Dionysios Solomos Airport (ZTH)

Zakynthos Island, Greece

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Latitude: 37.7509
Longitude 20.8843
Elevation: 15 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from ZTH

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
TOM 6775TUI Airways(ZTH) Dionysios Solomos Airport10:00 PM(BRS) Bristol
LS 732Jet2(ZTH) Dionysios Solomos Airport9:25 PM(EDI) Edinburgh
TOM 4749Thomson(ZTH) Dionysios Solomos Airport9:15 PM(LGW) London
TOM 7761TUI Airways(ZTH) Dionysios Solomos Airport8:25 PM(BHX) Birmingham
TOM 6741Thomson(ZTH) Dionysios Solomos Airport7:55 PM(CWL) Cardiff
TCX 1991Thomas Cook Airlines(ZTH) Dionysios Solomos Airport7:35 PM(BRS) Bristol
0B 8928Blue Air(ZTH) Dionysios Solomos Airport7:25 PM(ATH) Athens
GQ 66Sky Express(ZTH) Dionysios Solomos Airport7:25 PM(ATH) Athens
DE 1377Condor(ZTH) Dionysios Solomos Airport7:05 PM(HAM) Hamburg
LS 1678Jet2(ZTH) Dionysios Solomos Airport6:55 PM(STN) London
VOE 1789Volotea(ZTH) Dionysios Solomos Airport5:10 PM(NAP) Naples
SN 3264Brussels Airlines(ZTH) Dionysios Solomos Airport4:40 PM(BRU) Brussels
HV 5094Transavia(ZTH) Dionysios Solomos Airport4:25 PM(AMS) Amsterdam
DX 796Danish Air(ZTH) Dionysios Solomos Airport3:00 PM(AAL) Aalborg
U2 8746easyJet(ZTH) Dionysios Solomos Airport2:40 PM(LGW) London

Last added routes from ZTH

Route Origin Destination
ZTH-PMO(ZTH) Dionysios Solomos Airport(PMO) Falcone–Borsellino AirportZakynthos Island, GR (ZTH) to Palermo, IT (PMO)
ZTH-LJU(ZTH) Dionysios Solomos Airport(LJU) Ljubljana Jože Pučnik AirportZakynthos Island, GR (ZTH) to Ljubljana, SI (LJU)
ZTH-HER(ZTH) Dionysios Solomos Airport(HER) Heraklion International Nikos Kazantzakis AirportZakynthos Island, GR (ZTH) to Heraklion, GR (HER)
ZTH-HAM(ZTH) Dionysios Solomos Airport(HAM) Hamburg AirportZakynthos Island, GR (ZTH) to Hamburg, DE (HAM)
ZTH-KAJ(ZTH) Dionysios Solomos Airport(KAJ) Kajaani AirportZakynthos Island, GR (ZTH) to Kajaani, FI (KAJ)
ZTH-VAA(ZTH) Dionysios Solomos Airport(VAA) Vaasa AirportZakynthos Island, GR (ZTH) to Vaasa, FI (VAA)
ZTH-KOK(ZTH) Dionysios Solomos Airport(KOK) Kokkola-Pietarsaari AirportZakynthos Island, GR (ZTH) to Kokkola / Kruunupyy, FI (KOK)
ZTH-JOE(ZTH) Dionysios Solomos Airport(JOE) Joensuu AirportZakynthos Island, GR (ZTH) to Joensuu / Liperi, FI (JOE)
ZTH-LPP(ZTH) Dionysios Solomos Airport(LPP) Lappeenranta AirportZakynthos Island, GR (ZTH) to Lappeenranta, FI (LPP)
ZTH-VRN(ZTH) Dionysios Solomos Airport(VRN) Verona Villafranca AirportZakynthos Island, GR (ZTH) to Verona, IT (VRN)

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