Abbotsford Airport (YXX)

Abbotsford, Canada

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Latitude: 49.0253
Longitude -122.361
Elevation: 195 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from YXX

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
WS 106WestJet(YXX) Abbotsford Airport8:00 PM(YYC) Calgary
WS 190WestJet(YXX) Abbotsford Airport5:30 PM(YYC) Calgary
WSW 200Swoop(YXX) Abbotsford Airport3:00 PM(YEG) Edmonton
F8* 326Flair Airlines(YXX) Abbotsford Airport1:25 PM(YEG) Edmonton
WS 176WestJet(YXX) Abbotsford Airport1:00 PM(YYC) Calgary
WSW 120Swoop(YXX) Abbotsford Airport10:30 AM(YEG) Edmonton
WSW 106Swoop(YXX) Abbotsford Airport10:20 AM(YHM) Hamilton
DL 7650Delta Air Lines(YXX) Abbotsford Airport9:45 AM(YYC) Calgary
KL 9575KLM(YXX) Abbotsford Airport9:45 AM(YYC) Calgary
QF 3419Qantas(YXX) Abbotsford Airport9:45 AM(YYC) Calgary
WS 394WestJet(YXX) Abbotsford Airport9:45 AM(YYC) Calgary
WS 450WestJet(YXX) Abbotsford Airport6:00 AM(YYC) Calgary
AC 518Air Canada(YXX) Abbotsford Airport8:33 AM(YVR) Vancouver
WS 106WestJet(YXX) Abbotsford Airport8:00 PM(YYC) Calgary
WSW 124Swoop(YXX) Abbotsford Airport7:30 PM(YEG) Edmonton

Last added routes from YXX

Route Origin Destination
YXX-YQZ(YXX) Abbotsford Airport(YQZ) Quesnel AirportAbbotsford, CA (YXX) to Quesnel, CA (YQZ)
YXX-YPR(YXX) Abbotsford Airport(YPR) Prince Rupert AirportAbbotsford, CA (YXX) to Prince Rupert, CA (YPR)
YXX-YXJ(YXX) Abbotsford Airport(YXJ) Fort St John AirportAbbotsford, CA (YXX) to Fort St.John, CA (YXJ)
YXX-SDF(YXX) Abbotsford Airport(SDF) Louisville International Standiford FieldAbbotsford, CA (YXX) to Louisville, US (SDF)
YXX-MIA(YXX) Abbotsford Airport(MIA) Miami International AirportAbbotsford, CA (YXX) to Miami, US (MIA)
YXX-LAS(YXX) Abbotsford Airport(LAS) McCarran International AirportAbbotsford, CA (YXX) to Las Vegas, US (LAS)
YXX-YYE(YXX) Abbotsford Airport(YYE) Fort Nelson AirportAbbotsford, CA (YXX) to Fort Nelson, CA (YYE)
YXX-YQB(YXX) Abbotsford Airport(YQB) Quebec Jean Lesage International AirportAbbotsford, CA (YXX) to Quebec, CA (YQB)
YXX-YQU(YXX) Abbotsford Airport(YQU) Grande Prairie AirportAbbotsford, CA (YXX) to Grande Prairie, CA (YQU)
YXX-YQF(YXX) Abbotsford Airport(YQF) Red Deer Regional AirportAbbotsford, CA (YXX) to Red Deer, CA (YQF)

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