:20 AM8:32 AM2018-07-22
PO 2678Polar Air Cargo10:40 PM2016-12-22
PO 2918Polar Air Cargo7:15 AM2016-10-24
PO 2938Polar Air Cargo1:20 PM2016-10-08
PO 647Polar Air Cargo2:10 AM2017-04-24
PO 751Polar Air Cargo5:10 PM4:10 PM2018-07-17
PO 927Polar Air Cargo5:45 AM9:40 AM2018-03-08
PO 947Polar Air Cargo3:15 PM2017-12-18
PO 949Polar Air Cargo10:55 AM1:20 PM2017-12-20
PO 9518Polar Air Cargo1:20 PM2:20 PM2016-10-27
PO 961Polar Air Cargo5:25 PM2018-07-16
PO 989Polar Air Cargo9:10 PM2018-07-23
PO 997Polar Air Cargo5:45 AM9:13 AM2018-07-16
VI 3138Volga-Dnepr5:00 PM2018-01-06
VI 3166Volga-Dnepr8:00 AM2018-04-05
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