Sault Ste Marie Airport (YAM)

Sault Ste Marie, Canada

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Latitude: 46.485
Longitude -84.5094
Elevation: 630 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from YAM

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
PUL 105Ornge Air(YAM) Sault Ste Marie Airport4:00 PM(YKF) Kitchener
1I 569NetJets Aviation(YAM) Sault Ste Marie Airport11:45 AM(YTS) Timmins
THU 890Thunder Airlines(YAM) Sault Ste Marie Airport10:30 AM(YSP) Marathon
AC 8314Air Canada(YAM) Sault Ste Marie Airport8:10 PM(YYZ) Toronto
JV 373Bearskin Airlines(YAM) Sault Ste Marie Airport6:45 PM(YQT) Thunder Bay
JV 384Bearskin Airlines(YAM) Sault Ste Marie Airport6:25 PM(YSB) Sudbury
AC 8330Air Canada(YAM) Sault Ste Marie Airport6:10 PM(YYZ) Toronto
PD 688Porter Airlines(YAM) Sault Ste Marie Airport6:00 PM(YTZ) Toronto
JV 377Bearskin Airlines(YAM) Sault Ste Marie Airport3:10 PM(YQT) Thunder Bay
AC 8324Air Canada(YAM) Sault Ste Marie Airport2:10 PM(YYZ) Toronto
JV 374Bearskin Airlines(YAM) Sault Ste Marie Airport11:30 AM(YSB) Sudbury
PD 684Porter Airlines(YAM) Sault Ste Marie Airport11:25 AM(YTZ) Toronto
AC 8322Air Canada(YAM) Sault Ste Marie Airport9:55 AM(YYZ) Toronto
JV 371Bearskin Airlines(YAM) Sault Ste Marie Airport9:35 AM(YQT) Thunder Bay
AC 8318Air Canada(YAM) Sault Ste Marie Airport9:10 AM(YYZ) Toronto

Last added routes from YAM

Route Origin Destination
YAM-YQN(YAM) Sault Ste Marie Airport(YQN) Nakina AirportSault Ste Marie, CA (YAM) to Nakina, CA (YQN)
YAM-ZKE(YAM) Sault Ste Marie Airport(ZKE) Kashechewan AirportSault Ste Marie, CA (YAM) to Kashechewan, CA (ZKE)
YAM-BNA(YAM) Sault Ste Marie Airport(BNA) Nashville International AirportSault Ste Marie, CA (YAM) to Nashville, US (BNA)
YAM-CLE(YAM) Sault Ste Marie Airport(CLE) Cleveland Hopkins International AirportSault Ste Marie, CA (YAM) to Cleveland, US (CLE)
YAM-YMG(YAM) Sault Ste Marie Airport(YMG) Manitouwadge AirportSault Ste Marie, CA (YAM) to Manitouwadge, CA (YMG)
YAM-DLH(YAM) Sault Ste Marie Airport(DLH) Duluth International AirportSault Ste Marie, CA (YAM) to Duluth, US (DLH)
YAM-YOO(YAM) Sault Ste Marie Airport(YOO) Toronto/Oshawa Executive AirportSault Ste Marie, CA (YAM) to Oshawa, CA (YOO)
YAM-YXR(YAM) Sault Ste Marie Airport(YXR) Earlton (Timiskaming Regional) AirportSault Ste Marie, CA (YAM) to Earlton, CA (YXR)
YAM-YYQ(YAM) Sault Ste Marie Airport(YYQ) Churchill AirportSault Ste Marie, CA (YAM) to Churchill, CA (YYQ)
YAM-CNP3(YAM) Sault Ste Marie Airport(CNP3) Sault Ste Marie, CA (YAM) to CNP3

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