Willow Run Airport (YIP)

Detroit, United States

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Latitude: 42.2379
Longitude -83.5304
Elevation: 716 ft
Local Code: YIP

Last updated flights departing from YIP

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
RAX 264Royal Air Charter(YIP) Willow Run Airport3:30 AM(RNO) Reno
KFS 44Kalitta Charters(YIP) Willow Run Airport1:00 PM(CAK) Akron
KFS 726Kalitta Charters(YIP) Willow Run Airport12:30 PM(MFE) McAllen
TSU 371Gulf and Caribbean Cargo(YIP) Willow Run Airport1:45 AM(PTK) Pontiac
KFS 729Kalitta Charters(YIP) Willow Run Airport1:00 AM(SLW) Saltillo
KFS 42Kalitta Charters(YIP) Willow Run Airport12:15 PM(DOV) Dover-Cheswold
KFS 20Kalitta Charters(YIP) Willow Run Airport8:00 AM(OSC) Oscoda
KFS 50Kalitta Charters(YIP) Willow Run Airport8:00 AM(CMH) Columbus
AJI 9159Ameristar Jet Charter(YIP) Willow Run Airport7:00 AM(JFK) New York
AJI 159Ameristar Jet Charter(YIP) Willow Run Airport9:30 PM(JFK) New York
EJM 303Executive Jet Management(YIP) Willow Run Airport3:12 PM(MDW) Chicago
VTM 48Aeronaves TSM(YIP) Willow Run Airport9:05 PM(SHV) Shreveport
KFS 12Kalitta Charters(YIP) Willow Run Airport1:30 PM(ORH) Worcester
JUS 831USA Jet Airlines(YIP) Willow Run Airport1:15 PM(BWG) Bowling Green
KFS 20Kalitta Charters(YIP) Willow Run Airport12:45 PM(TRI) Bristol, VA/Johnson City/Kingsport

Last added routes from YIP

Route Origin Destination
YIP-ORH(YIP) Willow Run Airport(ORH) Worcester Regional AirportDetroit, US (YIP) to Worcester, US (ORH)
YIP-OMA(YIP) Willow Run Airport(OMA) Eppley AirfieldDetroit, US (YIP) to Omaha, US (OMA)
YIP-BLV(YIP) Willow Run Airport(BLV) Scott AFB/Midamerica AirportDetroit, US (YIP) to Belleville, US (BLV)
YIP-BIS(YIP) Willow Run Airport(BIS) Bismarck Municipal AirportDetroit, US (YIP) to Bismarck, US (BIS)
YIP-KDLZ(YIP) Willow Run Airport(KDLZ) Detroit, US (YIP) to KDLZ
YIP-PSM(YIP) Willow Run Airport(PSM) Portsmouth International at Pease AirportDetroit, US (YIP) to Portsmouth, US (PSM)
YIP-YYR(YIP) Willow Run Airport(YYR) Goose Bay AirportDetroit, US (YIP) to Goose Bay, CA (YYR)
YIP-TXK(YIP) Willow Run Airport(TXK) Texarkana Regional Webb FieldDetroit, US (YIP) to Texarkana, US (TXK)
YIP-MMU(YIP) Willow Run Airport(MMU) Morristown Municipal AirportDetroit, US (YIP) to Morristown, US (MMU)
YIP-SPI(YIP) Willow Run Airport(SPI) Abraham Lincoln Capital AirportDetroit, US (YIP) to Springfield, US (SPI)

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