Nanaimo Airport (YCD)

Nanaimo, Canada

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Latitude: 49.055
Longitude -123.87
Elevation: 92 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from YCD

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
4N 473Air North(YCD) Nanaimo Airport6:40 AM(YLW) Kelowna
WS 3154WestJet(YCD) Nanaimo Airport7:00 PM(YYC) Calgary
AC 8266Air Canada(YCD) Nanaimo Airport6:05 PM(YVR) Vancouver
KFA 467KF Cargo(YCD) Nanaimo Airport4:35 PM(YVR) Vancouver
LH 6821Lufthansa(YCD) Nanaimo Airport4:20 PM(YVR) Vancouver
AC 8264Air Canada(YCD) Nanaimo Airport4:20 PM(YVR) Vancouver
AC 8276Air Canada(YCD) Nanaimo Airport4:10 PM(YYC) Calgary
AC 8270Air Canada(YCD) Nanaimo Airport3:30 PM(YVR) Vancouver
NH 6805ANA(YCD) Nanaimo Airport1:20 PM(YVR) Vancouver
LH 6734Lufthansa(YCD) Nanaimo Airport1:20 PM(YVR) Vancouver
AC 8262Air Canada(YCD) Nanaimo Airport1:20 PM(YVR) Vancouver
WS 3190WestJet(YCD) Nanaimo Airport1:10 PM(YVR) Vancouver
WS 3228WestJet(YCD) Nanaimo Airport11:40 AM(YYC) Calgary
AC 8274Air Canada(YCD) Nanaimo Airport11:15 AM(YYC) Calgary
LH 6813Lufthansa(YCD) Nanaimo Airport11:05 AM(YVR) Vancouver

Last added routes from YCD

Route Origin Destination
YCD-SEA(YCD) Nanaimo Airport(SEA) Seattle Tacoma International AirportNanaimo, CA (YCD) to Seattle, US (SEA)
YCD-CYBW(YCD) Nanaimo Airport(CYBW) Nanaimo, CA (YCD) to CYBW
YCD-YZP(YCD) Nanaimo Airport(YZP) Sandspit AirportNanaimo, CA (YCD) to Sandspit, CA (YZP)
YCD-MFR(YCD) Nanaimo Airport(MFR) Rogue Valley International Medford AirportNanaimo, CA (YCD) to Medford, US (MFR)
YCD-YDQ(YCD) Nanaimo Airport(YDQ) Dawson Creek AirportNanaimo, CA (YCD) to Dawson Creek, CA (YDQ)
YCD-YGB(YCD) Nanaimo Airport(YGB) Texada Gillies Bay AirportNanaimo, CA (YCD) to Texada, CA (YGB)
YCD-YKA(YCD) Nanaimo Airport(YKA) Kamloops AirportNanaimo, CA (YCD) to Kamloops, CA (YKA)
YCD-BOI(YCD) Nanaimo Airport(BOI) Boise Air Terminal/Gowen FieldNanaimo, CA (YCD) to Boise, US (BOI)
YCD-YXC(YCD) Nanaimo Airport(YXC) Cranbrook/Canadian Rockies International AirportNanaimo, CA (YCD) to Cranbrook, CA (YXC)
YCD-YXT(YCD) Nanaimo Airport(YXT) Northwest Regional Airport Terrace-KitimatNanaimo, CA (YCD) to Terrace, CA (YXT)

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