Prince George Airport (YXS)

Prince George, Canada

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Latitude: 53.8894
Longitude -122.679
Elevation: 2267 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from YXS

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
9M 8190Central Mountain Air(YXS) Prince George Airport1:40 PM(YDL) Dease Lake
NCB 911North Cariboo Air(YXS) Prince George Airport11:15 AM(YXJ) Fort St. John
NCB 7209North Cariboo Air(YXS) Prince George Airport9:30 AM(CAJ9) Ft Ware
AC 8214Air Canada(YXS) Prince George Airport9:35 PM(YVR) Vancouver
PR 1965Philippine Airlines(YXS) Prince George Airport7:30 PM(YVR) Vancouver
MU 8058China Eastern Airlines(YXS) Prince George Airport7:30 PM(YVR) Vancouver
CI 9353China Airlines(YXS) Prince George Airport7:30 PM(YVR) Vancouver
AM 7376Aeromexico(YXS) Prince George Airport7:30 PM(YVR) Vancouver
WS 3298WestJet(YXS) Prince George Airport7:30 PM(YVR) Vancouver
8P 1420Pacific Coastal Airlines(YXS) Prince George Airport6:00 PM(YYJ) Victoria
AC 8212Air Canada(YXS) Prince George Airport5:45 PM(YVR) Vancouver
9M 728Central Mountain Air(YXS) Prince George Airport4:50 PM(YLW) Kelowna
9M 722Central Mountain Air(YXS) Prince George Airport4:35 PM(YKA) Kamloops
KFA 578Kelowna Flightcraft Air Charter(YXS) Prince George Airport4:25 PM(YKA) Kamloops
9M 758Central Mountain Air(YXS) Prince George Airport4:20 PM(YVR) Vancouver

Last added routes from YXS

Route Origin Destination
YXS-GDL(YXS) Prince George Airport(GDL) Don Miguel Hidalgo Y Costilla International AirporPrince George, CA (YXS) to Guadalajara, MX (GDL)
YXS-YQT(YXS) Prince George Airport(YQT) Thunder Bay AirportPrince George, CA (YXS) to Thunder Bay, CA (YQT)
YXS-CYPS(YXS) Prince George Airport(CYPS) Prince George, CA (YXS) to CYPS
YXS-CAU4(YXS) Prince George Airport(CAU4) Prince George, CA (YXS) to CAU4
YXS-ZEL(YXS) Prince George Airport(ZEL) Bella Bella (Campbell Island) AirportPrince George, CA (YXS) to Bella Bella, CA (ZEL)
YXS-YOJ(YXS) Prince George Airport(YOJ) High Level AirportPrince George, CA (YXS) to High Level, CA (YOJ)
YXS-CEH3(YXS) Prince George Airport(CEH3) Prince George, CA (YXS) to CEH3
YXS-YCW(YXS) Prince George Airport(YCW) Chilliwack AirportPrince George, CA (YXS) to Chilliwack, CA (YCW)
YXS-YQH(YXS) Prince George Airport(YQH) Watson Lake AirportPrince George, CA (YXS) to Watson Lake, CA (YQH)
YXS-DAL(YXS) Prince George Airport(DAL) Dallas Love FieldPrince George, CA (YXS) to Dallas, US (DAL)

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