Zhuhai Jinwan Airport (ZUH)

Zhuhai, China

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Latitude: 22.0064
Longitude 113.376
Elevation: 23 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from ZUH

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
MU 5596China Eastern Airlines(ZUH) Zhuhai Jinwan Airport11:55 AM(CTU) Chengdu
ZH 1620Shenzhen Airlines(ZUH) Zhuhai Jinwan Airport11:30 AM(TSN) Tianjin
CA 1620Air China(ZUH) Zhuhai Jinwan Airport11:30 AM(TSN) Tianjin
GJ* 8816Zhejiang Loong Airlines(ZUH) Zhuhai Jinwan Airport11:30 AM(HGH) Hangzhou
ZH 4560Shenzhen Airlines(ZUH) Zhuhai Jinwan Airport11:25 AM(CKG) Chongqing
CA 4560Air China(ZUH) Zhuhai Jinwan Airport11:25 AM(CKG) Chongqing
CZ 6703China Southern Airlines(ZUH) Zhuhai Jinwan Airport11:00 AM(SYX) Sanya
CA 8818Air China(ZUH) Zhuhai Jinwan Airport10:45 AM(XMN) Xiamen
SC 8818Shandong Airlines(ZUH) Zhuhai Jinwan Airport10:45 AM(XMN) Xiamen
CZ 3845China Southern Airlines(ZUH) Zhuhai Jinwan Airport10:45 AM(HAK) Haikou
FU* 6685Fuzhou Airlines(ZUH) Zhuhai Jinwan Airport10:30 AM(HAK) Haikou
EPA 6251Donghai Airlines(ZUH) Zhuhai Jinwan Airport10:30 AM(CSX) Changsha
Y8 7531Suparna Airlines(ZUH) Zhuhai Jinwan Airport10:25 AM(HYN) Taizhou
9C 8820Spring Airlines(ZUH) Zhuhai Jinwan Airport10:10 AM(SHA) Shanghai
CA 3637Air China(ZUH) Zhuhai Jinwan Airport10:00 AM(CZX) Changzhou

Last added routes from ZUH

Route Origin Destination
ZUH-ACX(ZUH) Zhuhai Jinwan Airport(ACX) Xingyi AirportZhuhai, CN (ZUH) to Xingyi, CN (ACX)
ZUH-KOW(ZUH) Zhuhai Jinwan Airport(KOW) Ganzhou AirportZhuhai, CN (ZUH) to Ganzhou, CN (KOW)
ZUH-HIA(ZUH) Zhuhai Jinwan Airport(HIA) Lianshui AirportZhuhai, CN (ZUH) to Huai'an, CN (HIA)
ZUH-YCU(ZUH) Zhuhai Jinwan Airport(YCU) Yuncheng Guangong AirportZhuhai, CN (ZUH) to Yuncheng, CN (YCU)
ZUH-HYN(ZUH) Zhuhai Jinwan Airport(HYN) Huangyan Luqiao AirportZhuhai, CN (ZUH) to Huangyan, CN (HYN)
ZUH-DAX(ZUH) Zhuhai Jinwan Airport(DAX) Dachuan AirportZhuhai, CN (ZUH) to Dazhou, CN (DAX)
ZUH-HUZ(ZUH) Zhuhai Jinwan Airport(HUZ) Huizhou AirportZhuhai, CN (ZUH) to Huizhou, CN (HUZ)
ZUH-CAN(ZUH) Zhuhai Jinwan Airport(CAN) Guangzhou Baiyun International AirportZhuhai, CN (ZUH) to Guangzhou, CN (CAN)
ZUH-TXN(ZUH) Zhuhai Jinwan Airport(TXN) Tunxi International AirportZhuhai, CN (ZUH) to Huangshan, CN (TXN)
ZUH-HDG(ZUH) Zhuhai Jinwan Airport(HDG) Handan AirportZhuhai, CN (ZUH) to Handan, CN (HDG)

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