Xining Caojiabu Airport (XNN)

Xining, China

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Latitude: 36.5275
Longitude 102.043
Elevation: 7119 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from XNN

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
A6* 7123HongTu Airlines(XNN) Xining Caojiabu Airport11:55 AM(CGO) Zhengzhou
HO 1862Juneyao Airlines(XNN) Xining Caojiabu Airport11:50 AM(PVG) Shanghai
CA 459Air China(XNN) Xining Caojiabu Airport11:50 AM(CTU) Chengdu
MU 7829China Eastern Airlines(XNN) Xining Caojiabu Airport11:50 AM(KMG) Kunming
3U 8901Sichuan Airlines(XNN) Xining Caojiabu Airport11:45 AM(LXA) Lhasa
MU 2241China Eastern Airlines(XNN) Xining Caojiabu Airport11:35 AM(HXD) Delingha City
CZ 5298China Southern Airlines(XNN) Xining Caojiabu Airport11:30 AM(SZX) Shenzhen
KL 4581KLM(XNN) Xining Caojiabu Airport11:30 AM(HGH) Hangzhou
CZ 6951China Southern Airlines(XNN) Xining Caojiabu Airport11:30 AM(HGH) Hangzhou
MU 9672China Eastern Airlines(XNN) Xining Caojiabu Airport11:30 AM(HFE) Hefei
3U 8155Sichuan Airlines(XNN) Xining Caojiabu Airport11:20 AM(TLQ) Turpan
CZ 9412China Southern Airlines(XNN) Xining Caojiabu Airport11:15 AM(YUS) Yushu
MU 2313China Eastern Airlines(XNN) Xining Caojiabu Airport11:15 AM(YUS) Yushu
GJ* 8835Loong Air(XNN) Xining Caojiabu Airport11:10 AM(HDG) Handan
CZ 6567China Southern Airlines(XNN) Xining Caojiabu Airport10:55 AM(DNH) Dunhuang

Last added routes from XNN

Route Origin Destination
XNN-NNY(XNN) Xining Caojiabu Airport(NNY) Nanyang Jiangying AirportXining, CN (XNN) to Nanyang, CN (NNY)
XNN-DAT(XNN) Xining Caojiabu Airport(DAT) Datong AirportXining, CN (XNN) to Datong, CN (DAT)
XNN-LYG(XNN) Xining Caojiabu Airport(LYG) Lianyungang AirportXining, CN (XNN) to Lianyungang, CN (LYG)
XNN-NGB(XNN) Xining Caojiabu Airport(NGB) Ningbo Lishe International AirportXining, CN (XNN) to Ningbo, CN (NGB)
XNN-LZO(XNN) Xining Caojiabu Airport(LZO) Luzhou AirportXining, CN (XNN) to Luzhou, CN (LZO)
XNN-YCU(XNN) Xining Caojiabu Airport(YCU) Yuncheng Guangong AirportXining, CN (XNN) to Yuncheng, CN (YCU)
XNN-WXN(XNN) Xining Caojiabu Airport(WXN) Wanxian AirportXining, CN (XNN) to Wanxian, CN (WXN)
XNN-KRL(XNN) Xining Caojiabu Airport(KRL) Korla AirportXining, CN (XNN) to Korla, CN (KRL)
XNN-CXR(XNN) Xining Caojiabu Airport(CXR) Cam Ranh AirportXining, CN (XNN) to Nha Trang, VN (CXR)
XNN-WDS(XNN) Xining Caojiabu Airport(WDS) Shiyan Wudangshan AirportXining, CN (XNN) to Shiyan, CN (WDS)

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