Willow Run Airport (YIP)

Detroit, United States

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Latitude: 42.2379
Longitude -83.5304
Elevation: 716 ft
Local Code: YIP

Last updated flights departing from YIP

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
JUS 208USA Jet Airlines(YIP) Willow Run Airport11:00 PM(ICT) Wichita
KFS 917Kalitta Charters(YIP) Willow Run Airport10:30 PM(AFW) Fort Worth
JUS 327USA Jet Airlines(YIP) Willow Run Airport10:20 PM(LIT) Little Rock
IFL 521IFL Group(YIP) Willow Run Airport9:30 PM(PTK) Pontiac
KFS 42Kalitta Charters(YIP) Willow Run Airport8:00 PM(YQG) Windsor
JUS 205USA Jet Airlines(YIP) Willow Run Airport7:15 PM(ELP) El Paso
1I 535NetJets Aviation(YIP) Willow Run Airport2:30 PM(PWK) Chicago
KFS 915Kalitta Charters(YIP) Willow Run Airport12:30 PM(LRD) Laredo
JUS 727USA Jet Airlines(YIP) Willow Run Airport12:10 PM(TLC) Toluca
XP 792Xtra Airways(YIP) Willow Run Airport8:00 PM(AUS) Austin
XOJ 765XOJET(YIP) Willow Run Airport7:17 PM(MEM) Memphis
JUS 822USA Jet Airlines(YIP) Willow Run Airport7:00 PM(KLZU) Lawrenceville
JUS 196USA Jet Airlines(YIP) Willow Run Airport6:30 PM(MKE) Milwaukee
KFS 88Kalitta Charters(YIP) Willow Run Airport4:00 AM(LIT) Little Rock
JUS 195USA Jet Airlines(YIP) Willow Run Airport11:00 PM(LRD) Laredo

Last added routes from YIP

Route Origin Destination
YIP-TLC(YIP) Willow Run Airport(TLC) Licenciado Adolfo Lopez Mateos International AirpoDetroit, US (YIP) to Toluca, MX (TLC)
YIP-KLZU(YIP) Willow Run Airport(KLZU) Detroit, US (YIP) to KLZU
YIP-AUS(YIP) Willow Run Airport(AUS) Austin Robert Mueller MunicipalDetroit, US (YIP) to AUS
YIP-ISP(YIP) Willow Run Airport(ISP) Long Island Mac Arthur AirportDetroit, US (YIP) to Islip, US (ISP)
YIP-STP(YIP) Willow Run Airport(STP) St Paul Downtown Holman FieldDetroit, US (YIP) to St Paul, US (STP)
YIP-KCMA(YIP) Willow Run Airport(KCMA) Detroit, US (YIP) to KCMA
YIP-RST(YIP) Willow Run Airport(RST) Rochester International AirportDetroit, US (YIP) to Rochester, US (RST)
YIP-SBM(YIP) Willow Run Airport(SBM) Sheboygan County Memorial AirportDetroit, US (YIP) to Sheboygan, US (SBM)
YIP-AIK(YIP) Willow Run Airport(AIK) Aiken Municipal AirportDetroit, US (YIP) to Aiken, US (AIK)
YIP-GAI(YIP) Willow Run Airport(GAI) Montgomery County AirparkDetroit, US (YIP) to Gaithersburg, US (GAI)

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