Sherbrooke Airport (YSC)

Sherbrooke, Canada

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Latitude: 45.4386
Longitude -71.6914
Elevation: 792 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from YSC

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
N5* 55Nolinor(YSC) Sherbrooke Airport1:30 AM(YMX) Montreal
QUE 40Gouvernement Du Quebec(YSC) Sherbrooke Airport8:30 AM(YBC) Baie Comeau
QUE 20Gouvernement Du Quebec(YSC) Sherbrooke Airport11:50 AM(YQB) Quebec
QUE 10Gouvernement Du Quebec(YSC) Sherbrooke Airport6:40 AM(YQB) Quebec
MAI 210Max Aviation(YSC) Sherbrooke Airport7:00 AM(YQM) Moncton
N5* 410Nolinor(YSC) Sherbrooke Airport8:35 AM(YHZ) Halifax
NDL 321Chrono Aviation(YSC) Sherbrooke Airport6:00 AM(ERI) Erie
N5* 590Nolinor(YSC) Sherbrooke Airport9:15 AM(YHZ) Halifax
QUE 20Gouvernement Du Quebec(YSC) Sherbrooke Airport7:55 AM(YQB) Quebec
N5* 590Nolinor(YSC) Sherbrooke Airport8:45 AM(CYTN) Trenton
1I 393NetJets Aviation(YSC) Sherbrooke Airport6:00 PM(HPN) Westchester County
1I 390NetJets Aviation(YSC) Sherbrooke Airport9:00 AM(YYZ) Toronto
1I 573NetJets Aviation(YSC) Sherbrooke Airport12:15 PM(PWM) Portland
QUE 30Gouvernement Du Quebec(YSC) Sherbrooke Airport1:10 PM(YUL) Montreal
1I 350NetJets Aviation(YSC) Sherbrooke Airport11:00 AM(TEB) Teterboro

Last added routes from YSC

Route Origin Destination
YSC-YBC(YSC) Sherbrooke Airport(YBC) Baie Comeau AirportSherbrooke, CA (YSC) to Baie-Comeau, CA (YBC)
YSC-ERI(YSC) Sherbrooke Airport(ERI) Erie International Tom Ridge FieldSherbrooke, CA (YSC) to Erie, US (ERI)
YSC-HPN(YSC) Sherbrooke Airport(HPN) Westchester County AirportSherbrooke, CA (YSC) to White Plains, US (HPN)
YSC-PWM(YSC) Sherbrooke Airport(PWM) Portland International Jetport AirportSherbrooke, CA (YSC) to Portland, US (PWM)
YSC-YMT(YSC) Sherbrooke Airport(YMT) Chapais AirportSherbrooke, CA (YSC) to Chibougamau, CA (YMT)
YSC-PHL(YSC) Sherbrooke Airport(PHL) Philadelphia International AirportSherbrooke, CA (YSC) to Philadelphia, US (PHL)
YSC-BED(YSC) Sherbrooke Airport(BED) Laurence G Hanscom FieldSherbrooke, CA (YSC) to Bedford, US (BED)
YSC-YGL(YSC) Sherbrooke Airport(YGL) La Grande Rivière AirportSherbrooke, CA (YSC) to La Grande Rivière, CA (YGL)
YSC-YNM(YSC) Sherbrooke Airport(YNM) Matagami AirportSherbrooke, CA (YSC) to Matagami, CA (YNM)
YSC-CLE(YSC) Sherbrooke Airport(CLE) Cleveland Hopkins International AirportSherbrooke, CA (YSC) to Cleveland, US (CLE)

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