Val-d'Or Airport (YVO)

Val-d'Or, Canada

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Latitude: 48.0533
Longitude -77.7828
Elevation: 1107 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from YVO

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
AC 8761Air Canada(YVO) Val-d'Or Airport10:35 PM(YUY) Rouyn
YN 906Air Creebec(YVO) Val-d'Or Airport3:45 PM(YUL) Montreal
AC 8752Air Canada(YVO) Val-d'Or Airport11:05 AM(YUL) Montreal
YN 905Air Creebec(YVO) Val-d'Or Airport9:40 AM(YKQ) Waskaganish
YN 920Air Creebec(YVO) Val-d'Or Airport7:45 AM(YUL) Montreal
N5* 951Nolinor(YVO) Val-d'Or Airport1:30 AM(YMX) Montreal
N5* 943Nolinor(YVO) Val-d'Or Airport6:15 PM(YMX) Montreal
N5* 950Nolinor(YVO) Val-d'Or Airport3:26 PM(YYQ) Churchill
TK 9126Turkish Airlines(YVO) Val-d'Or Airport10:35 PM(YUY) Rouyn
AC 8761Air Canada(YVO) Val-d'Or Airport10:35 PM(YUY) Rouyn
YN 923Air Creebec(YVO) Val-d'Or Airport8:20 PM(YUY) Rouyn
P6 838Pascan Aviation(YVO) Val-d'Or Airport7:30 PM(YHU) Montreal
TK 9129Turkish Airlines(YVO) Val-d'Or Airport6:55 PM(YUL) Montreal
AC 8754Air Canada(YVO) Val-d'Or Airport6:55 PM(YUL) Montreal
YN 922Air Creebec(YVO) Val-d'Or Airport5:50 PM(YUL) Montreal

Last added routes from YVO

Route Origin Destination
YVO-YRQ(YVO) Val-d'Or Airport(YRQ) Trois-Rivières AirportVal-d'Or, CA (YVO) to Trois-Rivières, CA (YRQ)
YVO-YTH(YVO) Val-d'Or Airport(YTH) Thompson AirportVal-d'Or, CA (YVO) to Thompson, CA (YTH)
YVO-YPA(YVO) Val-d'Or Airport(YPA) Prince Albert Glass FieldVal-d'Or, CA (YVO) to Prince Albert, CA (YPA)
YVO-YQT(YVO) Val-d'Or Airport(YQT) Thunder Bay AirportVal-d'Or, CA (YVO) to Thunder Bay, CA (YQT)
YVO-YFB(YVO) Val-d'Or Airport(YFB) Iqaluit AirportVal-d'Or, CA (YVO) to Iqaluit, CA (YFB)
YVO-YBG(YVO) Val-d'Or Airport(YBG) CFB BagotvilleVal-d'Or, CA (YVO) to Bagotville, CA (YBG)
YVO-YFA(YVO) Val-d'Or Airport(YFA) Fort Albany AirportVal-d'Or, CA (YVO) to Fort Albany, CA (YFA)
YVO-YBC(YVO) Val-d'Or Airport(YBC) Baie Comeau AirportVal-d'Or, CA (YVO) to Baie-Comeau, CA (YBC)
YVO-SSQ(YVO) Val-d'Or Airport(SSQ) La Sarre AirportVal-d'Or, CA (YVO) to La Sarre, CA (SSQ)
YVO-YCN(YVO) Val-d'Or Airport(YCN) Cochrane AirportVal-d'Or, CA (YVO) to Cochrane, CA (YCN)

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