Kamloops Airport (YKA)

Kamloops, Canada

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Latitude: 50.7022
Longitude -120.444
Elevation: 1133 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from YKA

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
AC 8428Air Canada(YKA) Kamloops Airport7:45 PM(YYC) Calgary
NZ 4773Air New Zealand(YKA) Kamloops Airport5:35 PM(YVR) Vancouver
AC 8195Air Canada(YKA) Kamloops Airport5:35 PM(YVR) Vancouver
KFA 578Kelowna Flightcraft Air Charter(YKA) Kamloops Airport4:40 PM(YVR) Vancouver
WS 3116WestJet(YKA) Kamloops Airport3:05 PM(YYC) Calgary
NZ 4835Air New Zealand(YKA) Kamloops Airport1:40 PM(YVR) Vancouver
NH 6823ANA(YKA) Kamloops Airport1:40 PM(YVR) Vancouver
LH 6814Lufthansa(YKA) Kamloops Airport1:40 PM(YVR) Vancouver
AC 8193Air Canada(YKA) Kamloops Airport1:40 PM(YVR) Vancouver
KL 9609KLM(YKA) Kamloops Airport11:15 AM(YYC) Calgary
DL 7040Delta Air Lines(YKA) Kamloops Airport11:15 AM(YYC) Calgary
WS 3314WestJet(YKA) Kamloops Airport11:15 AM(YYC) Calgary
AC 8426Air Canada(YKA) Kamloops Airport11:00 AM(YYC) Calgary
KFA 579Kelowna Flightcraft Air Charter(YKA) Kamloops Airport8:45 AM(YXS) Prince George
NZ 4833Air New Zealand(YKA) Kamloops Airport8:40 AM(YVR) Vancouver

Last added routes from YKA

Route Origin Destination
YKA-CAU4(YKA) Kamloops Airport(CAU4) Kamloops, CA (YKA) to CAU4
YKA-YDA(YKA) Kamloops Airport(YDA) Dawson City AirportKamloops, CA (YKA) to Dawson City, CA (YDA)
YKA-YXY(YKA) Kamloops Airport(YXY) Whitehorse / Erik Nielsen International AirportKamloops, CA (YKA) to Whitehorse, CA (YXY)
YKA-YQT(YKA) Kamloops Airport(YQT) Thunder Bay AirportKamloops, CA (YKA) to Thunder Bay, CA (YQT)
YKA-YPR(YKA) Kamloops Airport(YPR) Prince Rupert AirportKamloops, CA (YKA) to Prince Rupert, CA (YPR)
YKA-TTN(YKA) Kamloops Airport(TTN) Trenton Mercer AirportKamloops, CA (YKA) to Trenton, US (TTN)
YKA-APA(YKA) Kamloops Airport(APA) Centennial AirportKamloops, CA (YKA) to Denver, US (APA)
YKA-ERI(YKA) Kamloops Airport(ERI) Erie International Tom Ridge FieldKamloops, CA (YKA) to Erie, US (ERI)
YKA-APF(YKA) Kamloops Airport(APF) Naples Municipal AirportKamloops, CA (YKA) to Naples, US (APF)
YKA-SWF(YKA) Kamloops Airport(SWF) New York Stewart International AirportKamloops, CA (YKA) to Newburgh, US (SWF)

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