Venice Municipal Airport (VNC)

Venice, United States

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Latitude: 27.0716
Longitude -82.4403
Elevation: 18 ft
Local Code: VNC

Last updated flights departing from VNC

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 536NetJets Aviation(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport7:00 PM(DTW) Detroit
1I 747NetJets Aviation(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport2:36 PM(MIA) Miami
1I 729NetJets Aviation(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport12:27 PM(MIA) Miami
1I 523NetJets Aviation(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport12:12 PM(TVI) Thomasville
EJM 86Executive Jet Management(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport6:26 AM(PBI) West Palm Beach
1I 536NetJets Aviation(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport1:15 PM(ROC) Rochester
1I 412NetJets Aviation(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport10:30 AM(BTR) Baton Rouge
1I 412NetJets Aviation(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport1:09 PM(SUA) Stuart
1I 672NetJets Aviation(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport5:18 PM(PBI) West Palm Beach
EJM 86Executive Jet Management(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport2:45 PM(TEB) Teterboro
1I 408NetJets Aviation(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport5:00 PM(LAL) Lakeland
EJM 86Executive Jet Management(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport12:15 PM(PBI) West Palm Beach
1I 978NetJets Aviation(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport2:00 PM(MDW) Chicago
1I 613NetJets Aviation(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport1:00 PM(MPV) Berlin
1I 416NetJets Aviation(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport2:15 PM(PIE) Saint Petersburg

Last added routes from VNC

Route Origin Destination
VNC-BTR(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport(BTR) Baton Rouge Metropolitan AirportVenice, US (VNC) to Baton Rouge, US (BTR)
VNC-CAK(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport(CAK) Akron Canton Regional AirportVenice, US (VNC) to Akron, US (CAK)
VNC-MLU(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport(MLU) Monroe Regional AirportVenice, US (VNC) to Monroe, US (MLU)
VNC-BAF(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport(BAF) Westfield-Barnes Regional AirportVenice, US (VNC) to Westfield/Springfield, US (BAF)
VNC-LFT(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport(LFT) Lafayette Regional AirportVenice, US (VNC) to Lafayette, US (LFT)
VNC-PNE(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport(PNE) Northeast Philadelphia AirportVenice, US (VNC) to Philadelphia, US (PNE)
VNC-FTY(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport(FTY) Fulton County Airport Brown FieldVenice, US (VNC) to Atlanta, US (FTY)
VNC-HBG(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport(HBG) Hattiesburg Bobby L Chain Municipal AirportVenice, US (VNC) to Hattiesburg, US (HBG)
VNC-LIT(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport(LIT) Bill & Hillary Clinton National Airport/Adams FielVenice, US (VNC) to Little Rock, US (LIT)
VNC-AHN(VNC) Venice Municipal Airport(AHN) Athens Ben Epps AirportVenice, US (VNC) to Athens, US (AHN)

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