Van Nuys Airport (VNY)

Van Nuys, United States

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Latitude: 34.2098
Longitude -118.49
Elevation: 802 ft
Local Code: VNY

Last updated flights departing from VNY

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 787NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport8:19 PM(LAX) Los Angeles
1I 152NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport5:58 PM(SBP) San Luis Obispo
1I 300NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport3:00 PM(HWD) Hayward
1I 410NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport2:00 PM(APC) Napa
1I 743NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport2:00 PM(SAT) San Antonio
1I 370NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport12:30 PM(SFO) San Francisco
1I 206NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport9:49 AM(SLC) Salt Lake City
GAJ 903Gama Aviation Signature Aircraft Managem(VNY) Van Nuys Airport9:30 AM(BZN) Belgrade
RSP 601JetSuite(VNY) Van Nuys Airport9:30 AM(MRY) Monterey
EJM 512Executive Jet Management(VNY) Van Nuys Airport8:00 AM(SGR) Houston
1I 409NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport7:22 AM(MTJ) Montrose
1I 914NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport7:04 AM(PDX) Portland
1I 780NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport7:00 AM(MDW) Chicago
1I 341NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport7:00 AM(TKF) Truckee
1I 739NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport6:37 AM(SLC) Salt Lake City

Last added routes from VNY

Route Origin Destination
VNY-LCH(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(LCH) Lake Charles Regional AirportVan Nuys, US (VNY) to Lake Charles, US (LCH)
VNY-CVG(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(CVG) Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International AirportVan Nuys, US (VNY) to Cincinnati, US (CVG)
VNY-OWD(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(OWD) Norwood Memorial AirportVan Nuys, US (VNY) to Norwood, US (OWD)
VNY-HUM(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(HUM) Houma Terrebonne AirportVan Nuys, US (VNY) to Houma, US (HUM)
VNY-KRUE(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(KRUE) Van Nuys, US (VNY) to KRUE
VNY-ECG(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(ECG) Elizabeth City Regional Airport & Coast Guard Air Van Nuys, US (VNY) to Elizabeth City, US (ECG)
VNY-MDD(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(MDD) Midland AirparkVan Nuys, US (VNY) to Midland, US (MDD)
VNY-RBD(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(RBD) Dallas Executive AirportVan Nuys, US (VNY) to Dallas, US (RBD)
VNY-PRZ(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(PRZ) Prineville AirportVan Nuys, US (VNY) to Prineville, US (PRZ)
VNY-KHJO(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(KHJO) Van Nuys, US (VNY) to KHJO

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