Thunder Bay Airport (YQT)

Thunder Bay, Canada

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Latitude: 48.3719
Longitude -89.3239
Elevation: 653 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from YQT

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
W8 587Cargojet(YQT) Thunder Bay Airport9:30 PM(YWG) Winnipeg
JV 305Bearskin Airlines(YQT) Thunder Bay Airport5:10 PM(YHD) Dryden
JV 384Bearskin Airlines(YQT) Thunder Bay Airport5:00 PM(YAM) Sault Ste. Marie
MAL 7060Morningstar Air Express(YQT) Thunder Bay Airport4:45 PM(YWG) Winnipeg
JV 319Bearskin Airlines(YQT) Thunder Bay Airport4:45 PM(YXL) Sioux Lookout
AC 8540Air Canada(YQT) Thunder Bay Airport4:40 PM(YYZ) Toronto
WS 3417WestJet(YQT) Thunder Bay Airport4:40 PM(YWG) Winnipeg
PD 247Porter Airlines(YQT) Thunder Bay Airport4:05 PM(YTZ) Toronto
WSG 824Wasaya Airways(YQT) Thunder Bay Airport3:45 PM(YXL) Sioux Lookout
JV 591Bearskin Airlines(YQT) Thunder Bay Airport3:15 PM(YXL) Sioux Lookout
AC 8538Air Canada(YQT) Thunder Bay Airport3:05 PM(YYZ) Toronto
AC 8509Air Canada(YQT) Thunder Bay Airport5:20 AM(YWG) Winnipeg
JV 303Bearskin Airlines(YQT) Thunder Bay Airport9:30 PM(YXL) Sioux Lookout
JV 345Bearskin Airlines(YQT) Thunder Bay Airport8:45 PM(YHD) Dryden
AC 8546Air Canada(YQT) Thunder Bay Airport8:15 PM(YYZ) Toronto

Last added routes from YQT

Route Origin Destination
YQT-YEG(YQT) Thunder Bay Airport(YEG) Edmonton International AirportThunder Bay, CA (YQT) to Edmonton, CA (YEG)
YQT-YYL(YQT) Thunder Bay Airport(YYL) Lynn Lake AirportThunder Bay, CA (YQT) to Lynn Lake, CA (YYL)
YQT-YHZ(YQT) Thunder Bay Airport(YHZ) Halifax / Stanfield International AirportThunder Bay, CA (YQT) to Halifax, CA (YHZ)
YQT-YYC(YQT) Thunder Bay Airport(YYC) Calgary International AirportThunder Bay, CA (YQT) to Calgary, CA (YYC)
YQT-YYT(YQT) Thunder Bay Airport(YYT) St. John's International AirportThunder Bay, CA (YQT) to St. John's, CA (YYT)
YQT-YLH(YQT) Thunder Bay Airport(YLH) Lansdowne House AirportThunder Bay, CA (YQT) to Lansdowne House, CA (YLH)
YQT-PUJ(YQT) Thunder Bay Airport(PUJ) Punta Cana International AirportThunder Bay, CA (YQT) to Punta Cana, DO (PUJ)
YQT-YHN(YQT) Thunder Bay Airport(YHN) Hornepayne Municipal AirportThunder Bay, CA (YQT) to Hornepayne, CA (YHN)
YQT-YPO(YQT) Thunder Bay Airport(YPO) Peawanuck AirportThunder Bay, CA (YQT) to Peawanuck, CA (YPO)
YQT-YVZ(YQT) Thunder Bay Airport(YVZ) Deer Lake AirportThunder Bay, CA (YQT) to Deer Lake, CA (YVZ)

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