Venice Municipal Airport (VNC)

Venice, United States

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Latitude: 27.0716
Longitude -82.4403
Elevation: 18 ft
Local Code: VNC

Last updated flights departing from VNC

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 726NetJets Aviation(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport3:00 PM(LUK) Cincinnati
PWA 411Priester Aviation(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport12:30 PM(JVL) Janesville
PWA 411Priester Aviation(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport2:00 PM(JVL) Janesville
1I 507NetJets Aviation(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport12:00 PM(EGE) Vail
1I 927NetJets Aviation(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport2:00 PM(LUK) Cincinnati
1I 940NetJets Aviation(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport8:54 AM(SUA) Stuart
1I 940NetJets Aviation(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport6:03 PM(MCO) Orlando
1I 520NetJets Aviation(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport11:00 AM(PTK) Pontiac
1I 522NetJets Aviation(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport11:36 AM(PIE) Saint Petersburg
1I 418NetJets Aviation(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport2:00 PM(GAI) Gaithersburg
XOJ 790XOJET(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport9:30 AM(SAN) San Diego
1I 691NetJets Aviation(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport11:30 AM(PSM) Portsmouth
XOJ 780XOJET(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport9:30 AM(SLC) Salt Lake City
1I 795NetJets Aviation(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport6:30 PM(MIA) Miami
PWA 225Priester Aviation(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport3:00 PM(JVL) Janesville

Last added routes from VNC

Route Origin Destination
VNC-EGE(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport(EGE) Eagle County Regional AirportVenice, US (VNC) to Eagle, US (EGE)
VNC-SAN(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport(SAN) San Diego International AirportVenice, US (VNC) to San Diego, US (SAN)
VNC-GAI(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport(GAI) Montgomery County AirparkVenice, US (VNC) to Gaithersburg, US (GAI)
VNC-OCF(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport(OCF) Ocala International Airport - Jim Taylor FieldVenice, US (VNC) to Ocala, US (OCF)
VNC-EWR(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport(EWR) Newark Liberty International AirportVenice, US (VNC) to Newark, US (EWR)
VNC-RBW(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport(RBW) Lowcountry Regional AirportVenice, US (VNC) to Walterboro, US (RBW)
VNC-JVL(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport(JVL) Southern Wisconsin Regional AirportVenice, US (VNC) to Janesville, US (JVL)
VNC-11R(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport(11R) Venice, US (VNC) to 11R
VNC-GPT(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport(GPT) Gulfport Biloxi International AirportVenice, US (VNC) to Gulfport, US (GPT)
VNC-PAH(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport(PAH) Barkley Regional AirportVenice, US (VNC) to Paducah, US (PAH)

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