Chapleau Airport (YLD)

Chapleau, Canada

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Latitude: 47.82
Longitude -83.3467
Elevation: 1470 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from YLD

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
WSG 512Wasaya Airways(YLD) Chapleau Airport3:30 PM(YQT) Thunder Bay
THU 890Thunder Airlines(YLD) Chapleau Airport10:30 AM(YTZ) Toronto
WSG 511Wasaya Airways(YLD) Chapleau Airport5:30 PM(YQT) Thunder Bay
WSG 511Wasaya Airways(YLD) Chapleau Airport11:15 AM(YQT) Thunder Bay
THU 850Thunder Airlines(YLD) Chapleau Airport12:50 PM(YTS) Timmins
WSG 514Wasaya Airways(YLD) Chapleau Airport8:30 AM(YER) Fort Severn
YN 601Air Creebec(YLD) Chapleau Airport12:40 PM(YTS) Timmins
THU 880Thunder Airlines(YLD) Chapleau Airport2:50 PM(YSB) Sudbury
THU 860Thunder Airlines(YLD) Chapleau Airport2:00 PM(YTS) Timmins
YN 601Air Creebec(YLD) Chapleau Airport1:00 PM(YHD) Dryden
WSG 512Wasaya Airways(YLD) Chapleau Airport6:00 PM(YQT) Thunder Bay
WSG 512Wasaya Airways(YLD) Chapleau Airport4:57 PM(YQT) Thunder Bay
TGO 995Transport Canada(YLD) Chapleau Airport11:30 AM(YHM) Hamilton
YN 4371Air Creebec(YLD) Chapleau Airport8:15 PM(YUY) Rouyn
WSG 512Wasaya Airways(YLD) Chapleau Airport2:00 PM(YQT) Thunder Bay

Last added routes from YLD

Route Origin Destination
YLD-YTZ(YLD) Chapleau Airport(YTZ) Billy Bishop Toronto City Centre AirportChapleau, CA (YLD) to Toronto, CA (YTZ)
YLD-YER(YLD) Chapleau Airport(YER) Fort Severn AirportChapleau, CA (YLD) to Fort Severn, CA (YER)
YLD-YHD(YLD) Chapleau Airport(YHD) Dryden Regional AirportChapleau, CA (YLD) to Dryden, CA (YHD)
YLD-YHM(YLD) Chapleau Airport(YHM) John C. Munro Hamilton International AirportChapleau, CA (YLD) to Hamilton, CA (YHM)
YLD-YUY(YLD) Chapleau Airport(YUY) Rouyn Noranda AirportChapleau, CA (YLD) to Rouyn-Noranda, CA (YUY)
YLD-YYB(YLD) Chapleau Airport(YYB) North Bay Jack Garland AirportChapleau, CA (YLD) to North Bay, CA (YYB)
YLD-YAM(YLD) Chapleau Airport(YAM) Sault Ste Marie AirportChapleau, CA (YLD) to Sault Ste Marie, CA (YAM)
YLD-YOW(YLD) Chapleau Airport(YOW) Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International AirportChapleau, CA (YLD) to Ottawa, CA (YOW)
YLD-YQA(YLD) Chapleau Airport(YQA) Muskoka AirportChapleau, CA (YLD) to Muskoka, CA (YQA)
YLD-YXZ(YLD) Chapleau Airport(YXZ) Wawa AirportChapleau, CA (YLD) to Wawa, CA (YXZ)

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