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List of airports from all over the world with their IATA codes. Arrivals and departures.

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9029 airports found.

IATA Airport Name Municipality Country
AAAAnaa AirportFrench Polynesia (PF)AAA Arrivals / AAA Departures
AABArrabury AirportAustralia (AU)AAB Arrivals / AAB Departures
AACEl Arish International AirportEl ArishEgypt (EG)AAC Arrivals / AAC Departures
AAEAnnaba AirportAnnabahAlgeria (DZ)AAE Arrivals / AAE Departures
AAFApalachicola Regional AirportApalachicolaUnited States (US)AAF Arrivals / AAF Departures
AAGArapoti AirportArapotiBrazil (BR)AAG Arrivals / AAG Departures
AAHAachen-Merzbrück AirportAachenGermany (DE)AAH Arrivals / AAH Departures
AAIArraias AirportArraiasBrazil (BR)AAI Arrivals / AAI Departures
AAJCayana AirstripAwaradamSuriname (SR)AAJ Arrivals / AAJ Departures
AAKBuariki AirportBuarikiKiribati (KI)AAK Arrivals / AAK Departures
AALAalborg AirportAalborgDenmark (DK)AAL Arrivals / AAL Departures
AAMMalamala AirportMalamalaSouth Africa (ZA)AAM Arrivals / AAM Departures
AANAl Ain International AirportAl AinUnited Arab Emirates (AE)AAN Arrivals / AAN Departures
AAOAnaco AirportAnacoVenezuela (VE)AAO Arrivals / AAO Departures
AAPAndrau AirparkHoustonUnited States (US)AAP Arrivals / AAP Departures
AAQAnapa Vityazevo AirportAnapaRussia (RU)AAQ Arrivals / AAQ Departures
AARAarhus AirportAarhusDenmark (DK)AAR Arrivals / AAR Departures
AASApalapsili AirportApalapsiliIndonesia (ID)AAS Arrivals / AAS Departures
AATAltay Air BaseAltayChina (CN)AAT Arrivals / AAT Departures
AAUAsau AirportAsauSamoa (WS)AAU Arrivals / AAU Departures
AAVAllah Valley AirportSurallahPhilippines (PH)AAV Arrivals / AAV Departures
AAWAbbottabad AirportAbbottabadPakistan (PK)AAW Arrivals / AAW Departures
AAXRomeu Zema AirportAraxáBrazil (BR)AAX Arrivals / AAX Departures
AAYAl Ghaidah International AirportYemen (YE)AAY Arrivals / AAY Departures
AAZQuezaltenango AirportQuezaltenangoGuatemala (GT)AAZ Arrivals / AAZ Departures
ABAAbakan AirportAbakanRussia (RU)ABA Arrivals / ABA Departures
ABBAsaba International AirportAsabaNigeria (NG)ABB Arrivals / ABB Departures
ABCAlbacete-Los Llanos AirportAlbaceteSpain (ES)ABC Arrivals / ABC Departures
ABDAbadan AirportAbadanIran (IR)ABD Arrivals / ABD Departures
ABELehigh Valley International AirportAllentownUnited States (US)ABE Arrivals / ABE Departures
ABFAbaiang AirportAbaiangKiribati (KI)ABF Arrivals / ABF Departures
ABGAbingdon Downs AirportAustralia (AU)ABG Arrivals / ABG Departures
ABHAlpha AirportAlphaAustralia (AU)ABH Arrivals / ABH Departures
ABIAbilene Regional AirportAbileneUnited States (US)ABI Arrivals / ABI Departures
ABJPort Bouet AirportAbidjanCôte d'Ivoire (CI)ABJ Arrivals / ABJ Departures
ABKKabri Dehar AirportKabri DeharEthiopia (ET)ABK Arrivals / ABK Departures
ABLAmbler AirportAmblerUnited States (US)ABL Arrivals / ABL Departures
ABMNorthern Peninsula AirportBamagaAustralia (AU)ABM Arrivals / ABM Departures
ABNAlbina AirportAlbinaSuriname (SR)ABN Arrivals / ABN Departures
ABOAboisso AirportAboissoCôte d'Ivoire (CI)ABO Arrivals / ABO Departures
ABPAtkamba AirportAtkamba MissionPapua New Guinea (PG)ABP Arrivals / ABP Departures
ABQAlbuquerque International Sunport AirportAlbuquerqueUnited States (US)ABQ Arrivals / ABQ Departures
ABRAberdeen Regional AirportAberdeenUnited States (US)ABR Arrivals / ABR Departures
ABSAbu Simbel AirportAbu SimbelEgypt (EG)ABS Arrivals / ABS Departures
ABTAl Baha AirportSaudi Arabia (SA)ABT Arrivals / ABT Departures
ABUHaliwen AirportAtambua-Timor IslandIndonesia (ID)ABU Arrivals / ABU Departures
ABVNnamdi Azikiwe International AirportAbujaNigeria (NG)ABV Arrivals / ABV Departures
ABWAbau AirportAbauPapua New Guinea (PG)ABW Arrivals / ABW Departures
ABXAlbury AirportAlburyAustralia (AU)ABX Arrivals / ABX Departures
ABYSouthwest Georgia Regional AirportAlbanyUnited States (US)ABY Arrivals / ABY Departures
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