Van Nuys Airport (VNY)

Van Nuys, United States

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Latitude: 34.2098
Longitude -118.49
Elevation: 802 ft
Local Code: VNY

Last updated flights departing from VNY

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 360NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport1:00 PM(KCHD) Chandler
KFS 167Kalitta Charters(VNY) Van Nuys Airport1:00 PM(LGB) Long Beach
1I 406NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport11:32 AM(SBA) Santa Barbara
1I 205NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport8:24 PM(BFI) Seattle
1I 150NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport7:35 PM(SJC) San Jose
1I 730NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport11:00 AM(TEB) Teterboro
XOJ 769XOJET(VNY) Van Nuys Airport11:00 AM(TEB) Teterboro
LXJ 650Flexjet(VNY) Van Nuys Airport9:30 AM(SJD) San Jose Cabo
LYM 321Denver Air Connection(VNY) Van Nuys Airport7:00 AM(MMH) Mammoth Lakes
1I 558NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport7:00 PM(SFO) San Francisco
1I 682NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport2:00 PM(SFO) San Francisco
1I 228NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport1:30 PM(DEN) Denver
1I 326NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport1:15 PM(SFO) San Francisco
1I 746NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport12:26 PM(LAX) Los Angeles
1I 791NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport11:06 AM(SNA) Santa Ana

Last added routes from VNY

Route Origin Destination
VNY-CRW(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(CRW) Yeager AirportVan Nuys, US (VNY) to Charleston, US (CRW)
VNY-KHBV(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(KHBV) Van Nuys, US (VNY) to KHBV
VNY-GCK(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(GCK) Garden City Regional AirportVan Nuys, US (VNY) to Garden City, US (GCK)
VNY-KDTO(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(KDTO) Van Nuys, US (VNY) to KDTO
VNY-MTN(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(MTN) Martin State AirportVan Nuys, US (VNY) to Baltimore, US (MTN)
VNY-YXU(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(YXU) London AirportVan Nuys, US (VNY) to London, CA (YXU)
VNY-MKO(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(MKO) Van Nuys, US (VNY) to MKO
VNY-BGR(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(BGR) Bangor International AirportVan Nuys, US (VNY) to Bangor, US (BGR)
VNY-SKF(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(SKF) Lackland Air Force BaseVan Nuys, US (VNY) to San Antonio, US (SKF)
VNY-ABY(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(ABY) Southwest Georgia Regional AirportVan Nuys, US (VNY) to Albany, US (ABY)

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