Waukegan National Airport (UGN)

Chicago/Waukegan, United States

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Latitude: 42.4222
Longitude -87.8679
Elevation: 727 ft
Local Code: UGN

Last updated flights departing from UGN

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
ERY 297Sky Quest(UGN) Waukegan National Airport2:15 PM(CLE) Cleveland
1I 689NetJets Aviation(UGN) Waukegan National Airport6:09 PM(KMQJ) Indianapolis
1I 110NetJets Aviation(UGN) Waukegan National Airport4:00 PM(SFO) San Francisco
1I 200NetJets Aviation(UGN) Waukegan National Airport10:00 AM(TEB) Teterboro
PWA 970Priester Aviation(UGN) Waukegan National Airport11:00 AM(PWK) Chicago
1I 660NetJets Aviation(UGN) Waukegan National Airport2:00 PM(CLE) Cleveland
1I 504NetJets Aviation(UGN) Waukegan National Airport7:48 AM(PNE) Philadelphia
1I 504NetJets Aviation(UGN) Waukegan National Airport3:30 PM(COU) Columbia
LXJ 579Flexjet(UGN) Waukegan National Airport5:17 AM(MDW) Chicago
1I 791NetJets Aviation(UGN) Waukegan National Airport4:00 PM(ERI) Erie
1I 214NetJets Aviation(UGN) Waukegan National Airport3:30 PM(DAL) Dallas
1I 554NetJets Aviation(UGN) Waukegan National Airport12:42 PM(MDW) Chicago
1I 744NetJets Aviation(UGN) Waukegan National Airport11:22 AM(MDW) Chicago
LXJ 545Flexjet(UGN) Waukegan National Airport1:48 PM(FWA) Fort Wayne
OPT 304Flight Options(UGN) Waukegan National Airport12:12 PM(PNE) Philadelphia

Last added routes from UGN

Route Origin Destination
UGN-ERI(UGN) Waukegan National Airport(ERI) Erie International Tom Ridge FieldChicago/Waukegan, US (UGN) to Erie, US (ERI)
UGN-PNE(UGN) Waukegan National Airport(PNE) Northeast Philadelphia AirportChicago/Waukegan, US (UGN) to Philadelphia, US (PNE)
UGN-MGR(UGN) Waukegan National Airport(MGR) Moultrie Municipal AirportChicago/Waukegan, US (UGN) to Moultrie, US (MGR)
UGN-KTTF(UGN) Waukegan National Airport(KTTF) Chicago/Waukegan, US (UGN) to KTTF
UGN-KUUV(UGN) Waukegan National Airport(KUUV) Chicago/Waukegan, US (UGN) to KUUV
UGN-HVN(UGN) Waukegan National Airport(HVN) Tweed New Haven AirportChicago/Waukegan, US (UGN) to New Haven, US (HVN)
UGN-ROG(UGN) Waukegan National Airport(ROG) Rogers Municipal Airport-Carter FieldChicago/Waukegan, US (UGN) to Rogers, US (ROG)
UGN-KMGY(UGN) Waukegan National Airport(KMGY) Chicago/Waukegan, US (UGN) to KMGY
UGN-DCU(UGN) Waukegan National Airport(DCU) Pryor Field Regional AirportChicago/Waukegan, US (UGN) to Decatur, US (DCU)
UGN-HKS(UGN) Waukegan National Airport(HKS) Hawkins FieldChicago/Waukegan, US (UGN) to Jackson, US (HKS)

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