Goose Bay Airport (YYR)

Goose Bay, Canada

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Latitude: 53.3192
Longitude -60.4258
Elevation: 160 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from YYR

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
AC 7807Air Canada(YYR) Goose Bay Airport8:30 PM(YQX) Gander
AC 8828Air Canada(YYR) Goose Bay Airport7:50 PM(YYT) St. John's
PB 922Provincial Airlines(YYR) Goose Bay Airport6:50 PM(YDF) Deer Lake
PB 921Provincial Airlines(YYR) Goose Bay Airport2:45 PM(ZUM) Churchill Falls
PB 902Provincial Airlines(YYR) Goose Bay Airport1:35 PM(YDF) Deer Lake
PB 962Provincial Airlines(YYR) Goose Bay Airport12:45 PM(YDP) Nain
AC 7803Air Canada(YYR) Goose Bay Airport12:30 PM(YWK) Wabush
PB 963Provincial Airlines(YYR) Goose Bay Airport10:00 AM(YNP) Natuashish
PB 901Provincial Airlines(YYR) Goose Bay Airport9:40 AM(YWK) Wabush
AC 8899Air Canada(YYR) Goose Bay Airport9:05 AM(YHZ) Halifax
AC 7794Air Canada(YYR) Goose Bay Airport5:30 PM(YDF) Deer Lake
PB 928PAL Airlines(YYR) Goose Bay Airport8:15 AM(YDF) Deer Lake
PB 961Provincial Airlines(YYR) Goose Bay Airport7:00 AM(YRG) Rigolet
PB 921Provincial Airlines(YYR) Goose Bay Airport2:45 PM(ZUM) Churchill Falls
PB 908Provincial Airlines(YYR) Goose Bay Airport2:00 PM(YBX) Blanc Sablon

Last added routes from YYR

Route Origin Destination
YYR-YYY(YYR) Goose Bay Airport(YYY) Mont Joli AirportGoose Bay, CA (YYR) to Mont-Joli, CA (YYY)
YYR-YHO(YYR) Goose Bay Airport(YHO) Hopedale AirportGoose Bay, CA (YYR) to Hopedale, CA (YHO)
YYR-DTW(YYR) Goose Bay Airport(DTW) Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County AirportGoose Bay, CA (YYR) to Detroit, US (DTW)
YYR-SDF(YYR) Goose Bay Airport(SDF) Louisville International Standiford FieldGoose Bay, CA (YYR) to Louisville, US (SDF)
YYR-YKL(YYR) Goose Bay Airport(YKL) Schefferville AirportGoose Bay, CA (YYR) to Schefferville, CA (YKL)
YYR-OAK(YYR) Goose Bay Airport(OAK) Metropolitan Oakland International AirportGoose Bay, CA (YYR) to Oakland, US (OAK)
YYR-BWI(YYR) Goose Bay Airport(BWI) Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood MarshaGoose Bay, CA (YYR) to Baltimore, US (BWI)
YYR-PWK(YYR) Goose Bay Airport(PWK) Chicago Executive AirportGoose Bay, CA (YYR) to Chicago/Prospect Heights/Wheeling, US (PWK)
YYR-YBG(YYR) Goose Bay Airport(YBG) CFB BagotvilleGoose Bay, CA (YYR) to Bagotville, CA (YBG)
YYR-YMN(YYR) Goose Bay Airport(YMN) Makkovik AirportGoose Bay, CA (YYR) to Makkovik, CA (YMN)

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