Sanikiluaq Airport (YSK)

Sanikiluaq, Canada

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Latitude: 56.5378
Longitude -79.2467
Elevation: 104 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from YSK

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
7F 6390First Air(YSK) Sanikiluaq Airport9:15 AM(YFB) Iqaluit
3H 886Air Inuit(YSK) Sanikiluaq Airport10:00 AM(YPH) Inukjuak
PAG 9Perimeter Aviation(YSK) Sanikiluaq Airport2:45 PM(YIV) Island Lake
3H 480Air Inuit(YSK) Sanikiluaq Airport1:50 PM(YGL) La Grande
3H 884Air Inuit(YSK) Sanikiluaq Airport3:45 PM(YPH) Inukjuak
PAG 1Perimeter Aviation(YSK) Sanikiluaq Airport8:40 AM(YGQ) Geraldton
3H 850Air Inuit(YSK) Sanikiluaq Airport10:25 AM(AKV) Akulivik
3H 855Air Inuit(YSK) Sanikiluaq Airport5:30 PM(YPX) Povungnituk
3H 854Air Inuit(YSK) Sanikiluaq Airport4:30 PM(YPH) Inukjuak
3H 853Air Inuit(YSK) Sanikiluaq Airport12:00 PM(YZG) Salluit
3H 803Air Inuit(YSK) Sanikiluaq Airport(YMO) Moosonee
PAG 8Perimeter Aviation(YSK) Sanikiluaq Airport1:15 AM(YFB) Iqaluit
3H 888Air Inuit(YSK) Sanikiluaq Airport6:25 PM(YGL) La Grande
J4 222Buffalo Airways(YSK) Sanikiluaq Airport3:00 PM(YGT) Igloolik
PAG 8Perimeter Aviation(YSK) Sanikiluaq Airport8:45 PM(YPL) Pickle Lake

Last added routes from YSK

Route Origin Destination
YSK-YIV(YSK) Sanikiluaq Airport(YIV) Island Lake AirportSanikiluaq, CA (YSK) to Island Lake, CA (YIV)
YSK-YGQ(YSK) Sanikiluaq Airport(YGQ) Geraldton Greenstone Regional AirportSanikiluaq, CA (YSK) to Geraldton, CA (YGQ)
YSK-AKV(YSK) Sanikiluaq Airport(AKV) Akulivik AirportSanikiluaq, CA (YSK) to Akulivik, CA (AKV)
YSK-YMO(YSK) Sanikiluaq Airport(YMO) Moosonee AirportSanikiluaq, CA (YSK) to Moosonee, CA (YMO)
YSK-YGT(YSK) Sanikiluaq Airport(YGT) Igloolik AirportSanikiluaq, CA (YSK) to Igloolik, CA (YGT)
YSK-YYQ(YSK) Sanikiluaq Airport(YYQ) Churchill AirportSanikiluaq, CA (YSK) to Churchill, CA (YYQ)
YSK-YZG(YSK) Sanikiluaq Airport(YZG) Salluit AirportSanikiluaq, CA (YSK) to Salluit, CA (YZG)
YSK-YRB(YSK) Sanikiluaq Airport(YRB) Resolute Bay AirportSanikiluaq, CA (YSK) to Resolute Bay, CA (YRB)
YSK-YRT(YSK) Sanikiluaq Airport(YRT) Rankin Inlet AirportSanikiluaq, CA (YSK) to Rankin Inlet, CA (YRT)
YSK-YFB(YSK) Sanikiluaq Airport(YFB) Iqaluit AirportSanikiluaq, CA (YSK) to Iqaluit, CA (YFB)

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