Flights from Buenos Aires, AR (AEP) to Cordoba, AR (COR)

List of all flights from Buenos Aires, AR (AEP) to Cordoba, AR (COR), list of airlines operating on the route from Buenos Aires, AR (AEP) to Cordoba, AR (COR), departures from AEP and arrivals to COR. The flight on this route is a domestic flight. There are 118 flights on this route. The distance from Buenos Aires, AR (AEP) to Cordoba, AR (COR) is 649 km (403 miles). Jorge Newbery Airpark and Ingeniero Ambrosio Taravella Airport are in the same time zone (GMT-03:00). The current time on both airports is Friday 2018-12-14 03:04 PM.

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List of 118 flights operating on the route from Buenos Aires, AR (AEP) to Cordoba, AR (COR).

Flight No. Airline Departure Arrival Last seen
4M 4200LATAM Airlines Argentina6:55 AM8:25 AM2016-11-09
4M 4212LATAM Airlines Argentina1:05 PM2016-11-08
4M 4214LATAM Airlines Argentina4:15 PM2016-11-08
4M 4216LATAM Airlines Argentina7:05 PM2017-01-28
4M 4220LATAM Airlines Argentina9:55 PM2017-01-28
4M 7602LATAM Airlines Argentina8:10 AM2017-05-30
4M 7610LATAM Airlines Argentina4:55 PM2017-05-25
4M 7612LATAM Airlines Argentina12:35 PM2:05 PM2017-05-30
4M 7616LATAM Airlines Argentina6:35 PM2017-05-25
4M 7618LATAM Airlines Argentina8:15 PM2017-05-30
4M 7620LATAM Airlines Argentina10:45 PM12:15 AM2017-05-22
4M 7622LATAM Airlines Argentina6:55 AM2017-05-30
AF 4200Air France4:35 PM2018-12-13
AF 4217Air France5:00 PM2018-12-13
AR 1224Aerolineas Argentinas6:35 PM2018-04-30
AR 1424Aerolineas Argentinas8:50 AM2017-11-07
AR 1468Aerolineas Argentinas3:15 PM2017-07-23
AR 1470Aerolineas Argentinas8:30 PM10:25 PM2017-07-27
AR 1502Aerolineas Argentinas8:05 AM2018-12-13
AR 1504Aerolineas Argentinas10:45 AM2018-08-28
AR 1508Aerolineas Argentinas5:45 PM2018-11-06
AR 1510Aerolineas Argentinas7:05 AM8:30 AM2018-12-13
AR 1512Aerolineas Argentinas6:05 AM7:30 AM2018-12-13
AR 1514Aerolineas Argentinas4:35 PM2018-12-13
AR 1516Aerolineas Argentinas7:55 AM2018-12-08
AR 1526Aerolineas Argentinas10:40 AM12:05 PM2018-12-08
AR 1528Aerolineas Argentinas1:35 PM2018-10-22
AR 1532Aerolineas Argentinas11:10 AM12:35 PM2018-12-14
AR 1538Aerolineas Argentinas7:20 PM8:45 PM2018-12-12
AR 1548Aerolineas Argentinas8:05 AM2017-04-01
AR 1570Aerolineas Argentinas6:10 PM7:35 PM2018-12-12
AR 1580Aerolineas Argentinas9:05 AM2016-09-30
AR 1590Aerolineas Argentinas10:30 PM11:55 PM2018-12-14
AR 1664Aerolineas Argentinas12:50 PM3:10 PM2017-07-09
AR 2052Aerolineas Argentinas2018-10-31
AR 2468Aerolineas Argentinas10:35 AM12:50 PM2017-08-27
AR 2470Aerolineas Argentinas8:25 PM2017-09-01
AR 2504Aerolineas Argentinas8:25 AM9:55 AM2018-05-04
AR 2506Aerolineas Argentinas4:00 PM5:30 PM2018-09-04
AR 2508Aerolineas Argentinas5:00 PM2018-12-13
AR 2510Aerolineas Argentinas7:05 AM8:35 AM2018-10-01
AR 2514Aerolineas Argentinas4:45 PM2017-03-24
AR 2518Aerolineas Argentinas9:35 PM2016-12-07
AR 2520Aerolineas Argentinas9:10 AM11:10 AM2016-12-02
AR 2522Aerolineas Argentinas10:55 AM12:25 PM2018-12-08
AR 2526Aerolineas Argentinas1:35 PM3:05 PM2016-11-12
