Weifang Airport (WEF)

Weifang, China

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Latitude: 36.6467
Longitude 119.119
Elevation: 0 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from WEF

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
O3 6857SF Airlines(WEF) Weifang Airport11:30 PM(HGH) Hangzhou
HU 7370Hainan Airlines(WEF) Weifang Airport8:30 PM(PVG) Shanghai
GX* 7864Guangxi Beibu Gulf Airlines(WEF) Weifang Airport7:15 PM(CSX) Changsha
HU 6190Hainan Airlines(WEF) Weifang Airport6:35 PM(HAK) Haikou
HU 7369Hainan Airlines(WEF) Weifang Airport3:55 PM(DLC) Dalian
GX* 7863Guangxi Beibu Gulf Airlines(WEF) Weifang Airport2:40 PM(SHE) Shenyang
HU 7468Hainan Airlines(WEF) Weifang Airport2:40 PM(HGH) Hangzhou
HU 7032Hainan Airlines(WEF) Weifang Airport1:55 PM(CAN) Guangzhou
HU 6189Hainan Airlines(WEF) Weifang Airport11:30 AM(HRB) Harbin
HU 7031Hainan Airlines(WEF) Weifang Airport9:40 AM(SHE) Shenyang
HU 7467Hainan Airlines(WEF) Weifang Airport9:15 AM(CGQ) Changchun
Y8 7964Yangtze River Express(WEF) Weifang Airport5:00 AM(HGH) Hangzhou
O3 6924SF Airlines(WEF) Weifang Airport4:55 AM(HGH) Hangzhou
O3 6950SF Airlines(WEF) Weifang Airport4:25 AM(SZX) Shenzhen
Y8 7989Yangtze River Express(WEF) Weifang Airport12:50 AM(SZX) Shenzhen

Last added routes from WEF

Route Origin Destination
WEF-BKK(WEF) Weifang Airport(BKK) Suvarnabhumi AirportWeifang, CN (WEF) to Bangkok, TH (BKK)
WEF-KHN(WEF) Weifang Airport(KHN) Nanchang Changbei International AirportWeifang, CN (WEF) to Nanchang, CN (KHN)
WEF-CGQ(WEF) Weifang Airport(CGQ) Longjia AirportWeifang, CN (WEF) to Changchun, CN (CGQ)
WEF-CSX(WEF) Weifang Airport(CSX) Changsha Huanghua International AirportWeifang, CN (WEF) to Changsha, CN (CSX)
WEF-YKH(WEF) Weifang Airport(YKH) Yingkou Lanqi AirportWeifang, CN (WEF) to Yingkou, CN (YKH)
WEF-XIY(WEF) Weifang Airport(XIY) Xi'an Xianyang International AirportWeifang, CN (WEF) to Xi'an, CN (XIY)
WEF-HRB(WEF) Weifang Airport(HRB) Taiping AirportWeifang, CN (WEF) to Harbin, CN (HRB)
WEF-HAK(WEF) Weifang Airport(HAK) Haikou Meilan International AirportWeifang, CN (WEF) to Haikou, CN (HAK)
WEF-HFE(WEF) Weifang Airport(HFE) Hefei Luogang International AirportWeifang, CN (WEF) to Hefei, CN (HFE)
WEF-ICN(WEF) Weifang Airport(ICN) Incheon International AirportWeifang, CN (WEF) to Seoul, KR (ICN)

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