Nemiscau Airport (YNS)

Nemiscau, Canada

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Latitude: 51.6911
Longitude -76.1356
Elevation: 802 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from YNS

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
NDL 987Chrono Aviation(YNS) Nemiscau Airport(YUY) Rouyn
NDL 432Chrono Aviation(YNS) Nemiscau Airport(YHU) Montreal
NDL 876Chrono Aviation(YNS) Nemiscau Airport1:30 PM(YMT) Chibougamau
YN 928Air Creebec(YNS) Nemiscau Airport2:50 PM(YMT) Chibougamau
0Q 181Hydro - Quebec(YNS) Nemiscau Airport3:00 PM(YUY) Rouyn
0Q 180Hydro - Quebec(YNS) Nemiscau Airport11:25 AM(YAR) La Grande-3
YN 927Air Creebec(YNS) Nemiscau Airport11:00 AM(YKQ) Waskaganish
0Q 151Hydro - Quebec(YNS) Nemiscau Airport2:25 PM(YUY) Rouyn
NDL 876Chrono Aviation(YNS) Nemiscau Airport1:30 PM(YMT) Chibougamau
NDL 321Chrono Aviation(YNS) Nemiscau Airport1:30 PM(YBG) La Baie
0Q 150Hydro - Quebec(YNS) Nemiscau Airport11:05 AM(YGL) La Grande
NDL 432Chrono Aviation(YNS) Nemiscau Airport7:00 AM(YBG) La Baie
NDL 191Chrono Aviation(YNS) Nemiscau Airport6:30 AM(YUY) Rouyn
YN 928Air Creebec(YNS) Nemiscau Airport2:50 PM(YMT) Chibougamau
0Q 102Hydro - Quebec(YNS) Nemiscau Airport10:10 AM(YGL) La Grande

Last added routes from YNS

Route Origin Destination
YNS-YWK(YNS) Nemiscau Airport(YWK) Wabush AirportNemiscau, CA (YNS) to Wabush, CA (YWK)
YNS-YRJ(YNS) Nemiscau Airport(YRJ) Roberval AirportNemiscau, CA (YNS) to Roberval, CA (YRJ)
YNS-YHU(YNS) Nemiscau Airport(YHU) Montréal / Saint-Hubert AirportNemiscau, CA (YNS) to Montréal, CA (YHU)
YNS-YQB(YNS) Nemiscau Airport(YQB) Quebec Jean Lesage International AirportNemiscau, CA (YNS) to Quebec, CA (YQB)
YNS-YBG(YNS) Nemiscau Airport(YBG) CFB BagotvilleNemiscau, CA (YNS) to Bagotville, CA (YBG)
YNS-YLS(YNS) Nemiscau Airport(YLS) Lebel-sur-Quevillon AirportNemiscau, CA (YNS) to Lebel-sur-Quévillon, CA (YLS)
YNS-YRQ(YNS) Nemiscau Airport(YRQ) Trois-Rivières AirportNemiscau, CA (YNS) to Trois-Rivières, CA (YRQ)
YNS-YNC(YNS) Nemiscau Airport(YNC) Wemindji AirportNemiscau, CA (YNS) to Wemindji, CA (YNC)
YNS-YEY(YNS) Nemiscau Airport(YEY) Amos/Magny AirportNemiscau, CA (YNS) to Amos, CA (YEY)
YNS-YTS(YNS) Nemiscau Airport(YTS) Timmins/Victor M. PowerNemiscau, CA (YNS) to Timmins, CA (YTS)

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