Yorkton Municipal Airport (YQV)

Yorkton, Canada

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Latitude: 51.2647
Longitude -102.462
Elevation: 1635 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from YQV

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
PAG 11Perimeter Aviation(YQV) Yorkton Municipal Airport3:55 PM(YXE) Saskatoon
OPT 352Flight Options(YQV) Yorkton Municipal Airport11:30 AM(FAR) Fargo
OPT 357Flight Options(YQV) Yorkton Municipal Airport3:02 PM(FAR) Fargo
OPT 368Flight Options(YQV) Yorkton Municipal Airport12:30 PM(MOT) Minot
3H 650Air Inuit(YQV) Yorkton Municipal Airport6:30 AM(YWG) Winnipeg
OPT 367Flight Options(YQV) Yorkton Municipal Airport1:00 PM(RRT) Warroad
OPT 371Flight Options(YQV) Yorkton Municipal Airport1:29 PM(FAR) Fargo
CNK 762Sunwest Aviation(YQV) Yorkton Municipal Airport5:00 PM(YYC) Calgary
WEW 221Pronto Airways(YQV) Yorkton Municipal Airport2:40 PM(YXE) Saskatoon
TGO 859Transport Canada(YQV) Yorkton Municipal Airport11:30 AM(YWG) Winnipeg
TGO 857Transport Canada(YQV) Yorkton Municipal Airport9:45 AM(YXE) Saskatoon
TGO 859Transport Canada(YQV) Yorkton Municipal Airport3:00 PM(YWG) Winnipeg
TGO 995Transport Canada(YQV) Yorkton Municipal Airport3:00 PM(YWG) Winnipeg
WEW 250Pronto Airways(YQV) Yorkton Municipal Airport4:00 PM(YXE) Saskatoon
PAG 959Perimeter Aviation(YQV) Yorkton Municipal Airport11:45 AM(YWG) Winnipeg

Last added routes from YQV

Route Origin Destination
YQV-MOT(YQV) Yorkton Municipal Airport(MOT) Minot International AirportYorkton, CA (YQV) to Minot, US (MOT)
YQV-FAR(YQV) Yorkton Municipal Airport(FAR) Hector International AirportYorkton, CA (YQV) to Fargo, US (FAR)
YQV-YXE(YQV) Yorkton Municipal Airport(YXE) Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International AirporYorkton, CA (YQV) to Saskatoon, CA (YXE)
YQV-YYC(YQV) Yorkton Municipal Airport(YYC) Calgary International AirportYorkton, CA (YQV) to Calgary, CA (YYC)
YQV-HSV(YQV) Yorkton Municipal Airport(HSV) Huntsville International Carl T Jones FieldYorkton, CA (YQV) to Huntsville, US (HSV)
YQV-RRT(YQV) Yorkton Municipal Airport(RRT) Warroad International Memorial AirportYorkton, CA (YQV) to Warroad, US (RRT)
YQV-BJC(YQV) Yorkton Municipal Airport(BJC) Rocky Mountain Metropolitan AirportYorkton, CA (YQV) to Denver, US (BJC)
YQV-LAX(YQV) Yorkton Municipal Airport(LAX) Los Angeles International AirportYorkton, CA (YQV) to Los Angeles, US (LAX)
YQV-YWG(YQV) Yorkton Municipal Airport(YWG) Winnipeg / James Armstrong Richardson InternationaYorkton, CA (YQV) to Winnipeg, CA (YWG)

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