Thompson Airport (YTH)

Thompson, Canada

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Latitude: 55.8011
Longitude -97.8642
Elevation: 729 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from YTH

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
PAG 7Perimeter Aviation(YTH) Thompson Airport3:45 AM(YIV) Island Lake
MO 117Calm Air International(YTH) Thompson Airport5:40 PM(YWG) Winnipeg
PAG 407Perimeter Aviation(YTH) Thompson Airport4:30 PM(YOH) Oxford House
PAG 415Perimeter Aviation(YTH) Thompson Airport4:00 PM(ZTM) Shamattawa
MO 138Calm Air International(YTH) Thompson Airport11:50 AM(YGX) Gillam
PAG 777Perimeter Aviation(YTH) Thompson Airport11:45 AM(YBT) Brochet
PAG 413Perimeter Aviation(YTH) Thompson Airport10:30 AM(ZAC) York Landing
MO 470Calm Air International(YTH) Thompson Airport10:00 AM(YYQ) Churchill
PAG 403Perimeter Aviation(YTH) Thompson Airport11:30 AM(YGO) Gods Lake Narrows
PAG 781Perimeter Aviation(YTH) Thompson Airport11:00 AM(XSI) South Indian Lake
MO 484Calm Air International(YTH) Thompson Airport11:00 AM(YBK) Baker Lake
PAG 403Perimeter Aviation(YTH) Thompson Airport11:30 AM(YGO) Gods Lake Narrows
MO 470Calm Air International(YTH) Thompson Airport11:05 AM(YGT) Igloolik
PAG 401Perimeter Aviation(YTH) Thompson Airport11:00 AM(YOH) Oxford House
MO 115Calm Air International(YTH) Thompson Airport10:45 AM(YWG) Winnipeg

Last added routes from YTH

Route Origin Destination
YTH-YFO(YTH) Thompson Airport(YFO) Flin Flon AirportThompson, CA (YTH) to Flin Flon, CA (YFO)
YTH-YCS(YTH) Thompson Airport(YCS) Chesterfield Inlet AirportThompson, CA (YTH) to Chesterfield Inlet, CA (YCS)
YTH-YHK(YTH) Thompson Airport(YHK) Gjoa Haven AirportThompson, CA (YTH) to Gjoa Haven, CA (YHK)
YTH-PWK(YTH) Thompson Airport(PWK) Chicago Executive AirportThompson, CA (YTH) to Chicago/Prospect Heights/Wheeling, US (PWK)
YTH-YPA(YTH) Thompson Airport(YPA) Prince Albert Glass FieldThompson, CA (YTH) to Prince Albert, CA (YPA)
YTH-YGT(YTH) Thompson Airport(YGT) Igloolik AirportThompson, CA (YTH) to Igloolik, CA (YGT)
YTH-YDV(YTH) Thompson Airport(YDV) Bloodvein River AirportThompson, CA (YTH) to Bloodvein River, CA (YDV)
YTH-YZS(YTH) Thompson Airport(YZS) Coral Harbour AirportThompson, CA (YTH) to Coral Harbour, CA (YZS)
YTH-CJV8(YTH) Thompson Airport(CJV8) Thompson, CA (YTH) to CJV8
YTH-YQT(YTH) Thompson Airport(YQT) Thunder Bay AirportThompson, CA (YTH) to Thunder Bay, CA (YQT)

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