Van Nuys Airport (VNY)

Van Nuys, United States

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Latitude: 34.2098
Longitude -118.49
Elevation: 802 ft
Local Code: VNY

Last updated flights departing from VNY

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
ROM 9102Encompass Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport7:00 PM(HHR) Hawthorne
1I 795NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport10:00 PM(OAK) Oakland
1I 940NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport2:09 PM(KCMA) Camarillo
1I 206NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport10:37 AM(BFI) Seattle
ROM 101Encompass Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport10:30 AM(NOT) Novato
LXJ 417Flexjet(VNY) Van Nuys Airport8:30 AM(BFI) Seattle
EJM 848Executive Jet Management(VNY) Van Nuys Airport6:45 PM(ENW) Kenosha
1I 764NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport6:00 PM(HPN) Westchester County
1I 577NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport3:09 PM(CLD) Carlsbad
1I 104NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport3:00 PM(MEM) Memphis
1I 755NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport12:27 PM(SFO) San Francisco
XOJ 753XOJET(VNY) Van Nuys Airport12:00 PM(LAS) Las Vegas
1I 411NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport9:00 AM(FNL) Fort Collins/Loveland
1I 200NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport8:45 AM(STS) Santa Rosa
1I 525NetJets Aviation(VNY) Van Nuys Airport8:00 AM(UDD) Palm Springs

Last added routes from VNY

Route Origin Destination
VNY-ISN(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(ISN) Sloulin Field International AirportVan Nuys, US (VNY) to Williston, US (ISN)
VNY-KFFC(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(KFFC) Van Nuys, US (VNY) to KFFC
VNY-HVR(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(HVR) Havre City County AirportVan Nuys, US (VNY) to Havre, US (HVR)
VNY-DAG(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(DAG) Barstow Daggett AirportVan Nuys, US (VNY) to Daggett, US (DAG)
VNY-4R4(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(4R4) Van Nuys, US (VNY) to 4R4
VNY-ISP(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(ISP) Long Island Mac Arthur AirportVan Nuys, US (VNY) to Islip, US (ISP)
VNY-KHRU(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(KHRU) Van Nuys, US (VNY) to KHRU
VNY-RLD(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(RLD) Van Nuys, US (VNY) to RLD
VNY-KRYY(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(KRYY) Van Nuys, US (VNY) to KRYY
VNY-CYS(VNY) Van Nuys Airport(CYS) Cheyenne Regional Jerry Olson FieldVan Nuys, US (VNY) to Cheyenne, US (CYS)

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