Barrow County Airport (WDR)

Winder, United States

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Latitude: 33.9829
Longitude -83.6674
Elevation: 943 ft
Local Code: WDR

Last updated flights departing from WDR

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 506NetJets Aviation(WDR) Barrow County Airport12:30 PM(DFW) Dallas
1I 610NetJets Aviation(WDR) Barrow County Airport6:30 PM(CMH) Columbus
1I 501NetJets Aviation(WDR) Barrow County Airport2:00 PM(AUS) Austin
OPT 368Flight Options(WDR) Barrow County Airport3:49 PM(FTY) Atlanta
1I 406NetJets Aviation(WDR) Barrow County Airport3:30 PM(SSI) Brunswick
1I 396NetJets Aviation(WDR) Barrow County Airport11:30 AM(LUK) Cincinnati
1I 679NetJets Aviation(WDR) Barrow County Airport11:26 AM(ATL) Atlanta
1I 379NetJets Aviation(WDR) Barrow County Airport9:00 AM(SSI) Brunswick
LXJ 535Flexjet(WDR) Barrow County Airport2:30 PM(TEB) Teterboro
1I 662NetJets Aviation(WDR) Barrow County Airport1:00 PM(OSU) Columbus
1I 409NetJets Aviation(WDR) Barrow County Airport1:00 PM(SAT) San Antonio
1I 656NetJets Aviation(WDR) Barrow County Airport3:18 PM(CHA) Chattanooga
B4* 777Bankair(WDR) Barrow County Airport1:27 PM(AGC) Pittsburgh
1I 683NetJets Aviation(WDR) Barrow County Airport9:23 AM(TYS) Knoxville
1I 600NetJets Aviation(WDR) Barrow County Airport9:00 AM(PDK) Atlanta

Last added routes from WDR

Route Origin Destination
WDR-CMH(WDR) Barrow County Airport(CMH) John Glenn Columbus International AirportWinder, US (WDR) to Columbus, US (CMH)
WDR-AUS(WDR) Barrow County Airport(AUS) Austin Robert Mueller MunicipalWinder, US (WDR) to AUS
WDR-LUK(WDR) Barrow County Airport(LUK) Cincinnati Municipal Airport Lunken FieldWinder, US (WDR) to Cincinnati, US (LUK)
WDR-FTY(WDR) Barrow County Airport(FTY) Fulton County Airport Brown FieldWinder, US (WDR) to Atlanta, US (FTY)
WDR-ATL(WDR) Barrow County Airport(ATL) Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International AirportWinder, US (WDR) to Atlanta, US (ATL)
WDR-OSU(WDR) Barrow County Airport(OSU) The Ohio State University Airport - Don Scott FielWinder, US (WDR) to Columbus, US (OSU)
WDR-CHA(WDR) Barrow County Airport(CHA) Lovell FieldWinder, US (WDR) to Chattanooga, US (CHA)
WDR-AGC(WDR) Barrow County Airport(AGC) Allegheny County AirportWinder, US (WDR) to Pittsburgh, US (AGC)
WDR-TYS(WDR) Barrow County Airport(TYS) McGhee Tyson AirportWinder, US (WDR) to Knoxville, US (TYS)
WDR-PDK(WDR) Barrow County Airport(PDK) DeKalb Peachtree AirportWinder, US (WDR) to Atlanta, US (PDK)

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