List of Airports in China

List of airports in China with their IATA codes. Departures and arrivals from and to China.

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255 airports found in China.

IATA Airport Name Municipality Country
AATAltay Air BaseAltayChina (CN)AAT Arrivals / AAT Departures
ACXXingyi AirportXingyiChina (CN)ACX Arrivals / ACX Departures
AEBBaise Youjiang AirportBaiseChina (CN)AEB Arrivals / AEB Departures
AHJHongyuan AirportAbaChina (CN)AHJ Arrivals / AHJ Departures
AKAAnkang Wulipu AirportAnkangChina (CN)AKA Arrivals / AKA Departures
AKUAksu AirportAksuChina (CN)AKU Arrivals / AKU Departures
AOGAnshan Air BaseAnshanChina (CN)AOG Arrivals / AOG Departures
AQGAnqing Tianzhushan AirportAnqingChina (CN)AQG Arrivals / AQG Departures
AVAAnshun Huangguoshu AirportAnshunChina (CN)AVA Arrivals / AVA Departures
AXFAlxa Left Banner Bayanhot AirportBayanhotChina (CN)AXF Arrivals / AXF Departures
AYNAnyang AirportAnyangChina (CN)AYN Arrivals / AYN Departures
BARQionghai Bo'ao AirportQionghaiChina (CN)BAR Arrivals / BAR Departures
BAVBaotou AirportBaotouChina (CN)BAV Arrivals / BAV Departures
BFJBijie Feixiong AirportBijieChina (CN)BFJ Arrivals / BFJ Departures
BFUBengbu AirportBengbuChina (CN)BFU Arrivals / BFU Departures
BHYBeihai AirportBeihaiChina (CN)BHY Arrivals / BHY Departures
BPEQinhuangdao Beidaihe AirportQinhuangdaoChina (CN)BPE Arrivals / BPE Departures
BPLAlashankou Bole (Bortala) airportBoleChina (CN)BPL Arrivals / BPL Departures
BPXQamdo Bangda AirportBangdaChina (CN)BPX Arrivals / BPX Departures
BSDBaoshan Yunduan AirportChina (CN)BSD Arrivals / BSD Departures
CANGuangzhou Baiyun International AirportGuangzhouChina (CN)CAN Arrivals / CAN Departures
CDEChengde Puning AirportChengdeChina (CN)CDE Arrivals / CDE Departures
CGDChangde AirportChangdeChina (CN)CGD Arrivals / CGD Departures
CGOZhengzhou Xinzheng International AirportZhengzhouChina (CN)CGO Arrivals / CGO Departures
CGQLongjia AirportChangchunChina (CN)CGQ Arrivals / CGQ Departures
CHGChaoyang AirportChaoyangChina (CN)CHG Arrivals / CHG Departures
CIFChifeng AirportChifengChina (CN)CIF Arrivals / CIF Departures
CIHChangzhi AirportChangzhiChina (CN)CIH Arrivals / CIH Departures
CKGChongqing Jiangbei International AirportChongqingChina (CN)CKG Arrivals / CKG Departures
CNIChanghai AirportChanghaiChina (CN)CNI Arrivals / CNI Departures
CSXChangsha Huanghua International AirportChangshaChina (CN)CSX Arrivals / CSX Departures
CTUChengdu Shuangliu International AirportChengduChina (CN)CTU Arrivals / CTU Departures
CWJCangyuan Washan AirportCangyuan Va Autonomous CountyChina (CN)CWJ Arrivals / CWJ Departures
CZXChangzhou Benniu AirportChangzhouChina (CN)CZX Arrivals / CZX Departures
DATDatong AirportDatongChina (CN)DAT Arrivals / DAT Departures
DAXDachuan AirportDazhouChina (CN)DAX Arrivals / DAX Departures
DBCBaicheng Chang'an AirportBaichengChina (CN)DBC Arrivals / DBC Departures
DCYDaocheng Yading AirportDaocheng CountyChina (CN)DCY Arrivals / DCY Departures
DDGDandong AirportDandongChina (CN)DDG Arrivals / DDG Departures
DIGDiqing AirportShangri-LaChina (CN)DIG Arrivals / DIG Departures
DLCZhoushuizi AirportDalianChina (CN)DLC Arrivals / DLC Departures
DLUDali AirportXiaguanChina (CN)DLU Arrivals / DLU Departures
DNHDunhuang AirportDunhuangChina (CN)DNH Arrivals / DNH Departures
DOYDongying Shengli AirportDongyingChina (CN)DOY Arrivals / DOY Departures
DQASaertu AirportDaqing ShiChina (CN)DQA Arrivals / DQA Departures
DSNOrdos Ejin Horo AirportOrdosChina (CN)DSN Arrivals / DSN Departures
DTUWudalianchi Dedu AirportWudalianchiChina (CN)DTU Arrivals / DTU Departures
DYGDayong AirportDayongChina (CN)DYG Arrivals / DYG Departures
DZUDazu Air BaseDazuChina (CN)DZU Arrivals / DZU Departures
EJNEjin Banner-Taolai AirportEjin BannerChina (CN)EJN Arrivals / EJN Departures
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