Valencia Airport (VLC)

Valencia, Spain

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Latitude: 39.4893
Longitude -0.481625
Elevation: 240 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from VLC

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
AF 5065Air France(VLC) Valencia Airport11:55 AM(CDG) Paris
DL 6755Delta Air Lines(VLC) Valencia Airport11:55 AM(CDG) Paris
AM 6988Aeromexico(VLC) Valencia Airport11:55 AM(CDG) Paris
UX 1007Air Europa(VLC) Valencia Airport11:55 AM(CDG) Paris
UX 3650Air Europa(VLC) Valencia Airport11:55 AM(SVO) Moscow
SU 2503Aeroflot(VLC) Valencia Airport11:55 AM(SVO) Moscow
U2 8222easyJet(VLC) Valencia Airport11:35 AM(LGW) London
FR 9835Ryanair(VLC) Valencia Airport11:30 AM(HHN) Hahn
EW 9539Eurowings(VLC) Valencia Airport11:25 AM(DUS) Dusseldorf
FR 8322Ryanair(VLC) Valencia Airport11:00 AM(STN) London
FR 6422Ryanair(VLC) Valencia Airport9:50 AM(BLQ) Bologna
AA 8525American Airlines(VLC) Valencia Airport9:40 AM(MAD) Madrid
QR 6972Qatar Airways(VLC) Valencia Airport9:40 AM(MAD) Madrid
BA 7151British Airways(VLC) Valencia Airport9:40 AM(MAD) Madrid
IB 8993Iberia(VLC) Valencia Airport9:40 AM(MAD) Madrid

Last added routes from VLC

Route Origin Destination
VLC-BUD(VLC) Valencia Airport(BUD) Budapest Ferenc Liszt International AirportValencia, ES (VLC) to Budapest, HU (BUD)
VLC-EDI(VLC) Valencia Airport(EDI) Edinburgh AirportValencia, ES (VLC) to Edinburgh, GB (EDI)
VLC-VCE(VLC) Valencia Airport(VCE) Venice Marco Polo AirportValencia, ES (VLC) to Venice, IT (VCE)
VLC-KEF(VLC) Valencia Airport(KEF) Keflavik International AirportValencia, ES (VLC) to Reykjavík, IS (KEF)
VLC-RAK(VLC) Valencia Airport(RAK) Menara AirportValencia, ES (VLC) to Marrakech, MA (RAK)
VLC-NAP(VLC) Valencia Airport(NAP) Naples International AirportValencia, ES (VLC) to Nápoli, IT (NAP)
VLC-CPH(VLC) Valencia Airport(CPH) Copenhagen Kastrup AirportValencia, ES (VLC) to Copenhagen, DK (CPH)
VLC-FUE(VLC) Valencia Airport(FUE) Fuerteventura AirportValencia, ES (VLC) to Fuerteventura Island, ES (FUE)
VLC-LYS(VLC) Valencia Airport(LYS) Lyon Saint-Exupéry AirportValencia, ES (VLC) to Lyon, FR (LYS)
VLC-KIV(VLC) Valencia Airport(KIV) Chişinău International AirportValencia, ES (VLC) to Chişinău, MD (KIV)

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