AR 2528Aerolineas Argentinas1:35 PM2018-12-14
AR 2530Aerolineas Argentinas10:25 AM2018-12-13
AR 2532Aerolineas Argentinas7:15 AM12:15 PM2016-09-29
AR 2534Aerolineas Argentinas2:20 PM2018-09-07
AR 2544Aerolineas Argentinas9:20 AM2017-12-10
AR 2546Aerolineas Argentinas9:55 AM2017-12-21
AR 2572Aerolineas Argentinas8:45 PM10:15 PM2017-10-02
AR 2580Aerolineas Argentinas9:10 AM2017-03-28
AR 2714Aerolineas Argentinas5:45 AM7:40 AM2018-05-12
AR 2938Aerolineas Argentinas2018-11-28
AR 2942Aerolineas Argentinas2018-11-03
AU 2504Austral9:10 AM2017-03-11
AU 2508Austral5:10 PM2017-05-30
AU 2520Austral2:45 PM4:15 PM2016-11-09
AU 2528Austral1:50 PM2017-05-30
AU 2530Austral7:35 AM2016-11-08
AU 2580Austral9:05 AM2016-11-08
AZ 4615Alitalia1:35 PM2018-12-14
AZ 4616Alitalia11:10 AM12:35 PM2018-12-14
DN* 6022Norwegian Air Argentina7:20 AM8:50 AM2018-12-13
DN* 6024Norwegian Air Argentina4:00 PM2018-12-13
DN* 6026Norwegian Air Argentina5:20 PM2018-12-13
DN* 6028Norwegian Air Argentina8:30 PM9:55 PM2018-12-12
DN* 6030Norwegian Air Argentina9:50 PM11:20 PM2018-12-14
EY 5062Etihad Airways6:05 AM7:30 AM2017-03-23
EY 5063Etihad Airways7:05 AM8:30 AM2017-03-25
G3 3349Gol8:05 AM2018-12-13
G3 3351Gol10:45 AM2018-08-28
G3 3353Gol4:35 PM2018-12-13
G3 3355Gol7:20 PM8:45 PM2018-12-12
G3 3468Gol5:00 PM2018-12-13
G3 3469Gol7:05 AM8:30 AM2018-12-13
G3 3471Gol6:05 AM7:30 AM2018-12-13
G3 3476Gol1:35 PM2018-12-14
G3 3478Gol11:10 AM12:35 PM2018-12-14
G3 3480Gol6:10 PM7:35 PM2018-12-12
G3 3482Gol10:30 PM11:55 PM2018-12-14
G3 6468Gol5:00 PM2018-05-14
G3 6469Gol7:05 AM2018-05-13
G3 6471Gol6:05 AM2018-05-11
G3 6476Gol1:40 PM3:10 PM2018-05-13
G3 6478Gol11:10 AM2018-05-14
G3 6480Gol6:10 PM2018-05-14
G3 6482Gol10:20 PM2018-05-15
JJ 6524LATAM Airlines Brasil8:40 AM10:10 AM2017-04-01
JJ 8703LATAM Airlines Brasil6:55 AM8:25 AM2017-03-25
JJ 8790LATAM Airlines Brasil12:30 PM2:00 PM2017-03-31
JJ 8792LATAM Airlines Brasil4:45 PM2017-03-29
JJ 8794LATAM Airlines Brasil6:35 PM2017-04-01
LA 4200LATAM Airlines5:10 AM6:10 AM2017-03-25
LA 4202LATAM Airlines4:24 PM5:25 PM2017-03-23
LA 4212LATAM Airlines6:06 PM7:04 PM2017-03-17
LA 4214LATAM Airlines5:54 PM6:52 PM2017-03-22
LA 4216LATAM Airlines8:55 PM9:53 PM2017-03-25
LA 4220LATAM Airlines12:11 PM1:21 PM2017-03-26
LA 7602LATAM Airlines5:42 AM7:12 AM2018-12-14
LA 7604LATAM Airlines12:55 PM2:25 PM2018-06-25
LA 7606LATAM Airlines1:25 PM2:52 PM2018-10-22
LA 7610LATAM Airlines6:25 PM7:52 PM2018-12-12
LA 7612LATAM Airlines4:57 PM2018-12-13
LA 7614LATAM Airlines7:55 PM2018-12-08
LA 7616LATAM Airlines4:40 PM2018-09-30
LA 7618LATAM Airlines6:40 PM2018-03-29
LA 7620LATAM Airlines7:45 PM9:12 PM2018-09-22
LA 7622LATAM Airlines9:45 PM11:12 PM2018-12-14
LA 7624LATAM Airlines10:25 PM2018-05-15
LA 7626LATAM Airlines11:10 PM12:40 AM2018-02-23
OY 2Andes Lineas Aereas10:45 AM2018-10-13
OY 890Andes Lineas Aereas7:00 AM8:15 AM2018-12-13
OY 892Andes Lineas Aereas6:15 PM7:30 PM2018-12-12
OY 894Andes Lineas Aereas10:45 AM12:55 PM2018-11-19
OY 896Andes Lineas Aereas9:30 PM10:40 PM2018-11-10
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