London Airport (YXU)

London, Canada

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Latitude: 43.0356
Longitude -81.1539
Elevation: 912 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from YXU

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
AC 8656Air Canada(YXU) London Airport8:35 PM(YYZ) Toronto
DL 7111Delta Air Lines(YXU) London Airport8:15 PM(YYZ) Toronto
WS 3508WestJet(YXU) London Airport8:15 PM(YYZ) Toronto
LH 6485Lufthansa(YXU) London Airport7:25 PM(YYZ) Toronto
UA 8650United Airlines(YXU) London Airport7:25 PM(YYZ) Toronto
AC 8654Air Canada(YXU) London Airport7:25 PM(YYZ) Toronto
LH 6483Lufthansa(YXU) London Airport5:30 PM(YYZ) Toronto
UA 8654United Airlines(YXU) London Airport5:30 PM(YYZ) Toronto
AC 8652Air Canada(YXU) London Airport5:30 PM(YYZ) Toronto
AC 8664Air Canada(YXU) London Airport4:55 PM(YUL) Montreal
WS 735WestJet(YXU) London Airport4:25 PM(YYC) Calgary
AC 8660Air Canada(YXU) London Airport4:05 PM(YOW) Ottawa
LH 6489Lufthansa(YXU) London Airport3:00 PM(YYZ) Toronto
UA 8648United Airlines(YXU) London Airport3:00 PM(YYZ) Toronto
AC 8646Air Canada(YXU) London Airport3:00 PM(YYZ) Toronto

Last added routes from YXU

Route Origin Destination
YXU-MZT(YXU) London Airport(MZT) General Rafael Buelna International AirportLondon, CA (YXU) to Mazatlán, MX (MZT)
YXU-PVD(YXU) London Airport(PVD) Theodore Francis Green State AirportLondon, CA (YXU) to Providence, US (PVD)
YXU-ACA(YXU) London Airport(ACA) General Juan N Alvarez International AirportLondon, CA (YXU) to Acapulco, MX (ACA)
YXU-LAX(YXU) London Airport(LAX) Los Angeles International AirportLondon, CA (YXU) to Los Angeles, US (LAX)
YXU-YEM(YXU) London Airport(YEM) Manitoulin East Municipal AirportLondon, CA (YXU) to Manitowaning, CA (YEM)
YXU-YSJ(YXU) London Airport(YSJ) Saint John AirportLondon, CA (YXU) to Saint John, CA (YSJ)
YXU-ACY(YXU) London Airport(ACY) Atlantic City International AirportLondon, CA (YXU) to Atlantic City, US (ACY)
YXU-IAD(YXU) London Airport(IAD) Washington Dulles International AirportLondon, CA (YXU) to Washington, US (IAD)
YXU-ERI(YXU) London Airport(ERI) Erie International Tom Ridge FieldLondon, CA (YXU) to Erie, US (ERI)
YXU-MLM(YXU) London Airport(MLM) General Francisco J. Mujica International AirportLondon, CA (YXU) to Morelia, MX (MLM)

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