Yellowknife Airport (YZF)

Yellowknife, Canada

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Latitude: 62.4628
Longitude -114.44
Elevation: 675 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from YZF

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
5T 445Canadian North(YZF) Yellowknife Airport5:25 PM(YEG) Edmonton
AC 8834Air Canada(YZF) Yellowknife Airport7:00 AM(YVR) Vancouver
J3 510Northwestern Air(YZF) Yellowknife Airport5:45 PM(YSM) Fort Smith
7F 892First Air(YZF) Yellowknife Airport5:00 PM(YEG) Edmonton
7F 124First Air(YZF) Yellowknife Airport5:00 PM(YHY) Hay River
8T 202Air Tindi(YZF) Yellowknife Airport4:30 PM(YSG) Lutselke/Snowdrift
5T 445Canadian North(YZF) Yellowknife Airport4:30 PM(YEG) Edmonton
8T 220Air Tindi(YZF) Yellowknife Airport4:00 PM(YLE) Whati/Lac La Martre
HW 126North-Wright Airways(YZF) Yellowknife Airport3:30 PM(YWJ) Deline
AC 8224Air Canada(YZF) Yellowknife Airport8:25 PM(YYC) Calgary
AC 8846Air Canada(YZF) Yellowknife Airport7:30 PM(YVR) Vancouver
KL 9596KLM(YZF) Yellowknife Airport7:10 PM(YYC) Calgary
WS 3194WestJet(YZF) Yellowknife Airport7:10 PM(YYC) Calgary
J3 510Northwestern Air(YZF) Yellowknife Airport5:45 PM(YSM) Fort Smith
5T 445Canadian North(YZF) Yellowknife Airport5:25 PM(YEG) Edmonton

Last added routes from YZF

Route Origin Destination
YZF-GSL(YZF) Yellowknife Airport(GSL) Taltheilei Narrows AirportYellowknife, CA (YZF) to Taltheilei Narrows, CA (GSL)
YZF-YZS(YZF) Yellowknife Airport(YZS) Coral Harbour AirportYellowknife, CA (YZF) to Coral Harbour, CA (YZS)
YZF-LAK(YZF) Yellowknife Airport(LAK) Aklavik/Freddie Carmichael AirportYellowknife, CA (YZF) to Aklavik, CA (LAK)
YZF-YHB(YZF) Yellowknife Airport(YHB) Hudson Bay AirportYellowknife, CA (YZF) to Hudson Bay, CA (YHB)
YZF-YMX(YZF) Yellowknife Airport(YMX) Montreal International (Mirabel) AirportYellowknife, CA (YZF) to Montréal, CA (YMX)
YZF-YFR(YZF) Yellowknife Airport(YFR) Fort Resolution AirportYellowknife, CA (YZF) to Fort Resolution, CA (YFR)
YZF-SFJ(YZF) Yellowknife Airport(SFJ) Kangerlussuaq AirportYellowknife, CA (YZF) to Kangerlussuaq, GL (SFJ)
YZF-ANC(YZF) Yellowknife Airport(ANC) Ted Stevens Anchorage International AirportYellowknife, CA (YZF) to Anchorage, US (ANC)
YZF-YUX(YZF) Yellowknife Airport(YUX) Hall Beach AirportYellowknife, CA (YZF) to Hall Beach, CA (YUX)
YZF-YQF(YZF) Yellowknife Airport(YQF) Red Deer Regional AirportYellowknife, CA (YZF) to Red Deer, CA (YQF)

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