Comox Airport (YQQ)

Comox, Canada

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Latitude: 49.7108
Longitude -124.887
Elevation: 84 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from YQQ

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
WS 3336WestJet(YQQ) Comox Airport6:35 PM(YYC) Calgary
WS 3252WestJet(YQQ) Comox Airport4:05 PM(YVR) Vancouver
AC 8310Air Canada(YQQ) Comox Airport4:00 PM(YVR) Vancouver
KL 9794KLM(YQQ) Comox Airport3:15 PM(YEG) Edmonton
WS 3338WestJet(YQQ) Comox Airport3:15 PM(YEG) Edmonton
8P 744Pacific Coastal Airlines(YQQ) Comox Airport2:45 PM(YVR) Vancouver
WS 2180WestJet(YQQ) Comox Airport12:00 PM(PVR) Puerto Vallarta
AC 8308Air Canada(YQQ) Comox Airport9:55 AM(YVR) Vancouver
8P 740Pacific Coastal Airlines(YQQ) Comox Airport8:45 AM(YVR) Vancouver
AC 8306Air Canada(YQQ) Comox Airport6:05 AM(YVR) Vancouver
KL 9583KLM(YQQ) Comox Airport5:30 AM(YYC) Calgary
DL 7008Delta Air Lines(YQQ) Comox Airport5:30 AM(YYC) Calgary
QF 3969Qantas(YQQ) Comox Airport5:30 AM(YYC) Calgary
WS 486WestJet(YQQ) Comox Airport5:30 AM(YYC) Calgary
WS 179WestJet(YQQ) Comox Airport6:30 PM(YYC) Calgary

Last added routes from YQQ

Route Origin Destination
YQQ-YXJ(YQQ) Comox Airport(YXJ) Fort St John AirportComox, CA (YQQ) to Fort St.John, CA (YXJ)
YQQ-YYD(YQQ) Comox Airport(YYD) Smithers AirportComox, CA (YQQ) to Smithers, CA (YYD)
YQQ-YQR(YQQ) Comox Airport(YQR) Regina International AirportComox, CA (YQQ) to Regina, CA (YQR)
YQQ-BWI(YQQ) Comox Airport(BWI) Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood MarshaComox, CA (YQQ) to Baltimore, US (BWI)
YQQ-YWL(YQQ) Comox Airport(YWL) Williams Lake AirportComox, CA (YQQ) to Williams Lake, CA (YWL)
YQQ-YZT(YQQ) Comox Airport(YZT) Port Hardy AirportComox, CA (YQQ) to Port Hardy, CA (YZT)
YQQ-ZEL(YQQ) Comox Airport(ZEL) Bella Bella (Campbell Island) AirportComox, CA (YQQ) to Bella Bella, CA (ZEL)
YQQ-YWG(YQQ) Comox Airport(YWG) Winnipeg / James Armstrong Richardson InternationaComox, CA (YQQ) to Winnipeg, CA (YWG)
YQQ-CAT4(YQQ) Comox Airport(CAT4) Comox, CA (YQQ) to CAT4
YQQ-YYJ(YQQ) Comox Airport(YYJ) Victoria International AirportComox, CA (YQQ) to Victoria, CA (YYJ)

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