Trois-Rivières Airport (YRQ)

Trois-Rivières, Canada

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Latitude: 46.3528
Longitude -72.6794
Elevation: 199 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from YRQ

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
NDL 987Chrono Aviation(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport(YQB) Quebec
NDL 765Chrono Aviation(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport6:45 AM(YZV) Sept-Iles
AA 9856American Airlines(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport9:00 AM(CMH) Columbus
NDL 350Chrono Aviation(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport1:30 PM(YUL) Montreal
NDL 901Chrono Aviation(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport7:36 AM(YQB) Quebec
NDL 765Chrono Aviation(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport6:45 AM(YTZ) Toronto
ASP 489AirSprint(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport2:25 PM(YQM) Moncton
NDL 765Chrono Aviation(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport7:30 AM(YTZ) Toronto
UA 3321United Airlines(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport7:00 PM(IND) Indianapolis
NDL 765Chrono Aviation(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport7:15 AM(YZV) Sept-Iles
NDL 432Chrono Aviation(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport8:19 AM(YLS) Lebel-Sur-Quevillon
NDL 765Chrono Aviation(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport9:30 AM(YHU) Montreal
NDL 543Chrono Aviation(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport6:45 PM(YQB) Quebec
NDL 654Chrono Aviation(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport3:15 PM(YUL) Montreal
NDL 876Chrono Aviation(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport2:15 PM(YLS) Lebel-Sur-Quevillon

Last added routes from YRQ

Route Origin Destination
YRQ-YQM(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport(YQM) Greater Moncton International AirportTrois-Rivières, CA (YRQ) to Moncton, CA (YQM)
YRQ-PWM(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport(PWM) Portland International Jetport AirportTrois-Rivières, CA (YRQ) to Portland, US (PWM)
YRQ-MLB(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport(MLB) Melbourne International AirportTrois-Rivières, CA (YRQ) to Melbourne, US (MLB)
YRQ-CMH(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport(CMH) John Glenn Columbus International AirportTrois-Rivières, CA (YRQ) to Columbus, US (CMH)
YRQ-YYU(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport(YYU) Kapuskasing AirportTrois-Rivières, CA (YRQ) to Kapuskasing, CA (YYU)
YRQ-YTF(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport(YTF) Alma AirportTrois-Rivières, CA (YRQ) to Alma, CA (YTF)
YRQ-PHL(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport(PHL) Philadelphia International AirportTrois-Rivières, CA (YRQ) to Philadelphia, US (PHL)
YRQ-YLS(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport(YLS) Lebel-sur-Quevillon AirportTrois-Rivières, CA (YRQ) to Lebel-sur-Quévillon, CA (YLS)
YRQ-YCE(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport(YCE) Centralia / James T. Field Memorial AerodromeTrois-Rivières, CA (YRQ) to Centralia, CA (YCE)
YRQ-IND(YRQ) Trois-Rivières Airport(IND) Indianapolis International AirportTrois-Rivières, CA (YRQ) to Indianapolis, US (IND)

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