Sept-Îles Airport (YZV)

Sept-Îles, Canada

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Latitude: 50.2233
Longitude -66.2656
Elevation: 180 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from YZV

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
AC 8731Air Canada(YZV) Sept-Îles Airport5:00 PM(YQB) Quebec
AC 8705Air Canada(YZV) Sept-Îles Airport6:10 AM(YQB) Quebec
TK 9131Turkish Airlines(YZV) Sept-Îles Airport2:40 PM(YUL) Montreal
AC 8697Air Canada(YZV) Sept-Îles Airport2:40 PM(YUL) Montreal
3H 522Air Inuit(YZV) Sept-Îles Airport11:30 AM(YKL) Schefferville
PB 8321Provincial Airlines(YZV) Sept-Îles Airport11:30 AM(YNA) Natashquan
AC 8713Air Canada(YZV) Sept-Îles Airport11:20 AM(YQB) Quebec
LIZ 402Air Liaison(YZV) Sept-Îles Airport10:00 AM(YGV) Havre St. Pierre
PB 1902Provincial Airlines(YZV) Sept-Îles Airport9:30 AM(YWK) Wabush
P6 535Pascan Aviation(YZV) Sept-Îles Airport9:30 AM(YWK) Wabush
P6 999Pascan Aviation(YZV) Sept-Îles Airport9:30 AM(YWK) Wabush
AC 8699Air Canada(YZV) Sept-Îles Airport9:20 AM(YUL) Montreal
LIZ 101Air Liaison(YZV) Sept-Îles Airport9:15 AM(YPN) Port-Menier
AC 8705Air Canada(YZV) Sept-Îles Airport6:10 AM(YQB) Quebec
P6 824Pascan Aviation(YZV) Sept-Îles Airport5:45 PM(YYY) Mont Joli

Last added routes from YZV

Route Origin Destination
YZV-YYT(YZV) Sept-Îles Airport(YYT) St. John's International AirportSept-Îles, CA (YZV) to St. John's, CA (YYT)
YZV-YRQ(YZV) Sept-Îles Airport(YRQ) Trois-Rivières AirportSept-Îles, CA (YZV) to Trois-Rivières, CA (YRQ)
YZV-YTQ(YZV) Sept-Îles Airport(YTQ) Tasiujaq AirportSept-Îles, CA (YZV) to Tasiujaq, CA (YTQ)
YZV-ZBF(YZV) Sept-Îles Airport(ZBF) Bathurst AirportSept-Îles, CA (YZV) to Bathurst, CA (ZBF)
YZV-YYZ(YZV) Sept-Îles Airport(YYZ) Lester B. Pearson International AirportSept-Îles, CA (YZV) to Toronto, CA (YYZ)
YZV-CTG3(YZV) Sept-Îles Airport(CTG3) Sept-Îles, CA (YZV) to CTG3
YZV-YVB(YZV) Sept-Îles Airport(YVB) Bonaventure AirportSept-Îles, CA (YZV) to Bonaventure, CA (YVB)
YZV-YRJ(YZV) Sept-Îles Airport(YRJ) Roberval AirportSept-Îles, CA (YZV) to Roberval, CA (YRJ)
YZV-EWR(YZV) Sept-Îles Airport(EWR) Newark Liberty International AirportSept-Îles, CA (YZV) to Newark, US (EWR)
YZV-YBG(YZV) Sept-Îles Airport(YBG) CFB BagotvilleSept-Îles, CA (YZV) to Bagotville, CA (YBG)

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