Willow Run Airport (YIP)

Detroit, United States

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Latitude: 42.2379
Longitude -83.5304
Elevation: 716 ft
Local Code: YIP

Last updated flights departing from YIP

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
JUS 827USA Jet Airlines(YIP) Willow Run Airport1:45 PM(SHV) Shreveport
KFS 53Kalitta Charters(YIP) Willow Run Airport1:30 AM(MKE) Milwaukee
KFS 79Kalitta Charters(YIP) Willow Run Airport12:30 AM(MDW) Chicago
JUS 811USA Jet Airlines(YIP) Willow Run Airport2:45 PM(DPA) Chicago
KFS 20Kalitta Charters(YIP) Willow Run Airport12:45 PM(BJC) Broomfield
1I 507NetJets Aviation(YIP) Willow Run Airport10:30 AM(TUL) Tulsa
JUS 827USA Jet Airlines(YIP) Willow Run Airport10:00 PM(ILM) Wilmington
JUS 196USA Jet Airlines(YIP) Willow Run Airport3:30 AM(LRD) Laredo
JUS 811USA Jet Airlines(YIP) Willow Run Airport1:30 AM(PGV) Greenville
VTM 717Aeronaves TSM(YIP) Willow Run Airport5:25 PM(SHV) Shreveport
PWA 454Priester Aviation(YIP) Willow Run Airport5:15 PM(UES) Waukesha
1I 388NetJets Aviation(YIP) Willow Run Airport4:03 PM(PWK) Chicago
1I 606NetJets Aviation(YIP) Willow Run Airport4:03 PM(KJWN) Nashville
JUS 327USA Jet Airlines(YIP) Willow Run Airport4:00 PM(KBIV) Holland
JUS 727USA Jet Airlines(YIP) Willow Run Airport7:00 PM(SLW) Saltillo

Last added routes from YIP

Route Origin Destination
YIP-ILM(YIP) Willow Run Airport(ILM) Wilmington International AirportDetroit, US (YIP) to Wilmington, US (ILM)
YIP-PGV(YIP) Willow Run Airport(PGV) Pitt Greenville AirportDetroit, US (YIP) to Greenville, US (PGV)
YIP-MWA(YIP) Willow Run Airport(MWA) Williamson County Regional AirportDetroit, US (YIP) to Marion, US (MWA)
YIP-FTY(YIP) Willow Run Airport(FTY) Fulton County Airport Brown FieldDetroit, US (YIP) to Atlanta, US (FTY)
YIP-EAU(YIP) Willow Run Airport(EAU) Chippewa Valley Regional AirportDetroit, US (YIP) to Eau Claire, US (EAU)
YIP-ASN(YIP) Willow Run Airport(ASN) Talladega Municipal AirportDetroit, US (YIP) to Talladega, US (ASN)
YIP-YWG(YIP) Willow Run Airport(YWG) Winnipeg / James Armstrong Richardson InternationaDetroit, US (YIP) to Winnipeg, CA (YWG)
YIP-DFW(YIP) Willow Run Airport(DFW) Dallas Fort Worth International AirportDetroit, US (YIP) to Dallas-Fort Worth, US (DFW)
YIP-PLN(YIP) Willow Run Airport(PLN) Pellston Regional Airport of Emmet County AirportDetroit, US (YIP) to Pellston, US (PLN)
YIP-UES(YIP) Willow Run Airport(UES) Waukesha County AirportDetroit, US (YIP) to Waukesha, US (UES)

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