Zunyi Maotai Airport (WMT)

Zunyi, China

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Latitude: 27.8164
Longitude 106.333
Elevation: 4068 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from WMT

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
CGZ 7164Colorful Guizhou Airlines(WMT) Zunyi Maotai Airport5:00 PM(KWE) Guiyang
CGZ 7163Colorful Guizhou Airlines(WMT) Zunyi Maotai Airport10:30 AM(NGB) Ningbo
3U 8030Sichuan Airlines(WMT) Zunyi Maotai Airport7:30 PM(JHG) Jinghong
CZ 5002China Southern Airlines(WMT) Zunyi Maotai Airport4:15 PM(HGH) Hangzhou
ZH 3108Shenzhen Airlines(WMT) Zunyi Maotai Airport10:00 PM(KMG) Kunming
ZH 3107Shenzhen Airlines(WMT) Zunyi Maotai Airport3:05 PM(NKG) Nanjing
ZH 8622Shenzhen Airlines(WMT) Zunyi Maotai Airport3:15 PM(HFE) Hefei
ZH 8621Shenzhen Airlines(WMT) Zunyi Maotai Airport11:00 AM(LJG) Lijiang
9H* 8488Air Changan(WMT) Zunyi Maotai Airport10:10 PM(INC) Yinchuan
KY 8208Kunming Airlines(WMT) Zunyi Maotai Airport10:00 PM(KMG) Kunming
ZH 9238Shenzhen Airlines(WMT) Zunyi Maotai Airport6:50 PM(SZX) Shenzhen
MF 8440Xiamen Airlines(WMT) Zunyi Maotai Airport6:40 PM(WUH) Wuhan
CA 4918Air China(WMT) Zunyi Maotai Airport5:55 PM(TAO) Qingdao
SC 4918Shandong Airlines(WMT) Zunyi Maotai Airport5:55 PM(TAO) Qingdao
9H* 8487Air Changan(WMT) Zunyi Maotai Airport4:30 PM(SWA) Jieyang

Last added routes from WMT

Route Origin Destination
WMT-NGB(WMT) Zunyi Maotai Airport(NGB) Ningbo Lishe International AirportZunyi, CN (WMT) to Ningbo, CN (NGB)
WMT-JHG(WMT) Zunyi Maotai Airport(JHG) Xishuangbanna Gasa AirportZunyi, CN (WMT) to Jinghong, CN (JHG)
WMT-LJG(WMT) Zunyi Maotai Airport(LJG) Lijiang AirportZunyi, CN (WMT) to Lijiang, CN (LJG)
WMT-HFE(WMT) Zunyi Maotai Airport(HFE) Hefei Luogang International AirportZunyi, CN (WMT) to Hefei, CN (HFE)
WMT-TAO(WMT) Zunyi Maotai Airport(TAO) Liuting AirportZunyi, CN (WMT) to Qingdao, CN (TAO)
WMT-SWA(WMT) Zunyi Maotai Airport(SWA) Jieyang Chaoshan International AirportZunyi, CN (WMT) to Shantou, CN (SWA)
WMT-NNG(WMT) Zunyi Maotai Airport(NNG) Nanning Wuxu AirportZunyi, CN (WMT) to Nanning, CN (NNG)
WMT-INC(WMT) Zunyi Maotai Airport(INC) Yinchuan Hedong International AirportZunyi, CN (WMT) to Yinchuan, CN (INC)
WMT-HGH(WMT) Zunyi Maotai Airport(HGH) Hangzhou Xiaoshan International AirportZunyi, CN (WMT) to Hangzhou, CN (HGH)
WMT-CAN(WMT) Zunyi Maotai Airport(CAN) Guangzhou Baiyun International AirportZunyi, CN (WMT) to Guangzhou, CN (CAN)

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