Yantai Laishan Airport (YNT)

Yantai, China

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Latitude: 37.4017
Longitude 121.372
Elevation: 59 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from YNT

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
MU 5654China Eastern Airlines(YNT) Yantai Laishan Airport2:45 PM(XNN) Xining
JR 1585Joy Air(YNT) Yantai Laishan Airport2:40 PM(DLC) Dalian
A6* 7345HongTu Airlines(YNT) Yantai Laishan Airport2:30 PM(MDG) Mudanjiang
CZ 9522China Southern Airlines(YNT) Yantai Laishan Airport1:55 PM(PVG) Shanghai
QF 4067Qantas(YNT) Yantai Laishan Airport1:55 PM(PVG) Shanghai
DL 6565Delta Air Lines(YNT) Yantai Laishan Airport1:55 PM(PVG) Shanghai
AF 5271Air France(YNT) Yantai Laishan Airport1:55 PM(PVG) Shanghai
MU 5546China Eastern Airlines(YNT) Yantai Laishan Airport1:55 PM(PVG) Shanghai
MU 5864China Eastern Airlines(YNT) Yantai Laishan Airport1:50 PM(CKG) Chongqing
MU 5249China Eastern Airlines(YNT) Yantai Laishan Airport1:45 PM(MDG) Mudanjiang
KJ* 234Air Incheon(YNT) Yantai Laishan Airport1:35 PM(ICN) Seoul
MU 5767China Eastern Airlines(YNT) Yantai Laishan Airport1:15 PM(DLC) Dalian
CA 3538Air China(YNT) Yantai Laishan Airport1:00 PM(HFE) Hefei
ZH 8720Shenzhen Airlines(YNT) Yantai Laishan Airport1:00 PM(HFE) Hefei
CA 4845Air China(YNT) Yantai Laishan Airport1:00 PM(SZX) Shenzhen

Last added routes from YNT

Route Origin Destination
YNT-HAK(YNT) Yantai Laishan Airport(HAK) Haikou Meilan International AirportYantai, CN (YNT) to Haikou, CN (HAK)
YNT-BKK(YNT) Yantai Laishan Airport(BKK) Suvarnabhumi AirportYantai, CN (YNT) to Bangkok, TH (BKK)
YNT-NNG(YNT) Yantai Laishan Airport(NNG) Nanning Wuxu AirportYantai, CN (YNT) to Nanning, CN (NNG)
YNT-XNN(YNT) Yantai Laishan Airport(XNN) Xining Caojiabu AirportYantai, CN (YNT) to Xining, CN (XNN)
YNT-KWL(YNT) Yantai Laishan Airport(KWL) Guilin Liangjiang International AirportYantai, CN (YNT) to Guilin City, CN (KWL)
YNT-JNZ(YNT) Yantai Laishan Airport(JNZ) Jinzhou AirportYantai, CN (YNT) to Jinzhou, CN (JNZ)
YNT-FSZ(YNT) Yantai Laishan Airport(FSZ) Mt. Fuji Shizuoka AirportYantai, CN (YNT) to Makinohara / Shimada, JP (FSZ)
YNT-HIA(YNT) Yantai Laishan Airport(HIA) Lianshui AirportYantai, CN (YNT) to Huai'an, CN (HIA)
YNT-INC(YNT) Yantai Laishan Airport(INC) Yinchuan AirportYantai, CN (YNT) to Yinchuan, CN (INC)
YNT-CKG(YNT) Yantai Laishan Airport(CKG) Chongqing Jiangbei International AirportYantai, CN (YNT) to Chongqing, CN (CKG)

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