Van Nuys Airport (VNY)

Van Nuys, United States

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Latitude: 34.2098
Longitude -118.49
Elevation: 802 ft
Local Code: VNY

Last updated flights departing from VNY

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 112NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport5:00 PM(PHX) Phoenix
1I 542NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport2:00 PM(SJC) San Jose
PRD 42Presidential Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport1:00 PM(LAX) Los Angeles
1I 142NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport12:00 PM(LAS) Las Vegas
1I 609NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport11:00 AM(ASE) Aspen
RSP 842JetSuite(VNY) Van Nuys Airport10:00 AM(TKF) Truckee
TFF 401Talon Air(VNY) Van Nuys Airport9:30 AM(TEB) Teterboro
1I 760NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport9:15 AM(PLN) Pellston
SIS 187Silver Air(VNY) Van Nuys Airport9:00 AM(STS) Santa Rosa
1I 613NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport2:12 PM(BUR) Burbank
LXJ 519Flexjet(VNY) Van Nuys Airport1:00 PM(DWH) Houston
XOJ 793XOJET(VNY) Van Nuys Airport12:00 PM(TEB) Teterboro
1I 999NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport11:00 AM(MMH) Mammoth Lakes
XOJ 792XOJET(VNY) Van Nuys Airport10:30 AM(LFT) Lafayette
XOJ 757XOJET(VNY) Van Nuys Airport8:30 AM(PVU) Provo

Last added routes from VNY

Route Origin Destination
VNY-LFT(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(LFT) Lafayette Regional AirportVan Nuys, US (VNY) to Lafayette, US (LFT)
VNY-YQG(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(YQG) Windsor AirportVan Nuys, US (VNY) to Windsor, CA (YQG)
VNY-0A9(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(0A9) Van Nuys, US (VNY) to 0A9
VNY-JNU(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(JNU) Juneau International AirportVan Nuys, US (VNY) to Juneau, US (JNU)
VNY-GED(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(GED) Sussex County AirportVan Nuys, US (VNY) to Georgetown, US (GED)
VNY-ISW(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(ISW) Alexander Field South Wood County AirportVan Nuys, US (VNY) to Wisconsin Rapids, US (ISW)
VNY-HEZ(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(HEZ) Hardy-Anders Field / Natchez-Adams County AirportVan Nuys, US (VNY) to Natchez, US (HEZ)
VNY-SUX(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(SUX) Sioux Gateway Col. Bud Day FieldVan Nuys, US (VNY) to Sioux City, US (SUX)
VNY-KTKI(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(KTKI) Van Nuys, US (VNY) to KTKI
VNY-CFT(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(CFT) Greenlee County AirportVan Nuys, US (VNY) to Clifton/Morenci, US (CFT)

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