Fredericton Airport (YFC)

Fredericton, Canada

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Latitude: 45.8689
Longitude -66.5372
Elevation: 68 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from YFC

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
AC 8989Air Canada(YFC) Fredericton Airport7:00 PM(YYZ) Toronto
AC 7780Air Canada(YFC) Fredericton Airport4:25 PM(YHZ) Halifax
AC 8507Air Canada(YFC) Fredericton Airport4:00 PM(YUL) Montreal
KL 9625KLM(YFC) Fredericton Airport3:55 PM(YYZ) Toronto
DL 7022Delta Air Lines(YFC) Fredericton Airport3:55 PM(YYZ) Toronto
AF 6593Air France(YFC) Fredericton Airport3:55 PM(YYZ) Toronto
WS 3405WestJet(YFC) Fredericton Airport3:55 PM(YYZ) Toronto
AC 8985Air Canada(YFC) Fredericton Airport1:40 PM(YYZ) Toronto
AC 7778Air Canada(YFC) Fredericton Airport1:00 PM(YHZ) Halifax
PD 228Porter Airlines(YFC) Fredericton Airport11:55 AM(YOW) Ottawa
UA 8033United Airlines(YFC) Fredericton Airport11:20 AM(YUL) Montreal
AC 8503Air Canada(YFC) Fredericton Airport11:20 AM(YUL) Montreal
AC 7776Air Canada(YFC) Fredericton Airport11:05 AM(YHZ) Halifax
AC 8983Air Canada(YFC) Fredericton Airport10:45 AM(YYZ) Toronto
UA 8031United Airlines(YFC) Fredericton Airport6:55 AM(YUL) Montreal

Last added routes from YFC

Route Origin Destination
YFC-YGR(YFC) Fredericton Airport(YGR) Îles-de-la-Madeleine AirportFredericton, CA (YFC) to Îles-de-la-Madeleine, CA (YGR)
YFC-YPS(YFC) Fredericton Airport(YPS) Port Hawkesbury AirportFredericton, CA (YFC) to Port Hawkesbury, CA (YPS)
YFC-APF(YFC) Fredericton Airport(APF) Naples Municipal AirportFredericton, CA (YFC) to Naples, US (APF)
YFC-YME(YFC) Fredericton Airport(YME) Matane AirportFredericton, CA (YFC) to Matane, CA (YME)
YFC-YKF(YFC) Fredericton Airport(YKF) Waterloo AirportFredericton, CA (YFC) to Kitchener, CA (YKF)
YFC-MHT(YFC) Fredericton Airport(MHT) Manchester-Boston Regional AirportFredericton, CA (YFC) to Manchester, US (MHT)
YFC-YHM(YFC) Fredericton Airport(YHM) John C. Munro Hamilton International AirportFredericton, CA (YFC) to Hamilton, CA (YHM)
YFC-SFO(YFC) Fredericton Airport(SFO) San Francisco International AirportFredericton, CA (YFC) to San Francisco, US (SFO)
YFC-ZBM(YFC) Fredericton Airport(ZBM) Bromont (Roland Desourdy) AirportFredericton, CA (YFC) to Bromont, CA (ZBM)
YFC-YBC(YFC) Fredericton Airport(YBC) Baie Comeau AirportFredericton, CA (YFC) to Baie-Comeau, CA (YBC)

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