Cambridge Bay Airport (YCB)

Cambridge Bay, Canada

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Latitude: 69.1081
Longitude -105.138
Elevation: 90 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from YCB

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
7F 5442First Air(YCB) Cambridge Bay Airport12:20 PM(YZF) Yellowknife
5T 479Canadian North(YCB) Cambridge Bay Airport6:55 PM(YZF) Yellowknife
7F 842First Air(YCB) Cambridge Bay Airport1:15 PM(YCO) Kugluktuk/Coppermine
5T 478Canadian North(YCB) Cambridge Bay Airport1:10 PM(YYH) Taloyoak
J4 1216Buffalo Airways(YCB) Cambridge Bay Airport2:00 PM(YZF) Yellowknife
7F 844First Air(YCB) Cambridge Bay Airport2:15 PM(YZF) Yellowknife
5T 446Canadian North(YCB) Cambridge Bay Airport1:32 PM(YCO) Kugluktuk/Coppermine
7F 5440First Air(YCB) Cambridge Bay Airport6:10 PM(YZF) Yellowknife
5T 478Canadian North(YCB) Cambridge Bay Airport5:57 PM(YZF) Yellowknife
7F 852First Air(YCB) Cambridge Bay Airport1:15 PM(YHK) Gjoa Haven
5T 446Canadian North(YCB) Cambridge Bay Airport12:57 PM(YCO) Kugluktuk/Coppermine
7F 850First Air(YCB) Cambridge Bay Airport5:20 PM(YCO) Kugluktuk/Coppermine
5T 447Canadian North(YCB) Cambridge Bay Airport1:57 PM(YZF) Yellowknife
5T 478Canadian North(YCB) Cambridge Bay Airport2:20 PM(YYH) Taloyoak
5T 446Canadian North(YCB) Cambridge Bay Airport2:21 PM(YZF) Yellowknife

Last added routes from YCB

Route Origin Destination
YCB-YBK(YCB) Cambridge Bay Airport(YBK) Baker Lake AirportCambridge Bay, CA (YCB) to Baker Lake, CA (YBK)
YCB-YVQ(YCB) Cambridge Bay Airport(YVQ) Norman Wells AirportCambridge Bay, CA (YCB) to Norman Wells, CA (YVQ)
YCB-YSY(YCB) Cambridge Bay Airport(YSY) Sachs Harbour (David Nasogaluak Jr. Saaryuaq) AirpCambridge Bay, CA (YCB) to Sachs Harbour, CA (YSY)
YCB-YXP(YCB) Cambridge Bay Airport(YXP) Pangnirtung AirportCambridge Bay, CA (YCB) to Pangnirtung, CA (YXP)
YCB-YUX(YCB) Cambridge Bay Airport(YUX) Hall Beach AirportCambridge Bay, CA (YCB) to Hall Beach, CA (YUX)
YCB-YTE(YCB) Cambridge Bay Airport(YTE) Cape Dorset AirportCambridge Bay, CA (YCB) to Cape Dorset, CA (YTE)
YCB-YFB(YCB) Cambridge Bay Airport(YFB) Iqaluit AirportCambridge Bay, CA (YCB) to Iqaluit, CA (YFB)
YCB-YXY(YCB) Cambridge Bay Airport(YXY) Whitehorse / Erik Nielsen International AirportCambridge Bay, CA (YCB) to Whitehorse, CA (YXY)
YCB-YRB(YCB) Cambridge Bay Airport(YRB) Resolute Bay AirportCambridge Bay, CA (YCB) to Resolute Bay, CA (YRB)
YCB-YTH(YCB) Cambridge Bay Airport(YTH) Thompson AirportCambridge Bay, CA (YCB) to Thompson, CA (YTH)

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