Charlottetown Airport (YYG)

Charlottetown, Canada

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Latitude: 46.29
Longitude -63.1211
Elevation: 160 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from YYG

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
AC 7755Air Canada(YYG) Charlottetown Airport5:55 PM(YHZ) Halifax
AC 8627Air Canada(YYG) Charlottetown Airport5:25 PM(YOW) Ottawa
AC 7753Air Canada(YYG) Charlottetown Airport1:20 PM(YHZ) Halifax
AC 1707Air Canada(YYG) Charlottetown Airport12:00 PM(YYZ) Toronto
AC 8512Air Canada(YYG) Charlottetown Airport10:55 AM(YUL) Montreal
AC 7751Air Canada(YYG) Charlottetown Airport9:15 AM(YHZ) Halifax
AC 1687Air Canada(YYG) Charlottetown Airport6:30 AM(YUL) Montreal
AC 1709Air Canada(YYG) Charlottetown Airport5:50 AM(YYZ) Toronto
AC 7757Air Canada(YYG) Charlottetown Airport7:55 PM(YHZ) Halifax
AM 7396Aeromexico(YYG) Charlottetown Airport7:00 PM(YYZ) Toronto
CZ 4457China Southern Airlines(YYG) Charlottetown Airport7:00 PM(YYZ) Toronto
KL 9713KLM(YYG) Charlottetown Airport7:00 PM(YYZ) Toronto
WS 387WestJet(YYG) Charlottetown Airport7:00 PM(YYZ) Toronto
AC 7755Air Canada(YYG) Charlottetown Airport5:55 PM(YHZ) Halifax
AC 8627Air Canada(YYG) Charlottetown Airport5:20 PM(YOW) Ottawa

Last added routes from YYG

Route Origin Destination
YYG-YQX(YYG) Charlottetown Airport(YQX) Gander International AirportCharlottetown, CA (YYG) to Gander, CA (YQX)
YYG-PWM(YYG) Charlottetown Airport(PWM) Portland International Jetport AirportCharlottetown, CA (YYG) to Portland, US (PWM)
YYG-YML(YYG) Charlottetown Airport(YML) Charlevoix AirportCharlottetown, CA (YYG) to Charlevoix, CA (YML)
YYG-YDF(YYG) Charlottetown Airport(YDF) Deer Lake AirportCharlottetown, CA (YYG) to Deer Lake, CA (YDF)
YYG-EWR(YYG) Charlottetown Airport(EWR) Newark Liberty International AirportCharlottetown, CA (YYG) to Newark, US (EWR)
YYG-HPN(YYG) Charlottetown Airport(HPN) Westchester County AirportCharlottetown, CA (YYG) to White Plains, US (HPN)
YYG-YPQ(YYG) Charlottetown Airport(YPQ) Peterborough AirportCharlottetown, CA (YYG) to Peterborough, CA (YPQ)
YYG-POP(YYG) Charlottetown Airport(POP) Gregorio Luperon International AirportCharlottetown, CA (YYG) to Puerto Plata, DO (POP)
YYG-YHM(YYG) Charlottetown Airport(YHM) John C. Munro Hamilton International AirportCharlottetown, CA (YYG) to Hamilton, CA (YHM)
YYG-MDW(YYG) Charlottetown Airport(MDW) Chicago Midway International AirportCharlottetown, CA (YYG) to Chicago, US (MDW)

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