Trois-Rivières Airport (YRQ)

Trois-Rivières, Canada

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Latitude: 46.3528
Longitude -72.6794
Elevation: 199 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from YRQ

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
NDL 901Chrono Aviation(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport7:30 PM(YQB) Quebec
NDL 432Chrono Aviation(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport11:45 AM(YHU) Montreal
P6 702Pascan Aviation(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport12:45 PM(YQB) Quebec
RV* 2369Air Canada Rouge(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport11:15 AM(YYZ) Toronto
TGO 854Transport Canada(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport11:45 AM(YUL) Montreal
NDL 765Chrono Aviation(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport5:30 PM(YMT) Chibougamau
NDL 765Chrono Aviation(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport7:45 PM(YHU) Montreal
RV* 2369Air Canada Rouge(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport9:15 AM(YYZ) Toronto
NDL 765Chrono Aviation(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport6:45 AM(YZV) Sept-Iles
NDL 765Chrono Aviation(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport6:45 AM(YTZ) Toronto
N5* 43Nolinor(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport11:00 AM(YMX) Montreal
NDL 350Chrono Aviation(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport10:00 AM(BOS) Boston
B6 6109JetBlue Airways(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport1:00 PM(BOS) Boston
B6 6109JetBlue Airways(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport9:00 PM(BOS) Boston
TGO 997Transport Canada(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport1:30 PM(YOW) Ottawa

Last added routes from YRQ

Route Origin Destination
YRQ-YMT(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport(YMT) Chapais AirportTrois-Rivières, CA (YRQ) to Chibougamau, CA (YMT)
YRQ-YTZ(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport(YTZ) Billy Bishop Toronto City Centre AirportTrois-Rivières, CA (YRQ) to Toronto, CA (YTZ)
YRQ-YYY(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport(YYY) Mont Joli AirportTrois-Rivières, CA (YRQ) to Mont-Joli, CA (YYY)
YRQ-BFI(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport(BFI) Boeing Field King County International AirportTrois-Rivières, CA (YRQ) to Seattle, US (BFI)
YRQ-CLE(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport(CLE) Cleveland Hopkins International AirportTrois-Rivières, CA (YRQ) to Cleveland, US (CLE)
YRQ-DAL(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport(DAL) Dallas Love FieldTrois-Rivières, CA (YRQ) to Dallas, US (DAL)
YRQ-FLL(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport(FLL) Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International AirportTrois-Rivières, CA (YRQ) to Fort Lauderdale, US (FLL)
YRQ-MDW(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport(MDW) Chicago Midway International AirportTrois-Rivières, CA (YRQ) to Chicago, US (MDW)
YRQ-APF(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport(APF) Naples Municipal AirportTrois-Rivières, CA (YRQ) to Naples, US (APF)
YRQ-BTV(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport(BTV) Burlington International AirportTrois-Rivières, CA (YRQ) to Burlington, US (BTV)

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