Waukegan National Airport (UGN)

Chicago/Waukegan, United States

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Latitude: 42.4222
Longitude -87.8679
Elevation: 727 ft
Local Code: UGN

Last updated flights departing from UGN

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
EJM 848Executive Jet Management(UGN) Waukegan National Airport5:30 PM(ENW) Kenosha
1I 211NetJets Aviation(UGN) Waukegan National Airport10:30 AM(HPN) Westchester County
EJM 101Executive Jet Management(UGN) Waukegan National Airport11:06 AM(ASE) Aspen
1I 206NetJets Aviation(UGN) Waukegan National Airport11:00 AM(HPN) Westchester County
JAS 35Jet Aviation(UGN) Waukegan National Airport11:30 AM(FOK) Westhampton Beach
1I 784NetJets Aviation(UGN) Waukegan National Airport10:36 AM(PWK) Chicago
LXJ 521Flexjet(UGN) Waukegan National Airport9:30 AM(MSP) Minneapolis
1I 791NetJets Aviation(UGN) Waukegan National Airport6:00 AM(PTK) Pontiac
1I 791NetJets Aviation(UGN) Waukegan National Airport2:39 PM(CCR) Concord
EJM 101Executive Jet Management(UGN) Waukegan National Airport2:36 PM(MKE) Milwaukee
NGF 4479Angel Flight America(UGN) Waukegan National Airport10:00 AM(CGI) Cape Girardeau
1I 570NetJets Aviation(UGN) Waukegan National Airport2:00 PM(HPN) Westchester County
1I 791NetJets Aviation(UGN) Waukegan National Airport10:54 AM(ASX) Ashland
1I 384NetJets Aviation(UGN) Waukegan National Airport9:54 AM(ASX) Ashland
1I 536NetJets Aviation(UGN) Waukegan National Airport11:45 AM(AGC) Pittsburgh

Last added routes from UGN

Route Origin Destination
UGN-CCR(UGN) Waukegan National Airport(CCR) Buchanan FieldChicago/Waukegan, US (UGN) to Concord, US (CCR)
UGN-KUSE(UGN) Waukegan National Airport(KUSE) Chicago/Waukegan, US (UGN) to KUSE
UGN-HNB(UGN) Waukegan National Airport(HNB) Huntingburg AirportChicago/Waukegan, US (UGN) to Huntingburg, US (HNB)
UGN-EGV(UGN) Waukegan National Airport(EGV) Eagle River Union AirportChicago/Waukegan, US (UGN) to Eagle River, US (EGV)
UGN-BJJ(UGN) Waukegan National Airport(BJJ) Wayne County AirportChicago/Waukegan, US (UGN) to Wooster, US (BJJ)
UGN-XNA(UGN) Waukegan National Airport(XNA) Northwest Arkansas Regional AirportChicago/Waukegan, US (UGN) to Fayetteville/Springdale/Rogers, US (XNA)
UGN-MLB(UGN) Waukegan National Airport(MLB) Melbourne International AirportChicago/Waukegan, US (UGN) to Melbourne, US (MLB)
UGN-RHI(UGN) Waukegan National Airport(RHI) Rhinelander Oneida County AirportChicago/Waukegan, US (UGN) to Rhinelander, US (RHI)
UGN-YCM(UGN) Waukegan National Airport(YCM) Niagara District AirportChicago/Waukegan, US (UGN) to St Catharines, CA (YCM)
UGN-MGN(UGN) Waukegan National Airport(MGN) Baracoa AirportChicago/Waukegan, US (UGN) to Magangué, CO (MGN)

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